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Emails, Comey, and Stealing The Election

Posted by Michelle Moquin on October 29th, 2016

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Good morning!

Readers: Yes, it’s back in the news. I thought we were done with the emails crap but here it is againComey is showing his party affiliation by putting out this latest slur against Hillary. The first being that unneeded bullshit slap at her when he couldn’t find any incriminating evidence against her.

That needless “fatherly” rebuff of her being “reckless” with her emails was pure bullshit pandering to the republican party. He was showing them he was still a loyal republican by giving them something to bash Hillary with.

Unfortunately for Comey, he was surprised to discover that they didn’t think that was enough. Is it ever enough with republicans? They wanted him to do like that bought and paid for Starr did and make up shit. You know the typical MO of many republicans – LSOSs. Since he didn’t, they vilified him. No surprise. They threatened to bring him up on charges, so the gutless wonder caved and put out this bullshit to give the republicans an 11 day election surprise.

The New Yorker stated that James Comey broke with Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department tradition when he made his bullshit slandering announcement. “….According to a well-informed administration official. Lynch expressed her preference that Comey follow the Department’s long standing practice of not commenting on ongoing investigations, and not taking any action that could influence the outcome of an election, but he said that he felt compelled to do otherwise.” 

You don’t do that. What pressure was on him? The only pressure on him was to be honest, decent, responsible,  do the right thing, stick to tradition and follow the department’s longstanding practice. But Comey didn’t. He bent to his own desires to give something to the republicans to use.

What we have here is something that was not legally substantively significant, but it was something his republicans could use to be politically significant in depriving Hillary of votes or even the election. If Hillary were a man this would never have happened. And if it did, all hell would break loose. (11:30 Update: I just looked at the front page of the Huff Po. It looks like hell is breaking loose.)

This is especially noteworthy when you consider that the republicans are going all out to suppress the vote of their opponents. I blogged about it a few days ago but there is more. They have federal judges who will be assisting them like Comey, basically patriotically duplicitous creeps who will do anything to help the republicans win.

This is no joke. When I say that the republicans are ruthless, I mean it.

Those federal judges are giving rubber stamps to those states that are actively using absurd illegal tactics to suppress the votes. It is coincidental that the states with the acronym WON’T stop suppressing voting rights of OTWs and white democrat supporters, have republicans controlling every political office in those states. Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, keep ignoring court orders to restore voting rights. Click here to read: https://www.thenation.com/article/gop-states-keep-ignoring-court-orders-to-restore-voting-rights/

Texas is a bunch of old white men. If they don’t suppress the vote they won’t win. Plain and simple. That’s why they have to suppress the votes.

Let’s get real. From here on out when we hear about suppressing the vote, let’s call it what it is – stealing.  This is no different than a third world country who steals votes so ensure the outcome of their election. And that is exactly what has been happening here.

My advice to you is to do like Social Butterfly suggest (That’s a nod to you /SB): get a book, an app, take your cell phone and watch something while you stand in those long lines the republicans have engineered.

There is no excuse to stay home. Get the fuck out and vote.

What’s on your mind?

Blog me.

Little Billy: Well, the answer certainly isn’t less government. One way to put the power in the hands of the people is to get big money out of politics. Overturn Citizens United. You can thank the republicans and STARK of SCOTUS for that one. That is why Hillary’s win and taking back the Senate is so important. I believe in the power of my vote and voting people out who aren’t serving the people.

Zen Lill: Love this – thanks for sharing.

Peace & Love & Good Health

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73 Responses to “Emails, Comey, and Stealing The Election”

  1. Alycedale Says:

    Michelle, I agree with you on your assessment of Little Billy”s post. Although I would add less white boy in government would serve us much better.

    The truth is we can trace back every major issue we face as a nation to the fact that the laws from the very beginning of this Nation were set up to favor the SPECIAL Interest of WHITE men.

    Once that precedent was established that the Laws of the land were not supposed to represent the interest of the people but rather only the special interest of a particular group of its people, white men, then it was only a natural progression for the law to become more corrupt. Hence what we have today.

    The fact that white men continue to control almost every aspect of the political spectrum of this country says it will never change until we change that fact. EVERY other solution offered up is just white men wanting to change things that they don’t like while continuing the status quo of the LAWS of the land favoring white men.

