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Wonderful Women Of The World

Posted by Michelle Moquin on January 4th, 2014

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Good morning!

I have to just laugh at the way the blog comments were rolling yesterday. This is so much better than any soap I ever used to watch. I will quote what Sandra said, “You just can’t make this shit up.“ LOL.

As far as AnonzAbebe, DabikuSaade, and to all the girls who have been helped by him…saved by him, You know. My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry you had to experience such horror, and I’m so grateful that Anonz was there for you. And I am even more sorry that there are people out there that would deny that these terrible atrocities happened to all of you. So much of this blog’s purpose is so that women can have a voice and be heard; not shut down by some insensitive person that has the temerity to say that it didn’t happen to you. My advice to people like that: If you don’t know, don’t say it didn’t happen. It’s like the holocaust  - Just because you weren’t there doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

And Rita Mae: Can you be a little but more imaginative with your nom de plume.

Having been with Anonz, I can attest to the fact that he is every bit the gentlemen, and although he is aware of his extraordinary physique and good looks, he wears it well. There is no hint of ego or false modesty.

Now…onto today’s write.

I am featuring Zaha Hadid as my choice for Wonderful Women of the World. Hadid is an amazing architect. She is named as the world’s best known female architect, and in 2010 she was listed in TIME magazine’s  TIME 100. I enjoyed this article that was written by Donna Karan, a well-known clothing designer, and wanted to pass it on:

Zaha Hadid

By Donna KaranThursday, Apr. 29, 2010

Marco Grob for TIME 

The first time I experienced Zaha Hadid’s work — in 2000, at an exhibit of 20 years of her designs at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London — I had a visceral reaction. The sensuality, the effortlessness, the sculptural quality of her work resonated with me immediately. She was taking these elements to the next dimension with architecture. I was mesmerized by the scale and form of her designs. I had to meet this woman.

Zaha’s work evokes that passion. Her buildings are like a gust of wind — organic, forceful and utterly natural. Her oeuvre is diverse: she has done structures from the Vitra Fire Station in Weil am Rhein, Germany, to the Terminus Hoenheim-Nord in Strasbourg, France, to the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, Ohio. Then there are her products, interiors and furniture. I couldn’t imagine opening my flagship Madison Avenue store without her signature pieces in it.

When I finally met Zaha, I found she personified the work. Strong. Sensual. Iconic. She commands the space around her — not in an imposing way but in a way that seduces you with excitement. She’s got great personal style — her hair, her voice, her clothes, her luminosity. She is a woman of culture. Born and raised in Iraq, she bridges East and West with pure sophistication.

To me, Zaha’s womanliness is what makes her designs so compelling. She brings a female sensibility and a goddess’s touch. Her work is light and lyrical, like an Asian artisan’s brushstroke captured forever in the environment. Because her approach is so international, her designs are comfortable anywhere in the world. However you view her work, Zaha, 59, is a visionary. Her style is legendary now and completely original. Whether it’s a building or a sofa, you know you’re experiencing a unique, individual expression. Zaha is a woman and an artist of her time — and yet she is very much ahead of it too.

Karan is the chief designer of Donna Karan Intl. and the founder of Urban Zen Foundation

And this is the latest on Hadid: 

Architect Zaha Hadid Fires Back at Critics of Her So-Called “Vagina Stadium

“It’s really embarrassing that they come up with nonsense like this,” she tells TIME exclusively.

Al-Wakrah stadium

Zaha Hadid, the world’s best-known female architect, is none too pleased with critics like Jon Stewart, who have mocked her Al Wakrah Stadium—designed with AECOM for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar—and likened her to the “Georgia O’Keeffe of things you can walk inside.”

“It’s really embarrassing that they come up with nonsense like this,” Hadid tells TIME exclusively. “What are they saying? Everything with a hole in it is a vagina? That’s ridiculous.”

The curved, open roof is meant to evoke the the sail of the dhow, a traditional fishing boat common in Qatar. “Honestly, if a guy had done this project,” she adds, critics would not be making such lewd comparisons.

For more on Hadid, a member of our 2010 TIME 100 list of the world’s most influential people, click here.


Readers: What’s on your mind?

Howie: :) I really am enjoying your alien tales. I have a question…You made the comment, “It appears that the TWO can traverse that distance and do so regularly.” Can you explain how if no one knows where the TWO are exactly, or who the TWO actually are, how is it that this is known about them? Thanks.

