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President Obama, They Shoot Horses And Teenage Boys On The Dakota Access Pipeline

Posted by Michelle Moquin on November 1st, 2016

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Good morning.

We’re getting down to the last days of the presidential election. With so much to be concerned about my thoughts are rambling from all that I’m reading. The focus is obviously on the election but what about what others are fighting for? My thoughts ran to our indigenous peoples as they fight for their land again, against the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

I know president Obama has got a lot on his plate now. The future of our country is being threatened and he needs to do all he can to ensure that Hillary wins with coattails. I get that. But I sure wish he could take a moment and reach out to the people of the Sioux Nation.

My heart aches for them as I read their stories. Probably the last thing on their minds is this election, as they protect and protest daily for the preservation of their water, for their family, friends, and their future.

Here’s the write from the Huff Po:

President Obama, They Shoot Horses And Teenage Boys On The Dakota Access Pipeline

On a beautiful sunny day in June, 2014 President Barack Obama came to the banks of the Cannonball River on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. June is the month of the Strawberry Moon and celebrates the first harvest of wild fruit. The occasion was Cannonball Flag day and Native Americans from Standing Rock and the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservations turned out to welcome the President. For one day the hills and buttes and prairies of North and South Dakota were the center of rare media attention, and the people who welcomed the President into their homes and hearts were ecstatic. Michelle Obama was with him, babies were thrust into their arms for photo ops, children danced, and a powwow sealed good will and belief in the promises Obama made to the Sioux nation.

The Washington Post reported that stories of Native children made the president cry in the oval office.

“I love these young people,” Obama said shortly after meeting them. “I only spent an hour with them. They feel like my own.”


It is a little over two years later and these people whom the president claimed as his own are being arrested on minor charges by a seemingly omnipotent Sheriff in Morton County. They are herded into dog kennels at Fort Rice and the insides of their arms are marked with a number in black ink. Women suffer broken bones from batons wielded by police officers and deputies. Memories of others wearing brown shirts in 1939 Germany, who also marked people with black ink, cause fear and apprehension.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 10.15.51 PM

There is testimony that cannot be erased or hidden. Listen to this interview with a young prayer warrior, Trenton Casillas-Bakeberg, who was ripped out of ceremony, arrested, and put in a dog kennel at the jail in Mandan, ND.

The officials of North Dakota have decided that the people of the Sioux Nation who stand against the DAPL are beneath them. In the early days of this historical event I overheard one man say, “they do not think we are human.” It is a faded sentence scribbled in a notebook filled with tales of atrocity and stories of prayer.

How do you feel when you watch this Mr. Obama? Do the words of Floris White Bull recalling the traumatic experiences of people violently removed from camp and being caged in dog kennels move you in any way? Does it occur to you to call Attorney General Loretta Lynch into your office and demand that she look into this? Did your staff include the LA Times article in your morning briefing?

Did you cry when you heard a young rider was shot off his beautiful bay quarter horse by more than one of those “non-lethal” rubber bullets?

Members of the horse nation herded around 100 buffalo from the west and southwest of the Cannonball Ranch onto the DAPL easement. One rider was reportedly hit with up to four rubber bullets his horse was reported to be hit in the legs by live rounds. Another horse was shot and did not survive.


Before the bullets flew. This horse died. Submitted by Debi Williams

Here is a Crow Creek Spirit rider being chased down by DAPL security last Thursday. “You can see the courage and strength both riders and horses have! They escaped and made it home safely,” says Greg Grey Cloud. One buckskin horse made it back to camp and his human with a tranquilizer dart stuck in his flank, says Grey Cloud in a video posted on his Facebook page. The horse came back with all of its tack missing.


Photo Courtesy Greg Grey Cloud

Did anyone tell you that one horse died? They do shoot horses in North Dakota, Mr. President.

Did Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier inform you, Mr. President, you who held babies in your arms at Standing Rock, that these are “non-lethal” rubber bullets? In fact in a PubMed article, “Death Following Rubber Bullet Wounds to the Chest,” a different story emerges.

Despite the fact that it (rubber bullet) was designed to be safer than live ammunition, several cases of fatalities have been reported from its use. Most of these fatalities were because of abuse of the weapon in terms of range of fire and anatomical area of the body targeted. This is a case report of such a fatality following shotgun rubber bullet injury, including the circumstance surrounding this unusual occurrence, the autopsy findings and reports of the ballistic analysis. Four projectiles penetrated the right chest lodging in the right lung and injuring the right pulmonary artery, causing death. The mechanism of death in this case is rapid massive pulmonary hemorrhage.

Forensic Science presents a case study of the death of a 60-year-old man who was shot using rubber projectiles that were fired by a police officer from a Mossberg smooth-bore shotgun in an enclosed space from a distance of a few meters. “The post-mortem examination revealed that death had been due to gunshot wounds in the chest which had caused heart and lung damage with subsequent massive internal hemorrhaging.”