    You see this in so many other Nations across the globe. Arab countries are a typical example. The men are always complaining about the unfairness of their governments to them meaning the males. They don’t give a shit about how bad it is to the women.

    Same in the USA. White men are complaining about how bad their government is to them. They don’t give a shit about how bad it is to the OTWs and white women.

    The result is nothing changes for the Middle East, and the same here. NOTHING changes because CHANGE that works means change for the benefit of ALL a country’s citizens.

    So what we get is bullshitting around with the solution like this nice little ditty little Billy posted which on the surface seems to be genuine. But in reality it is only a partial picture of the true problem. That being a system designed to favor a particular group of a Nation’s citizens.

    1. Little Billy Says: 
October 28th, 2016 at 10:35 am This is pretty eye opening, I mean, we’ve all suspected it, but the proof is in the pudding as they say.
This Princeton study shows popular opinion has very little weight in getting laws passed. Unless you are a special interest.
What can we do as a society to take back our government? How can we get laws passed to change this if only 30% will ever even be considered?

    It works if you don’t take into account that the system is rigged by white men for white men. Or as the saying goes, you don’t see that the king is naked. The fact is the system is rigged because white men want it rigged. They just don’t want it to be so bad for them.

    Now if you(meaning the rest of us) want the system to change all we need to do is go to the polls and vote every fucking white man out.

    If you do, then those white men who control all those rich companies that employ all those Lobbies controlled by white men will be a non factor in the political arena that makes our (by our I mean EVERY one, white men included) laws.

    The SCOTUS will outlaw lobbies and reverse “Citizens United.” You are aware that here the term “Citizens” refers to rich white men United to corrupt the country to their desires?

    It’s that simple. Vote out the white boy and take your country back. Any other solution they(meaning white men) are giving you is just a replay of the book where the antagonist gets murdered by the government and as he dies his last thought is god bless Big Brother.

  2. Rhonda Says:

    Great write Alycedale. If anyone doubts your logic,all they need do is check out the poll numbers. In states where Hilary leads trump by 20 points on the female vote trump is still very close or leading. That tells you how the white males are voting.

  3. Freda Says:

    OMG, Alycedale#1, you are so right. And the white men on SCOTUS were the ones who gave us “Citizens United.” Of course they did have their house nigger giving them them the 5th vote.

  4. Marvin Says:

    I agree with you Alycedale#1. There really is no “Rabbit Hole.” Only a cabal of white men laughing while they conspire to defeat any attempt by the rest of the people on the planet to share its resources and bounty equally.

  5. AHanu Says:

    Excellent op-ed Michelle.

  6. AH Says:

    You should know that Adam has confirmed my suspicion that Aaron Burr murdered President Thomas Jefferson March 1, 1809.

    That ass who committed treason and was ordered arrested by President Thomas Jefferson.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Republicans are well aware they can hardly win if there are fair elections that allow all Americans to vote or they would not enact vote suppression and absurd voter ID laws. The sad fact is that their efforts have been successful with the valuable assistance of the Koch acolytes on the Supreme Court, and their crusade is ramping up across the nation, just as DeMint promised.

  8. Annabelle Says:

    Evangelical fanatics, gun-toting “patriots,” anti-women misogynists, and racist pigs always turn out to vote en masse. And, they faithfully vote for the Republican candidate whether or not they are ideologically pure enough and regardless if their champion du jour is on the ballot; something the Left is incapable of doing regularly if at all.

    So if I were you, I would take Michelle and Social Butterfly’s advice and get my ass to the polls. Vote like your life depends upon it, because it does.

  9. Ruth/AF Says:

    We keep hearing that the republicans are so worried about voter fraud that they do all this voter suppression shit to prevent it. But the facts are:

    Less than two years ago a comprehensive investigation of over a billion votes cast since 2000 in every primary, general, special, recall and municipal election in the entire nation revealed that there were only 31 documented cases of voter fraud over the course of thirteen years and dog knows how many state, federal, and regional elections. If the number thirty-one seems awfully small for over a billion votes cast, look at it as a percentage of over a billion votes; a stunningly small 0.000000031% over the past thirteen years. And, according to the researchers compiling those figures, it is more likely than not “that any fraud was more as a result of errors than deliberate cheating.”