Katrina: That is too cute. You’ve got a way with words.

Ellen: Thanks for the fab comment.

Freda, Sonja, Barbara, Brittany: If these comments were on Facebook, I would be clicking “like” on all of them. :)

I am already posting late for today so I will reserve the rest of my comments for later. Your turn. Blog me.

Peace out. 

Lastly, greed over a great story is surfacing from my “loyal”(?) readers. With all this back and forth about who owns what, that appears on my blog, let me reiterate that all material posted on my blog becomes the sole property of my blog. If you want to reserve any proprietary rights don’t post it to my blog. I will prominently display this caveat on my blog from now on to remind those who may have forgotten this notice.

Gratefully your blog host,


Aka BABE: We all know what this means by now :)

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45 Responses to “Wonderful Women Of The World”

  1. Elise Says:

    Men will put down a woman working in a profession they feel should belong exclusively to men every chance they get. This but another example.

  2. Anna of Guam Says:

    When I was on the mainland, I always ran into people who had never heard of Guam or thought it was a foreign country. I found this article which kinds of explains my experience.

    When you live in the mainland U.S., you are faced with the unfortunate reality that not many statesiders know anything about the Marianas. Of those who know of it, a percentage has misperceptions about where it is, what languages are spoken or the menace of brown tree snakes.

    That’s a big lack of information and, frankly, a sore spot for me. We are all Americans, after all.

    I didn’t grow up in the mainland, so I decided to try to better understand how mainlanders might learn about their Mariana Islands territories.

    This week, I went to one of the big bookstore chains to see what I could find there. Where should I look? I came upon the U.S. History section. Yes, Guam could be there. It has been a U.S. territory for over 100 years.

    Finally, past the Civil War and the JFK assassination conspiracy stories, I came upon the World War II section. There was a lot about Midway Island, but not one book title mentioning Guam or the Marianas.

    Looking deeper, Guam and Saipan were mentioned in a couple of the books I opened. The occupation and recapture of the islands were told within a single paragraph. The world history section had nothing specifically on Guam. The travel section had nothing on Guam either.

    Of course, I realize that stores like this exist to sell books in the most profitable way. A large central area of the store is devoted to an electronic reader device. This is an expensive item that then allows readers to buy e-books from the bookseller without using up their precious retail space. I get it.

    So, I took another approach. Could I find research material if I wanted to do a report on the Marianas or one of the islands?

    I was helped by an employee who looked on the store’s computer to find that there was exactly one book that mentioned the Marianas. It was described as a Wikipedia-style reference book.

    But she went on to tell me about other resources the store had online. Through one of its services, you could find books sold by third parties. These included the more niche topics, rare titles and used copies of books, too. A quick look on her computer confirmed that titles on the islands could be found online.

    In the mainland, there just isn’t a big enough market for books on the Marianas, and it’s not going to be the place that people learn about them.

    Do public libraries do a better job? Do public schools educate about the U.S. territories? I think the general lack of awareness provides the answer.

    Until mainland bookstores and libraries and schools do a better job providing information about Guam and the CNMI, we have our work cut out for us. We need to search out those precious books in specialty bookstores and online sites. We need to request resources in our libraries. We have to work extra hard to inform our kids and our neighbors about the islands.

    And I promise to patiently inform those kind enough to ask: yes, we’re Chamorro; yes, we can speak English; and no, the snakes are not our biggest concern.

    Sandy Flores Uslander lives in San Diego and works to promote Chamorro culture. You can connect with her at http://www.GoIsland.net.

  3. Matt Says:

    Hafa adai. I just have to say the gov of Guam is swindling the people. People should call the Governors office to speak out against the purchase of the Tiyan property.For Calvo to plead for the charterschool parents to complain to those opposed is immature and sad. If he truly believes he gave Guam a good deal by purchasing the $11 miilion Cortech tiyan property for $161 million then he shouldn’t ask for help from the stakeholders.

    It’s obvious the stakeholders will rally for The Tiyan property because they have an immediate interest in it with their children attending the charter school. Calvo needs to win this so he can push for the construction of a new gym and DOE headquarters witch will cost Guam $600 million overall in total tax credits .

    So that’s $600 million for the $11 million Cortech property ain’t that wonderful!!! Do you feel Gov Calvo gave Guam a good deal with this Tiyan property ? I truly don’t feel this was a good deal.