President Obama, you will not find this information in the daily flood of press releases from Sheriff Kirchmeier that read like tales from an alternate universe.

Would you cry if you were on site to witness what is really happening, Mr. President?

In twist of fate, the actions of the young riders on horseback led to an outcome that was spiritually uplifting to thousands of people around the world. The riders opened a fence just east of the new “Treaty” camp, allowing the buffalo to run free across the hills and plains just as police and military forces were surrounding the camp. Water protectors established a spiritual campsite while declaring “Indigenous Eminent Domain” at the yawning mouth of the pipeline. The cheers and singing echoed the ceremonies of the ancestors as stunned police and protectors alike watched the buffalo run down what is now named “Buffalo Hill.”

This action of Tatanka, no matter what the genesis, came at the exact time that peaceful water protectors were being dragged from the sweat lodge and slammed into the ground by pumped-up deputies. The sacred buffalo altar was rescued from the red spray paint wielded by the out-of-control and rioting police. In effect, deputies were defacing sacred places of worship. This story will be passed down through generations, providing hope and the knowledge that the animals will come to protect the people even if you will not, Mr. President.


Courtesy Standing Rock Rising

Did you know, Mr. President that a DAPL private security guard was spotted among the water protectors with an automatic rifle heading towards camp? How was he recognized? There are no weapons of any kind allowed at the Oceti Sakowin camp. Bureau of Indian Affairs police arrived on the scene and apprehended him. The man is now in FBI custody after being turned over by the BIA. Morton County Sheriff’s Department retracted its statement of the DAPL security person rushing towards Standing Rock camp with the AR-15 “being treated for a gunshot wound to his hand” after this photo evidence emerged.

There is good reason to hold you accountable, Mr.President.

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier met with you last week in California.

He is expressing outrage at reported violations of his people’s civil liberties, which came just two days after you, Mr. Obama, assured him during a face to face meeting that federal monitors were in place to prevent such actions.

Chairman Frazier is now asking that the United Nations intervene. “The U.S. government promised to protect us through treaties, but they have failed us. That’s why we are asking the United Nations to send troops to protect our people from the brutalities inflicted on our people by State police and the National Guard.” He added, “Native Nations originally came into the United State through treaties and if the United States is not going to honor these treaties the Native Nations need to call on the United Nations for assistance.”

If you love these people as your own, Mr. President, please do something. Actions matter more than words or tears embedded in a press release.


This was just posted by Standing Rock Rising

In the first 15 seconds, you can see a spirit rider holding the line, and keeping distance between water protectors and police. You will then see the water protector shot off his horse at point blank range with rubber bullets, and then his horse shot at point blank range. The next couple minutes are the commotion afterwards. There was no reason to shoot this brave water protector and his horse, as they were not threatening MCSD or military in any way.

Click here to watch the video.


Readers: I read that a Facebook friend was headed there in support. I applauded him for leaving the madness of the media here to support his brothers and sisters there. (If you’re reading this, thank you.) The people of the Sioux Nation are without arms protesting peacefully, and are being treated like animals, tagged, numbered, and put in dog kennels. Truly sickening.

If we don’t stand up for our neighbors who are fighting for their lives, who will stand up for us when we are fighting for ours? I can’t physically go but my spirit stands strong with the Sioux Nation in support. And I will do whatever I can on my blog in support.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. Thanks for the compliments. In light of this election, I felt girl power needed to be expressed in a badassery way, and Batgirl for Halloween was my way of doing it. The costume is gone but this badass bitch remains.

Thoughts? Ideas? What’s on your mind?

Blog me.

Charles: Bummer. It’s too bad your friends aren’t as smart as you.

Kali: That is so awesome. Thank you! Happy it all worked out and you had some fun. You’re already Badass, but yes, donning a Batgirl costume definitely gives the badass some added attitude. :)

Thomas, King: I’ve heard and read a bit, and I ask the same question. Why is this not on the news? Perhaps I need to blog about it. Thanks.


pink ribbonPeace & Love & Good Health

Lastly, greed over a great story is surfacing from my “loyal”(?) readers. With all this back and forth about who owns what, that appears on my blog, let me reiterate that all material posted on my blog becomes the sole property of my blog. If you want to reserve any proprietary rights don’t post it to my blog. I will prominently display this caveat on my blog from now on to remind those who may have forgotten this notice.

Gratefully your blog host,


Aka BABE: We all know what this means by now :)

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33 Responses to “President Obama, They Shoot Horses And Teenage Boys On The Dakota Access Pipeline”

  1. Tatonga Says:

    Thank you Michelle for letting your blog know that we exist and have needs also.