  10. Zen Lill Says:

    Nice assessment, Mischa, I’m done trying to explain this…it is noticing the tactics by which a woman is thrown under the bus when running for POTUS. Any of Trumps background and stunts would’ve been the end game if he were a woman. A pathetic double standard that all white men pretend to not see. Instead they remark about these emails, her looks/voice, her marriage … etc … how pathetically childish can you be?!

    & Of course, there’ll always be 11th hour BS in elections but this one, smh, if your stupid enough to read the headline without delving into the article, which has no true merit whatsoever but to get rethug panties in a twist, fr media purposes to be used against her now and even after she wins, (and they will try)

    Seems white haired old men and ‘their women’ are holding on tight …

    Until in an unexpected twist, those biagges are going to vote against him bc they know if they don’t, they will be acknowledging what has been happening all along but will def become our new female normal (NOT, not ever) … Which is what you wrote yesterday, our new normal will be dumbed down and women and OTW’s issues will not matter unless Donny says we do (again, F%#k that, no)

    …and real ‘locker room talk’ (which does exist) will go off the deep end into rape/assault and ‘no means yes’ bc of that ‘new normal’ lowered bar set by it being OK bc of ThisGuy will result in more acceptability of rape/assault where it’s been heading in subtle and not so subtle rape culture for awhile…

    Re: Little Billy’s post: The issue that was glaring after watching the represent us videos was that while ballot initiatives could get big dollars out of government, it’s a bit idealistic and disconnected to think that tea partyiers (mostly deeply indoctrinated women who were on their own agenda) and dems who seek progressive values will ever work together.

    It is in a deadlock currently with no ‘reaching across the aisle’ as Obama originally intended. He learned quickly that they don’t want to work together bc their goals are not the same.

    Madam president will run into some difficulties due to that same stonewalling but if everyone votes now AND at midterms there’s def still hope…

    And call me a conspiracy theorist but I know you all know I still believe that it’s the bils of the world, who have allegiance to no country, that run the show (ask Anonz) … I just want to see a US show that at least attempts to take all lives into account not just wealthy white mens’ …

    We’ve already given the world a ‘reality show’ version of an election, something they cannot unsee … What a shame, the ‘dumbing down’ technically began there to me, we cannot allow it to take further hold.

    AH welcome back, can’t wait to hear about your travels…

    Luv, Zen Lill & Happy Halloween : )

  11. Theodore Says:

    Zen Lill, love the way you express yourself. One day we will meet and I will see if that allure is as good in the flesh.

  12. Sonja Says:

    This is the racist shit that we can expect if trump is elected. The degree to which Fox fake-news programming (e.g. Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, “Fox and Friends”) has mainstreamed and defended blatant racism is shocking. Overshadowed by Newt Gingrich’s outburst on Megyn Kelly’s show this week was Sean Hannity’s birther dog-whistle. He directed his rant to President Barack Obama:

    “You want to go to Canada? I’ll pay for you to go to Canada. You want to go to Kenya? I’ll pay for you to go to Kenya. Jakarta, where you went to school back in the day, you can go back there. Anywhere you want to go. I’ll put the finest food – caviar, champagne, you name it. I have one stipulation: You can’t come back.”

    The whiteboy believes he can bring back the days of yore. Let us show him that he is sorely mistaken.

  13. Irene Says:

    Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric is an extension of the crackpot right-wing media, his appearance paved by years of conspiracy theories, dog-whistles, paranoia and, yes, appeals to racism and ridicule of women. In the final days of the Trump campaign, we are reminded where the toxic brew that Trump spouts originated.

    My family of white males are so caught up in the belief that their privileges are threatened by blacks that they are willing to accept any idea that claims to save them.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Fox execs have every right to put on air whatever garbage they please, but institutionally they are responsible for what they put out. They need to decide whether a multibillion-dollar corporation wants to be identified with the messages its evening stars put out there. Viewers dismayed and disgusted by naked appeals to racism (and years of mistreatment of the network’s women employees) can tune out. If nothing else, conservative news consumers are discovering that there is some very good coverage and honest reporting elsewhere – and they don’t need to feel the urge to take a shower after watching it.

  15. Roberts Says:

    Michelle, the amount of hate journalists have to contend with because they write articles which the right perceives as negative is enormous.

    One would think that we were living in the days of nazi Germany.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    The FBI virtually never announces the commencement or termination of ongoing criminal investigations or the discovery of new evidence. Such inquiries are often conducted in relative secrecy, enabling a more efficient investigation.

