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Monday Maher Madness

Posted by Michelle Moquin on October 31st, 2016

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Good morning!

Helen: Yes, I’ve covered it quite a lot, but it appears it still needs more media attention. And I am happy to pass it over to Maher to do just that.

In his Editorial New Rule, Bill Maher cautions young voters against characterizing the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as picking between “the lesser of two evils.”

New Rule: The Danger of False Equivalency | Real Time with Bill Maher


Readers: It’s like he’s reading my mind. Voting is one of the most important things we can do. And being an informed voter who actually does their research is something that you would think goes without saying. But evidently like Maher, I agree, people get so fucking Lazy when it comes to politics, and knowing civics.

Did Maher speak your thoughts too? If not, what’s on your mind?

Blog me.

AH: It’s been awhile. Nice to see you here. As always your comments get right to the point. Where are you all now? Don’t be such a stranger. My best to you, Bita, and Adam.

Ruth/AF: Isn’t it amazing that if things are said often enough by enough people it becomes truth. And as Maher says, people are too lazy to do the research. If they did they would know that voter fraud is really a non issue. I’m happy to hear from you. I hope all is well. Give my love and hugs to the family.

Charles: Happy to hear! I hope your friends are feeling the same way.

Dwight Well, that doesn’t surprise me at all. I googled Trump’s speaking fees and discovered you are absolutely correct.

Kent: So delighted to hear that! I have no doubt your decision will have positive affects on your children that will reach far more than just your immediate family. Thank you.

Aina: That she is. I love this blog too because I learn so much from so many women here. It may sound banal but the women inspire me to be a better me.

Kali: Thank you for taking the time to inspire your friends and for their votes. Awesome. I hope you show the rest the video I posted too. Perhaps when they discover that their friend Bernie lies more than Hillary, they will join you and the other 9.

If you haven’t voted yet, and live in a state where you can vote early, do it…do it today if you can. Get dressed up in your Halloween costume, grab your friends,and have a little fun as you strut to the polling booth or you’re waiting in line for your turn. Let’s make herstory.



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68 Responses to “Monday Maher Madness”

  1. Zen Lill Says:

    Testing …

  2. Zen Lill Says:

    Using our brain power on bullshit, so true!

    Luv the costume, you make an awesome Batwoman : D

    My phone is tweaking again so I’ll keep it brief.

    MaQin & les filles de ZL, just wanted to say hello and see what, if anything, you may have to say about our US election process/candidates, I enjoy hearing global takes on what we’ve got going on.

    Luv, Zen Lill

  3. Jao Says:

    testing too.

  4. Ralph Says:

    I’d play Batman to your Batgirl any day.

  5. Charles Says:

    Sorry to say Michelle, that most of my male friends are for Trump. They give lame reasons to be fanatical about that idiot.

  6. Kali Says:

    Michelle, what a great idea. I called some friends and they called some friends. We went to the polls with about 45 crazy dressed people. I bet more than a few left and returned in costume.

    It was a blast!.

  7. Kali Says:

    Oh, Very nice BatGirl outfit. Next year it will be mine.

  8. Mary Says:

    Leave it to you Michelle to find such a killer outfit.

  9. Roger Says:

    Blew you up babe. Now I don’t need the viagra as much.

  10. Thomas Says:

    True Michelle, I wonder where all the people complaining about Hillary’s 30,000 e-mails were when the Bush administration “lost” 22 million e-mails.

  11. King Says:

    The Bush Administration had a private server owned by the RNC. Karl Rove used that account for 95% of his e-mails. There were 88 different accounts, the RNC didn’t save any records for 50 of those accounts.

    Jack Abramoff was told not to use the official White House system in favor of the private RNC one. The Bush administration refused to comply with a congressional subpoena seeking the e-mails on the server. Karl Rove and Josh Bolton were found in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with the subpoena.

    The use of the RNC private server actually impeded investigations into the outing of CIA Agent Valerie Plame and the politically motivated firing of 9 US attorneys. They also “lost” three months of backup e-mails from the start of the Iraq War during a “system upgrade” that deleted 5 million e-mails.

    Later it was found that the lost e-mails actually went back to January of 2003, which would have included a lot of e-mails about the build up to the Iraq War.

  12. Butler Says:

    Republicans have always been the more corrupt of the two parties and now with Trump as the nominee, there in no doubt about it.

  13. MaQin Says:

    Zen Lill, most of Europe is glued to your election process. I can honestly say all of the countries were stunned that your Mr. Trump was selected to be one of your candidates for President.