  4. HOWIE Says:

    Michelle, that is an excellent question. You really do read these comments.

    The TWO have just about all the powers that their 3 Dads have except they cannot harm their makers. The Prince is second in power to the Gods. He can go anywhere he pleases and is impervious to the dangers of space or any Aliens. This information is supplied by Carr. He knows the past, present and future. He knows if, how, when, and where the TWO may have or will get together.
    Time is not a problem. It could have happened already, or it will happen one day in the future.

    At any rate they are capable of traversing great distances whenever they please. The TWO are very powerful beings, and can traverse any wormhole they please.

    The Universe will continue to do what it was created to do. It will grow stars and make planets when stars die and explode. They will turn into Galaxies full of billions of planets and suns and life goes on as the Universe continues to expand.


  5. Zen Lill Says:

    Peter, you and all the Guamanians – Chamarros have given me an education about the region. I always knew about Guam, had a buddy when I was young who’s dad was stationed there so I know there’s been a huge US military presence there fr a long time.

    Mischa, a discerning male designer friend of mine turned me into to her architecture awhile ago, amazing and it would be his greatest pleasure to work for a woman like her. He’s a lovely Brit with a great sense of humor and respectful of women just in general.

    I love her comment about everything with a hole in it resembles a vagina? Lol…she handled it perfectly.

    Luv, Zen Lill

    PS great Q & A regarding the TWO. Time is not linear anywhere but in our earthly human lives then, Howie?

  6. ZenLill Says:

    I thought about this last night and discussed with an artist pal, I think Zaha’s work much like Georgia O’keefe’s work, or I should say ‘REVIEWS of their work’ is reflective of the sexual outlook of the onlooker(s) and those onlookers wanting to sexualize their works, Georgia O’keefe took her offense at this ‘sexualized reviewing’ so far that she stifled her expression and started painting realistic art, stills of fruit, etc…hmm, well – to each her own but why allow someone else’s sexual outlook change you’re inner artiste’ (and isn’t art/design and beauty in the eye of the beholder to inpret their own way anyway…?)

    **I have to admit that I’ve made the observation of certain works by certain architects to be ‘phallic’ in design, and just by comparison the female vagina is a work of beautiful art and so in creating a flowing sensual design such as this and other creations of hers that evoke thoughts of stroking a genderless body (& it’s me and my opinion/review, I know) why not allow the onlooker to ‘own’ their sexualization of your art?

    It’s the same when a writer turns a phrase and uses wording that another finds ‘stimulating’ and yet another finds ‘blow hard-y’ *smirk* – we must own our own opinions.

    Luv, Zen Lill

  7. TOTFC Says:

    I find most surprising that no one has commented on Howie issuing an edict! Only two types of beings issued edicts that others will follow that I am aware of. He has certainly come up in the world since his “i’m just a human” comments.

  8. HOWIE Says:

    TOTFC, I was urged by Carr to name the Worm Hole anything I wanted to. I believe that is sufficient permission to issue an edict naming a celestial body.

    I stil am “Just a human”. I just happen to be good friends with beings in high places.

    Sorry if I hurt any Alien’s feelings.


  9. TOTFC Says:

    Nice try at saving face but I’m not buying it HOWIE with-the-capital-letters.

  10. HOWIE Says:


    that is an excellent question. Kudos to you. You really do read all these comments.

    The TWO have just about all the powers that their 3 Dads have except they cannot harm their makers. The Prince is second in power to the Gods. He can go anywhere he pleases and is impervious to the dangers of space. This information is supplied by Carr. He knows the past, present and future. He knows if, how, when, and where the TWO may have or will get together.
    Time is not a problem. It could have happened already, or it will happen one day in the future.

    At any rate they are capable of traversing great distances whenever they please. The TWO are very powerful beings, and can traverse any wormhole they please.

    The Universe will continue to do what it was created to do. It will grow stars and make planets when stars die and explode. They will turn into Galaxies full of billions of planets and suns and life goes on as the Universe continues to expand.


  11. Marion Says:

    TOTFC#7, no one has commented on Howie issuing an edict perhaps because we don’t see it that way.

  12. Health Info Says:

    Genetically Modified Foods Are Everywhere!

    And you wouldn’t even know it…

    What do most European nations, Australia, New Zealand and about 50 other countries—including China—require of food manufacturers that the US does not? Labeling of genetically modified foods.