    It is not unusual for investigations in so-called “white collar” cases to go on for years, luring the target into an unfounded belief that he or she is in the clear. Then the hammer falls. A grand jury indictment is announced by the Department of Justice and the handcuffs are swiftly employed.

    The old, sensible FBI rule book apparently has been thrown on the trash heap this year. While undoubtedly attempting to be open and “transparent,” to protect the reputation of the FBI, the FBI director has tossed a Molotov cocktail into the presidential race.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Voters must now be subjected to endless speculation in the press and explicit accusations from the Trump campaign and other Republican candidates that Hillary Clinton is a “criminal” aided and abetted by a rigged FBI and Justice Department. Comey’s “openness and transparency” will blow up in his face and further tarnish the FBI’s reputation. He has reinserted the Bureau into the political process.

    The director probably feared that leaks would lead to speculation that a renewed Hillary investigation was underway. In trying to get ahead of criticism of the FBI for jumping to a conclusion too quickly and closing the original Hillary Clinton email investigation, he has only made matters worse and dropped a huge new issue into the presidential campaign, 11 days before the election.

  18. John Says:

    Could this fiasco flip Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona to Trump? Clinton is up less than 6 pts in all of them.

  19. Aaron Says:

    Yep lets push Hillary out..
    I rather have a president with 11 charges of se xual assault, offshores, cheat his contractors

    One who tells POWs he does not respect them ….
    A closet raci st…

    Yep Trumpies is what America deserves…..

    Vote Trump the White Cosby!

  20. John G. Says:

    if you don’t like Trump, u can move to Venezuela, new socialist country.

  21. Moni Says:

    Its funny how these charges come out three weeks before the election, there were crickets chirping during the republican primaries. He was also a billionaire for some time, and a TV star, they could have extracted a lot of money from him if it were true.

  22. Carie Says:

    JohnG#20, Why if Trumpie wins our country goes bankrupt as that is all Trumpies knows how to do…

    So since Trumpies disrespects the military and POWS then I guess “loyal” followers (uneducated) would accept Trumpie burning the flag too?

  23. Hans Says:

    This is soon unemployed Director Comey’s last chance to retire as a rich man.

    Trump is already facing two criminal trials; fraud and racketeering and one for rape of a minor.

  24. Big John Says:

    @Hans#23, Haha….if you think so. I think you’re going to be sadly disappointed when no charges are filed against him for any of this nonsense.

  25. Larry Says:

    For those of you who don’t get what Paul Callan wrote above, it’s about Comey’s actions that raise serious questions about his professional conduct.

  26. Gary Says:

    Larry#25, Well! Thank you for being more intelligent than the rest of us.

  27. Baker Says:

    We have to see what these new revelations are before we can judge. Is it possible that the FBI knew of this email chain previously, but didn’t act upon it because of the immunity agreements? This evidence, if it is, would not be subject to those agreements as they were obtained through a subpoena for a completely separate case.

    Have you noticed that all of the wikileaks are exclusive of any emails from or to HRC? maybe a coincidence, maybe not.
    Comey put himself in a corner when he said that HRC had violated the laws regarding classified information except for intent.

    Less than 2 weeks to go, and it gets even more interesting….

  28. Dave Says:

    Gary#26, Oh, please, that doesn’t require a thank you. Everyone beyond the helmet-wearing population would seem intelligent to you.

  29. Gary Says:

    In the twisted mind of the Dems, any revelation produced by illegal hacking “doesn’t count.” Even if the leaks proved she killed people, they wouldn’t count because the information was obtained illegally.

  30. George Says:

    Hillary has a lot of gall to demand the FBI reveal anything to her. The FBI isn’t obligated to tell anyone anything during an investigation. I realize this might be inconvenient for Hillary given that the election is only 11 days away but if you don’t want this to happen then don’t hide emails on a private server and then lie and stonewall for over a year. This is all Hillary’s doing and she has no one to blame but herself. This is a Hillary created problem.

  31. Gary Says:

    If she gets elected, she will wage a war of revenge on all detractors. The Hildabeast is a profoundly mean person.

  32. Janet Says:

    Comey should have been made to walk the plank after his first press conference, the one clearing Hillary. Whether or not to indict someone is not a decision the FBI makes, and his statement at the time that he thinks no prosecutor would bring charges under these circumstances is irrelevant. It was not his call to make.