    Now, I’m sorry to say it has become a joke. No one wants to comment on the blog because we do not wish to embarrass or insult your countrymen.

  14. Paris Says:

    Michelle, I too blew up BatGirl. I had to add some pixels and more definition. It was worth it. Now to discover what pleasures you have under that belt.

  15. Matin Says:

    Michelle, I am also one of those white males who has switched from trump to Hilary. I had a severe row with my brother’s best friend. It went like this.

    Let me explain you moron. Michelle’s is ranting about the inconsistency of the outrage over lost e-mails. The principle at issue.

    Trump made a personal attack on the actions of somebody who wasn’t a part of the debate. You get the difference? I know its hard, but spend some time working it out, genius.

    By the way, Trump attacked because he was caught bragging about assaulting women, and women have since come forward to talk about how he assaulted them after telling them to get lost. What an American. What a loser.

    All of you morons out there thinking that what you have against Hilary is equivalent to this idiot and his misogyny and racism need to wise up.

  16. AH Says:

    Thanks Michelle for the shout out. Why not visit us?

  17. Olin Says:

    Zen Lill, I’m not american and here I’m pointing out the utter hypocrisy of the Republicans. They keep bringing up Hillary’s e-mails even though it’s already been investigated and the FBI recommended no charges to be filed even though Bush e-mail scandal was far worse.

    They “lost” e-mails involving the fabrication of intelligence that led to a war that cost trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, the politically motivated firing of US attorneys, and the outing of a CIA agent for political purposes. Karl Rove and John Bolton were even held in contempt of a Republican controlled Congress.

    As for Bill Clinton, you do know that he was already punished for his crimes, don’t you? He was impeached.

  18. Craig Says:

    Hillary is the spawn of Satan.. First female president my ass. 2) Everyone called Trump a sexual predator.. and they mistaked Trump for Anthony Weiner. Now there’s going to be dick pick selfies floating around on the Internet everywhere.. apparently Weiners dick had a virus that infected Hillary’s private email server.

  19. Lacy Says:

    How about when Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon lost $2.3 billion the day before 9/11? The republicans never held an inquiry into that.

    Trump hasn’t had the chance to hide important Government emails the way he’s hiding his Tax returns.

  20. Brian Says:

    You really know how to wear a cape lady.

  21. Sarah Says:

    Let’s get out to vote. Let’s make our voices heard. We’ve been given the right to choose between a qualified candidate and a turd.

  22. Mitch Says:

    This white male is voting for Hilary too. I told my fellow republican friends that if you go to a restaurant and they don’t have what you want – you don’t order their shit sandwich (trump).

  23. Jason Says:

    all I can say is with all the straight out hate and racist type things trump said – just shows the type of people in this country that supports him. Alot of people who supports him don’t have to deal with the pitfalls of this country daily.

  24. Sam Says:

    Jason#23, That is quite the opposite of why people support Trump. They support him because he is not a career politician. His tax plan is stupid, no doubt. Sorry to burst your bubble, but what things did he say that were really racist? That those border hopping tend to engage in criminal acts? By border hopping they are by the law criminals. Blacks have a terrible unemployment, terrible poverty in their community? Those are actually true. I know facts are not comforting, but just ignoring them is completely idiotic.

  25. Zen Lill Says:

    13 MaQin, I thought as much, thank you. And we do a fine job of embarrassing ourselves while’s civility is at an all-time low. I standby as people lob insults at each other and just cringe. I will not participate, he has no business and had no business getting this far in the nomination and election process and I stand by that as my opinion, that’s without even bringing up any party hypocrisy (and there’s plenty of that to go around, too)

    17 Olin, I have found Europeans here to be the only people I can speak with about this US election, they totally get it. Americans are so entrenched in party lines they don’t even see how ludicrous this discussion is.

    19 Lacy, yes, excellent point. 2.3.Billion.Dollars.Lost.

    ~ ZL

  26. Keith Says:

    Why would you give two fucks about what Trumps says and not lose your mind on what Hillary has done? It just shows you how stupid and blind all liberals are.

  27. Ruth/AF Says:

    Michelle, thank you for thinking of us. It has been too long since your last visit. Everyone misses you. We would love to have you back. Do let us know when it is convenient for you. And please consent to a longer stay this time.


    Ruth and family

  28. Duella Says:

    Keith#26, You realize a ton of liberals agree with you, right? That’s why Bill made this segment. Lol fucking conservatives still don’t know jack shit about the political landscape. You assume liberals are a monolith. I understand the differences between many conservative subgroups. I suggest you do the same if you’re actually capable.