    While the strictness of these labeling laws varies by country, hundreds of food-safety groups now say that products made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should be marked as such in the US.* Lawmakers in more than two dozen states are considering GMO labeling legislation.

    What you need to know about GMO foods…

    For nearly two decades, food manufacturers have increasingly relied on GMOs as a way to, among other things, improve a plant’s resistance to pests and tolerance of herbicides, making them more apt to survive weather changes and increasing crop yield. In addition, GMOs are a cheap source of feed, which also reduces the overall cost of food production.

    Now: In the US, about 80% of packaged, processed foods—and even some fresh foods, such as certain vegetables and fruits—contain GMOs. For example, 90% of corn crops in the US are genetically modified…93% of soy crops, which may include some seemingly healthful foods such as certain edamame (soybeans in the pod) products…and 95% of sugar beets, which are used to produce sweeteners that are then added to thousands of products.

    Here’s how it works: Today’s GMO foods are not just old-fashioned “hybrids” like the ones plant scientists have been breeding for more than a hundred years. Instead, to make today’s GMO foods, scientists use much more recent technology to insert genetic material from a variety of organisms, including not only plants and animals but also bacteria, viruses and insects, into the foods that we eat every day.

    Food manufacturers insist that genetically modified crops are safe because they have not been proven to cause harm or illness in humans. Meanwhile, most food-safety advocates argue that humans are being used as guinea pigs in consuming these products without proof that they are safe.

    The fact is, no one knows how safe these foods are. There are no published studies proving that GMOs are safe for human consumption, and results of animal studies are worrisome. Several animal studies suggest significant health risks, including infertility, immune problems and impaired insulin regulation.

    Because it sometimes takes decades of scientific research to definitively prove harm in humans, I recommend playing it safe—avoid GMO foods whenever possible.

    Even though processed foods are generally known to contain the highest percentage of GMO ingredients, many whole foods—including most of the milk, eggs and meats in the grocery store—may contain ingredients and additives that were produced from GMOs. That’s because the animals from which these foods are derived were nourished with genetically modified feeds.

    Be a smart shopper: Most people are surprised to learn that even some food products with food labels that say “made with organic ingredients” are allowed to include up to 30% nonorganic ingredients, including GMOs.

    Best approach: When shopping for multi-ingredient products, such as soups, pastas and sauces, look for the USDA Organic seal on the label. This verifies that the product is 95% certified organic—therefore, these foods will contain few or no
    GMOs. To avoid GMOs or reduce your intake of these foods…

    Fresh produce. Most fresh produce is GMO-free, but there are exceptions—zucchini, yellow (crook-neck) squash, Hawaiian papaya and sweet corn. These are the only vegetables and fruits in US grocery stores that can be genetically modified—for now.

    A new apple (brand name: Arctic Apple) has been genetically modified to prevent it from turning brown. It may appear in stores within the next two years.

    My advice: Even though there are currently only four vegetables and fruits that can be genetically modified, I recommend opting for organic produce whenever possible because it ensures that no potentially dangerous pesticides or antibiotics (which are sometimes sprayed on fruit trees and vegetable crops to combat disease) have been used.

    Dairy. Dairy cows are routinely given GMO soy and corn for cheap feed, so nonorganic milk may contain ingredients and additives from GMOs.

    My advice: Whenever possible, purchase dairy that is labeled USDA organic. It comes from animals that were not given GMO feed and ensures that the animals weren’t given antibiotics or hormones—both are widely used in the US, even though antibiotics in animals are believed to promote antibiotic resistance in humans and synthetic growth hormone has been linked to various types of cancer.

    Examples of milk that’s GMO-free: Organic Valley Grassmilk…Traders Point Creamery Creamline Milk. Or try organic nondairy almond or coconut milk.

    Meat. Choose beef from animals that were grass-fed and pork and poultry from pasture-raised animals, which ensures that the animals did not consume GMO feed.

    The meat (and dairy) from grass-fed/pasture-raised animals is higher in essential micronutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids. Grass-fed and pasture-raised animals are also unlikely to have received antibiotics or hormones.

    Alternative: Look for the USDA Organic seal to ensure that the animal did not receive GMO feed, antibiotics or hormones.

    Fish. About half of the fish that is sold in the US comes from fish farms. Farming makes sense for sedentary mollusks, such as mussels and oysters.