    Mrs. Clinton could well have been charged for destruction of evidence and mishandling of classified materials. There were arguable cases to be made there. “Prosecutorial discretion” is called “prosecutorial” because the discretion belongs to the prosecutor.

    This is worse because:
    a) It shows the original investigation was mishandled. It didn’t really occur to them to ask for the emails of the husband of Clinton’s top aide until now? Really???
    b) It is extremely unfair to Clinton, Trump and the voters to throw this bomb after millions of votes have already been cast, in the middle of early voting and 11 days before election day.

    Comey’s actions are unconscionable and intolerable, but as things stand I am totally against anything being done about him … until November 9.

  33. Nancy Says:

    Comey is….. TOAST

    TRUMP? He was toast as soon as he uttered “when you’re famous, you can grab pu**y. Is that right, you impotent, little pedophile.

  34. Gary Says:

    Nancy@33, I guess you don’t care about criminal activity? Read my post above for what it will mean for her presidency and the impact on the American people.

  35. Patriot Says:

    The Clintonistas care nothing about anything Hilda and the Sleaze do.

  36. Irene Says:

    Do you deplorables not care about trumps criminal behavior?

  37. Craig Says:

    To all the women complaining about Trump grabbing a little pussy. Hasn’t any man played stinky finger with you?

  38. Rusty Says:

    You bitches do remember Cigar, Oval Office, who was that?

  39. Dave Says:

    Rusty#38, Slick Willie had consensual encounters. Trump was hoping for a groping.

  40. Zen Lill Says:

    Say what you will about HRC, but Trump will be a very useful idiot to the Russians, is that preferable to you?

    #37-38-39 why don’t you 3 get a room together and get your freak on there. You boys sound like the type that can’t pull so you talk big smack to sound like you do.


  41. Zen Lill Says:

    Wai, apology to you #39 Dave. You weren’t supposed to be included on that, my bad, forgive me. ~ZL

  42. Helen Says:

    Michelle has covered this false equivalency issue many times. It just keeps coming up because that’s all they have. There is no logical defense of trump’s abominable behavior, so they try to expound these false equivalencies.

    Bill Clinton is hardly a good role model, but the fact remains that his scandal was having inappropriate, but consensual, sexual contact between adults. Trump was BRAGGING about having a free pass to SEXUALLY ASSAULT women. How can you possibly consider that equal?

  43. Mark Says:

    .if Hillary didn’t want this drug out to now then she probably shouldn’t have li.ed and stonewalled for over a year. This is a Hillary created problem.

  44. Gary Says:

    She could have handed these emails over a year ago. In fact, she was required to by law!

  45. Pamela Says:

    @Mark#43&Gary#44, These emails were not hers–she didn’t send or receive them. They were not in her possession to hand over.

  46. Charles Says:

    Comey released an unprecedented editorial when he announced his original decision. Republicans are already planning to investigate her for her whole term.

    Ted Cruz said the Senate wouldn’t do their Constitutional duty and consider her Supreme Court appointees. Republican control of Congress is dangerous for America.

    The republican party is now a white power party that exists to satisfy those white racists, and white men who see profits in pandering to those racists.

    The only way they can remain viable is in states were there is an overwhelming number of whites or in those states where their control over the state government allows them to suppress the vote or as Michelle more accurately stated STEAL elections.

    I am a white male who refuses to allow an American nazi party to take hold here.

  47. Doug Says:

    All I can say is after letting the cat out of the bag, Comey had better have called in all available resources to pour through the new emails so he can provide clarify in 24-48 hours. It can be done if they want to do it, and with 11 days to go until a presidential election they owe it to the American people to pull out all the stops regardless of where it leads.

  48. Craig Says:

    I wish Comey was running for president instead of the two no minds that are. He as least has enough common decency to come forward with information concerning this country. He is a good man.

  49. Lewis Says:

    This is nothing more than an evil partisan witch hunt by republican comey. The fact that the media and certain republican leadership received the information before the actual individual falsely accused speaks volume about the political intent.

  50. Candi Says:

    Craig#48, He is injecting himself and his agency into a Presidential Election. This election may be rigged against Clinton.

  51. Gary Says:

    Lewis#49, Please. Clinton was required by law to hand over these emails. How is it a partisan witch hunt that the FBI came across emails she failed to provide?