  29. Cynthia Says:

    Love that BatGirl. Where did you get the costume? I went as Wonder Woman. I paid a lot for the outfit and my god yours looked so much better. A few of the BatGirls there said they wished they had your tailor.

    I know this will surprise you, but there were two Michelle’s in costume there. Beverly being one. I am sending the pictures I took to you so that you can post them to your blog if you wish. I should have guessed some millennial would do it.

    Great party. 200 plus of Baton Rouge’s privileged enjoying a political halloween. No one recognized the one Ivanna, but she made sure we knew who she was. Big topic was your article about “Stealing Elections.”

    Yeah, lot of repubs are starting to take notice of your blog in this state. You are the new lib to hate.

  30. Ted Says:

    Michelle, fuck this guy, you’re not earning my vote by insulting my intelligence and pretending Hillary isn’t the worst Democratic candidate nominated in decades.

  31. BA Says:

    im mexican and early voted for trump

  32. Benicio Says:

    BA#31, I’m Mexican too. And I early voted for Hillary. I guess if the blacks can have their house niggers, we can have our yard spicks. I hope you don’t mind contributing some free time to your leader towards building that wall.

  33. Scott Says:

    Benicio#32, I’m not mexican.

  34. Francisco Says:

    Scott#33, Why?

  35. Scott Says:

    Francisco#34, Because I’m not and being Mexican would suck. 

  36. Niguel Says:

    BA#31, if you are mexican you can’t vote you stupid fuk.

  37. Gloria Says:

    BA#31, Being Mexican does not make you less retarded than any other trump supporter.

  38. Matthew Says:

    Fuck off and die Bill Maher. You’re the dumbest motherfucker on the planet. The democrats are fucking done and you still keep defending their corruption.

  39. Solomon Says:

    Oh fuck off Bill Maher. These older generations are so narcissistic they believe they were the greatest thing to ever walk to the earth. Why should we trust your opinions about anything? Maher and his generation have FUCKED this country up and done nothing as corrupt politicians continue to sell the American people out yet Millennials are to blame, how about you take responsibility for your own disasters, Bill? Like Matthew#38, said. FUCK. OFF.

    Also, you insult us yet want us to support your shitty candidate? LOL

  40. Sergei Says:

    And Colin Kaepernick is right, Trump and Clinton are both racists. The difference is that Trump is in your face racist and Hillary will smile and say the right things and screw working people behind closed doors with her Wall Street friends. Hillary supported tough on crime bills that lead to mass incarcerations of mostly African-Americans.

    She called black teenager super predators and she hates Black Lives Matter. There are more African-Americans in jails than there were slaves during slavery. And she doesn’t want to legalize marijuana(she says it needs more study) and she never mentioned anything about police reform. All she ever says is bunch of platitudes and empty promises.

    So yes, Trump and Clinton are both racist.

  41. Maria Says:

    Cynthia#29, good to know that the republicans are taking notice of one of the best lib blogs out there. However, did you notice that Michelle’s blog lends free expression to every view point? You can’t say that about your right wing blogs.

    Oh and to you “Conservative Christians,” this election has shown us that you are nothing more than a bunch of fucking racist, close minded, ignorant assholes.

  42. Yoshi Says:

    Sergi#40, It’s your compilation of “facts” I am objecting to. not mine. I just try to know the difference between the NY Times and Breitbart or NewsMax or other propaganda sites.

    “The evil in the world isn’t caused by ignorance. It’s caused by what folks know that ain’t so.” Josh Billings

  43. Knight Says:

    Sure, because only Millenials shave their bush. Has he never had sex with more than one woman in his life?

  44. Jon Says:


  45. Gary Says:

    We’d have been better off were there a way to have shaven GW Bush from the face of the earth, but alas.

    Never to have observed a beaver in its natural state does sound a bit bare to me in a way, not that I have anything against avoiding getting things between my teeth.

    Who is the chair of the Virgin Movement for Trump? Sounds like a tough job. They’d better vote for Jane Stein.

  46. Michael Says:

    Well, duh. That’s obvious. Religion is poison. Still, fuck Hillary.

  47. Irene Says:

    Lol@ the triggered trumpsters. Please get your head checked if you believe he’s presidential in any way.

  48. Frits Says:

    Zen Lill, this european doesn’t mind speaking his. Americans are gutless worms now. Simply put, they don’t care if their country implodes anymore, as they were never trained to be actual citizens.