    However, much of the fish that most Americans eat—such as salmon and tilapia—are raised in overcrowded ponds and given unnatural feed.

    Example: One company is seeking to get FDA approval for a genetically modified salmon that will grow twice as fast as its natural, non-GMO counterpart. Even when farm-raised fish are not directly genetically modified, they’re routinely fed GMO pellets.

    My advice: Eat wild-caught fish—Alaskan salmon, haddock, Atlantic mackerel, etc. Unfortunately, you can’t always find wild-caught fish in mainstream supermarkets.

    Helpful: Stores that mainly sell farmed fresh fish will sometimes stock wild-caught fish in their frozen-food sections.

    Breakfast cereals. Because most of the corn and virtually all of the soy in the American diet have been genetically modified, many breakfast cereals—including whole-grain cereals—contain GMOs.

    The more ingredients that you see on a cereal box, the more likely it is to contain GMOs. The recent discovery of GMO wheat in a field in Oregon has raised fears that the US wheat supply could contain GMOs.

    My advice: Choose a grain-free breakfast like old-fashioned organic eggs and bacon. If you must eat cereal, choose organic GMO-free cereals that are made only from grains such as oats, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, millet and amaranth.

    GMO-free products that are low in sugar include Pocono Cream of Buckwheat…Louise’s Grain Free Granola Bites…and Lydia’s Organics Sprouted Cinnamon Cereal.

    *The Whole Foods grocery chain recently announced that every GMO product sold in its stores would be labeled by 2018.

    Source: Jayson Calton, PhD, a nutritionist in private practice in Nokomis, Florida. A fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, he is board-certified in integrative health, sports nutrition and alternative medicine and serves on the board of directors of the American Holistic Health Association.

    He is also the author, with Mira Calton, CN, of Rich Food, Poor Food: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System (Primal Blueprint). CaltonNutrition.com

  13. Scott Says:

    Howie, I don’t think TOTFC is an alien, just a human with a sense of humor.

  14. Patricia Says:

    Howie, I smell a little bit of jealousy by TOTFC. Too bad some can’t just appreciate someone else having been blessed.

  15. Sybil Says:

    Howie, I can’t speak for Michelle, but I read EVERY post on this blog. On slow days sometimes I read them three or more times. I love your post, even when they are not about aliens.

    TOTFC seems to be trying to get attention by aggravating you. I would take an example from Michelle if I were you. She doesn’t answer idiots.

  16. Brittany Says:

    Katrina, I agree with Michelle, “Katrina: That is too cute. You’ve got a way with words.” Rita knows she doesn’t have a chance so she(if it is a she) is just being a creep.

  17. Allen Says:

    I am a pilot. I was flying my plane was flying over the stadium, and I felt it instinctively stiffen and attempt to penetrate that stadium.

    That woman knew exactly what she was doing when she designed that building.

  18. John Says:

    Second largest vagina I have ever seen. Largest was that corn-fed woman from Iowa.

  19. Carl Says:

    I don’t know what the confusion is about. It totally looks like a dhow to me.

    A dhow that closely resembles a vagina.

  20. Louis Says:

    Howie, keep up the posts. We love them.

  21. Jeff Says:

    If you build it, they will come.

  22. Daniel Says:

    So it looks like a vagina so what? Let’s build a long tall skinny building at the open side—-then if there’s an earth quake the long thing that looks like a penis will fall into the stadium what looks like a vagina. So what?

  23. Felicia Says:

    If a man had done this, it would be the Washington Monument.

  24. Grady Says:

    I never knew who the eff this lady was until I saw her … interesting design. I’m rather surprised she didn’t notice the awkwardness before now.

  25. Brody Says:

    I had a quick search of the other buildings she’s designed and I have to say, almost all of them seems to have a spot designed to look like a vagina.

  26. Kelly Says:

    Felicia#23, so very true, but no one is calling it a penis. Most men are just assholes.

  27. Charlie Says:

    Okay ladies stop bitching. We’ll call it “The Ex-Wife.” Happy now?

  28. Charlie Says:

    I got this from ConradNewel, it is beautiful and I think explains Hadid’s design and purpose to the T.

    ConradNewel Dec 4, 2013
    Actually it does


  29. Janette Says:

    Oh, Ms. Hadid, stop behaving like a big old grumbly misandrist and put a bit more trust in what Jon Stewart says because that there’s a vagina.