  52. Howard Says:

    Lewis@49, How is it a witch hunt if it’s universally agreed upon that she did something wrong? Also, you’re wrong about the GOP being the only ones to receive the information.

  53. Lewis Says:

    Gary#51, The emails (if damaging at all) were found on Anthony Weiners device not Hillarys device.. He also violated FBI protocol to interject anything within 60 days of an election

  54. Caig Says:

    Don’t like it when “evil partisan witch hunts” don’t work in favor of the Dems, huh? Okay if the Dems do it, right? Pathetic.

  55. Owen Says:

    How anyone could be upset by this or feel bad for Hillary is beyond me. This entire fiasco is her own fault.

  56. Brittany Says:

    And….Trump being an unqualified nut case is his own fault.

  57. Jimmy Says:

    Unless the emails show that Clinton personally gave away classified materials to our enemies it won’t make a bit of difference in this election. Trump is just too bad of a candidate. Clinton is actually lucky because if she had a real opponent she would probably lose!

  58. Joseph Says:

    Jimmy#57,Wow– which planet are you living on?

  59. Irene Says:

    It is Trump and his mo.ronic supporters (so you) that live in a bubble. Cry all you want on November 8th if you like!

  60. Bobby Says:

    You were never a democrat if a republican investigator comes out with a statement without any proof and you all of a sudden jump ship.. This is clearly an abuse of power by comey

  61. Norma Says:

    Hilary is not a saint but she will be POTUS! Not because she is honest but because Trump is the worst most unqualified candidate to ever attempt the office. You don’t have to like it you just have to know it!

  62. Craig Says:

    @Norma, No she won’t. Nobody will want to elect a criminal to POTUS. She is sunk now.

  63. Helena Says:

    Comey is the Scalia of this POTUS election.

  64. Adam Says:

    Alycedale#1, you are right again. Trump is A 70 year old rich white racist who objectifies women.

  65. Don Says:

    The hexenbeast will never be president. And even by a miracle she steals the election, she’ll be the first president impeached before inauguration day.

  66. Wilma Says:

    Why is it the republicans claim a ‘rigged’ system if their candidate loses? So if he wins, the opposition can claim it was ‘rigged’ and that’s OK?

    The entire system is re-done and a new election system takes place before the ones that claimed ‘rigged’ and wins can take office? Is that what they want?

  67. Vivian Says:

    I agree with you Alycedale#1, Trump is a serial sexual predator, adulterer and deadbeat tax dodger. He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the leg.

  68. David Says:

    This piece unfairly points the finger at Comey for playing his part for the team. Comey indeed made the original recommendation not to prosecute HRC in order to insulate Attorney General Lynch, who benefitted politically when she deferred the decision to him. When Bill Clinton made his tarmac visit to Lynch, he provided her the cover, and even appearance of necessity to make the deferral. There was a chain of events leading to his action and to say he “inserted himself” into the election is like saying a receiver in football scored a touchdown all by himself. A receiver only scores after the quarterback receives the ball, is protected by the line, and then throws it to him. If you should want Comey to resign, so too should Lynch, and so too should the former president from corrupt collusions such as this..

  69. Emily Says:

    Americans are actually tired of the email “scandal” which amounted to nothing. They are sick of the fact that Rice and Powell both used private email and nothing was every done about it. They are sick that Bush “lost” millions of emails and nothing was said about that. These emails are not even Secretary Clinton’s…they are Weiners’

  70. Andrew Says:

    I agree with you 100% Alycedale and I am a white man. This is utterly irresponsible behaviour from Comey. He should be made to resign forthwith. He acts as if in a vacuum, not as if we are just days away from an election, which is the case.

    It is obviously a case of politically motivated timing, and as such lies outside his official purview. Get lost, Comey – you’ve exceeded your brief.

  71. Dwight Says:

    You might want to check the going rate for speeches by big name celebrities and politicians…Trump has received $1.5 million for a speech. So quit with the being paid for speeches as it makes no sense.

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    […] Alycedale: Now, I am the one to concur. You stated the truth exceptionally. Thanks for taking it on and sharing your mind. […]

  73. Michelle Moquin's "A day in the life of…" » Blog Archive » Monday Maher Madness Says:

    […] Helen: Yes, I’ve covered it quite a lot, but it appears it still needs more media attention. And I am happy to pass it over to Maher to do just that. […]