    Most of your white bunch still think it is all about them.

  49. David Says:

    Jesus Mcfuck Bill how much are your masters paying you to eat that Hillary twat?

  50. David G. Says:

    David#49, And here we have yet another Russian troll trying to win the election for Donald.
    до свидания Boris. Who won the cold war? The USA !

  51. Penny Says:

    Wow, looking at the comments, this video hit really close to home for a lot of people.

  52. Kate Says:

    Lately a lot of Bill’s videos have been hitting very close to home for all the Trump supporters.

  53. Alycedale Says:

    Its the bernouts. Young white people are well off and have tons of time on their hands, and thus, time to trash anyone who points out how their purity is just a bunch of bullshit.

  54. Mari Says:

    So maybe you don’t like your boss, or your neighbours, or your in-laws. What does “like” have to do with anything. Like is for 12 years old and their BFF. This isn’t American Idol. It’s an election. You make a strategic, adult, choice. You don’t vote on the candidate you “like” the best.

  55. Steven Says:

    Kate#52, It’s not just Trump supporters, Kate#52. It’s whiny, petulant, and lazy voters who feign cynicism when their real problem is profound ignorance.

  56. Marcus Says:

    Alycedale#53, wow, you fell for that talking point hook line an sinker. here I am a bernina supporter, black, making 13 an hour with college education and a trade, student debt with a roommate in a part of town that’s sure to get gentrified because they keep building high rises for the “professional class”.

    But no, you’re right. Let’s vote for the obviously corrupt leader that want to support TPP, bomb Syria and Yemen ramping up for WW3, keep Wallstreet deregulated, etc. No, it’s such an easy choice between a willfully corrupt person vs a moron.

  57. Delores Says:

    Thanks for this article Michelle. I see these people all the time talking like how they’re so above politics. with their, “GOD I CANT BELIEVE ITS COME TO THESE TWO”.

    I know a guy who didnt even vote during the primaries and has the f*cking balls to complain about his two choices.

    These are the two. A no vote is a vote you fucking assholes. So is a wasted vote for one of those other choices.

  58. Dan Says:

    Since when does a no fly zone = bombing syria? Also, People throw this world war 3 thing around way to lightly. Right now, Pakistan and India are fighting each other’s “militants”, but they haven’t declared all out war on each other.

    Every time Russia flexes its muscles and the US responds doesn’t suddenly mean the world is about to end. Tired of seeing this WW3 bs on the internet.

  59. Floyd Says:

    Alycedale#53, agree, its the angry idealistic Bernie supporters who are getting most triggered by Bill because they cannot console themselves to the reality of the political situation.

    Most Trump supporters know they are voting for a madman but do so willingly because it is in the interests of disenfranchised whites to drag the country down with them if future demographic trends continue, basically a scorched earth policy.

    In a way its actually a surprisingly logical course of action to take in order to preserve your racial majority, voting in a man who would make the country so hostile that immigrants and their sympathizers would WANT to leave to Canada.

  60. Alexander Says:

    Dan#58, They make a bunch of childish and naive arguments fueled by ignorance and hyperbole. Moreover, the idiots peddling the “WW3″ bullshit seem to think that Trump is better, saying he won’t cause us more wars. However, I see us engaging in far more wars under a Trump presidency, because of his instability, his complete deficit of diplomatic sense and empathy, his blatant disregard for human life and dignity, and his unyielding pride.

    Clinton is extremely versed in areas of foreign policy and she knows diplomacy from experience. I don’t see us engaging in any wars for trivial reasons under her presidency.

  61. Doug Says:

    Penny#51, You act as if they own homes. Them and their stupid apartment dwelling asses are going to vote for trump even though he won’t do shit for them financially all because “oh shill woman no thanks.”

  62. Kent Says:

    A nod to you Howie, This shit show is a product of democracy, a.k.a. the best we can do as a species right now. Aliens can’t come soon enough.

  63. Lance Says:

    I don’t agree with Maher on everything, but he put to words exactly what I’ve been thinking.

  64. Frank Says:

    4k down votes, this means 4k “deplorables” didn’t even watch the video because it would have disrupted their fantasy world where Dirty Donald isn’t a bright orange, narcissistic fuck bag.

  65. Cory Says:

    jesus fuck the level of stupidity in the comments. It serves no purpose other than spreading the stupidity that the video laments.

  66. Anonymous Says:

    what a waste of a life

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