  30. Katrina Says:

    I love Jon Stewart’s rendition http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-november-19-2013/unnecessary-muffness and please stick around for “I can’t find the press box.”

    I think Hadid is doing what she can to even the score between the penis like designs of all the buildings men make and make a statement to misogynistic men who rule countries that attempt to use her to diffuse their misogyny.

  31. Lee Says:

    I showed the picture to a girl and asked her what she thought it was without telling her it was a stadium – she said “eww, is that a robot vagina?”

  32. Arashi Says:

    Howie, Pay no mind to the silly, Japan loves your alien posts.

  33. Cynthia Says:

    Katrina, I agree with you, I have certainly seen plenty of architecture seemingly inspired by male genitalia. So what if a woman architect wants to design something with a feminine bent?

  34. Larry Says:

    She is in obvious denial. I’m a female. My mind is never “in the gutter” . The first time I saw this – without Jon S’s or anyone else’s commentary – I immediately saw the resemblance.

  35. Riana Says:

    She’s an artist and her unconscious mind created this nice vagina for all the misogynistic men to enjoy their sports. She may truly believe she based it on some boats, but clearly it’s a great big beautiful vagina.

  36. Beverly Says:

    Katrina#30, you nailed it. If I am a female architect in that part of the world then I would soooo do this. You won’t let me drive by myself will you? OK then, hows about you all come sit in this nice vagina while you watch your manly sports?

    She has to pretend to be mad because she has been found out, and it would be evidence of a guilty mind not to put on her faux outrage face. But there is no way she didn’t know what she was looking at when she folded those labia over the top of that throng of 7th century, misogynistic crapweasels.

  37. Tess Says:

    Fruedian slip?

  38. Ruth,TS Says:

    How about the Christian Science Church that from the air looks like a male dick? http://www.breitbart.com/InstaBlog/2013/10/30/Church-Looks-Like-Penis

    Where are the articles condemning that piece of shit?

  39. William Says:

    Okay, we all know that someone, somewhere along the line in the design process must have said “Hey, Zaha, ya know what that kinda looks like, he he he…” Yes, we know it happened, right?

  40. Gwen Says:

    I burst out laughing the moment I saw it, having no idea who designed it. This is not about WHO, it’s about what it looks like. And I find the labia-esque surrounds MUCH more important than the hole.

    Why not be proud of something that beautifully evokes something feminine in a male-dominated area (sports)?

  41. Bobby Says:

    I’m a BIG Howie fan. So I think the building looks like the an alien spacecraft, Flight of the Navigator.

    It is virtually a replica of the alien spacecraft designed by Omnibus Computer Graphics for the 1986 Disney film. Even the roof opening is the same shape as the spacecraft’s hatch.

  42. Trisha Says:

    It looks like a vajayjay lady. I realize she’s embarrassed and…she should be. Not so much for the structure but for the lame arse whiny little girl with sand in her panty response.

    The vajayjay isn’t exactly a bad thing and that whole region could do with some vajayjay. Less jihad more “kitty kitty” for the menfolk and I bet we put a big old dent in their terrorist issue.

    Zaha Hadid could well win a nobel peace prize for this stadium design. Be proud sister!

  43. Joe Says:

    People are always complaining that men architects make phallic shaped buildings so she should stop complaining – and of course, if a guy designed a labia building, we’d be on it …er, metaphorically.

    Obviously she cannot admit she was tweaking the culture by making it a giant vagina – it is what it is. Even if she did it in America, she cannot come out and say it either so accept it for what it is.

  44. Dixon Says:

    A meme in pop-feminism that has been around for a while is that skyscrapers that are actually phallic symbols; Penis monuments drawn from the deep psyches of the men who financed, designed, and “erected” them.

    So what does a woman architect design?… Regardless of what her intentions were, or whatever was deep in her subconscious, once you put a work of art out in the world it becomes whatever the public sees.

    No one would ever associate a fishing boat with a place that is perceived to be part the desert… No one outside of Dubai that is. It totally looks like the vagina of a blow up doll designed by NASA.

  45. Joseph Says:

    Bobby#41, Aye, in a way. She copied the design of an alien spacecraft from the movie “Flight of the Navigator” …which was influenced by a cowrie shell. If this stadium were translated to film or the written word, it would be plagiarism.

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