  2. Bimisi Says:

    How about the fact that is illegal to destroy sacred native american sites and burial grounds. the people building the pipe line got a map from the native people and used it to destroy as much of their sacred lands as possible. they obliterated ancient burial grounds!

  3. Amy Says:

    the treaty we have with the native Americans that say we won’t mess with there sacred sites, and this ashats used the map the native people gave them of their sacred sites to obliterate as much as possible. they desecrated ancient native american burial grounds

  4. Christina Says:

    No, the reporters actually need to go out there. The majority of the protesters are NOT from the area. They are also violent toward the police who, as of today, are pulling out because they aren’t getting paid enough to deal with the violent people. And the protesters are not on the reservation land, they are on private property, they are squatters.

  5. Ian Says:

    What did you expect? The police have been treating them like their aren’t American citizens.

  6. Brent Says:

    Any time you violate the law you are arrested and taken to jail.

  7. Abey Says:

    Christina#4, They destroyed ancient native american burial grounds, and in doing so broke treaties we’ve had with these people since the US has been a country. F that pipe line, we should be ashamed of ourselves

  8. Awinita Says:

    Brent#6, unless you’er a giant oil company and the people you’er violating are week and have no power.. then the police will even arrest reporters trying to point out your faults

  9. Zen Lill Says:

    4 Christina, get your facts straight, the protestors are not armed, it’s a non violent protest and the private property, well again it’s land that was theirs in a treaty agreement between governments and our white government too it back again. Not honoring agreements in writing is just one if our offenses here.

    They were shipping the oil by train, but decided a pipeline was more expedient…although they rerouted to avoid desimating Bismarcks environment and instead plowing through this area where they weren’t expecting push back but clearly it’s needed bc we do not honor agreements. There should have been a government to government hearing/consultation and it didn’t occur in totality.

    How do approve hearing a case and not give an injunction?? You know big money paid someone to just proceed until they can get most of it done and make the indigenous people bend to their will.

    Obama is busy fr sure but stop giving compassionate lip service and step in stronger bc the time is now.

    Wishing everyone at Standing Rock the best.

    Luv, Zen Lill

  10. Zen Lill Says:

    Btw either candidate will work fr the two families who’s names begin with R and I’m sure they’re enjoying how hateful the American people both democrats and republicans are willing to be. Been in the research rabbit hole again…& not to be conspiracy theorist on you (again) but I will, the hypocrisy is a bit orchestrated and it is actually very cool that this blog has no censoring. Ask your favorite billionaire, I’m sure the watchers are watching and we are a fine audience to study, are we not? : )

    Now go vote anyway … It still matters (to a degree)

    ~ ZL

  11. Zen Lill Says:

    Sorry for taking up so much airtime here tod sorry for taking up so much airtime here today….

    #48 Frits, gutless wonders/works thanks for noticing. It’s actually not our fault, we are raised to be US citizens not world citizens and some take that very literally. At the expense of looking like buffoons bc their knowledge of the world and global politics (or even US politics) is extremely limited. I like living out fr that reason.

    #62 Kent, Howie has been MIA even through private channels where we stayed in contact during blog downtime, I’m going to try other avenues soon. Could be a health issue, not sure.

    ~ ZL

  12. Zen Lill Says:


  13. Lex Says:

    Zen Lill#10, I am relatively new to this blog only a few months in. What or who are the “R”?

  14. Kent Says:

    Zen Lill#11, I just assumed he left with his alien friends. I and more than a few of my friends have missed his input.

    Some of us figured that you would be more informed that the rest of us.

  15. Herman Says:

    Christina#4, Thank you for oil company propaganda. We will, watch the news. More and more Americans are realizing every day how unjust the oil and gas industry is in every imaginable way, from seizing land, contaminating water resources, polluting air, causing earthquakes, and destroying the earth’s climate.

    There are now at least three major pipeline protests underway in North America. This is getting to be like the protests against the Vietnam War. You’re just seeing the beginning. No one will give up until the oil and gas companies start paying for the damage they cause.

  16. Naomi Says:

    Christina#4, well I guess we’ll never know since the reporters that went were being arrested.. When you start trampling on freedom of the press we know you have something to hide and to the informed your credibility goes out the window.

    If you have nothing to hide and the story is in your favor then you’re going to be calling the press yourself for coverage..

    So Chrisina I am more apt to believe that the native peoples are in the right when the reporters doing the story are being arrested by police for being there, more than I’m going to believe that someone is paying people to protest.

    What am I suppose to say “Oh boohoo poor oil company has some pesky Indians and thier way of life and dead ancestors are standing in the way of you running your oil line and making billions in profit.”

    Fuck the oil companies its time we moved off of oil onto something better anyway.

  17. Tray Says:

    Interesting how the same people who spout their 2nd amendment rights and how big government is destroying their rights are so okay when big government supports something they are okay with. Which is usually the taking from some OTW.

    The government will crush these native Americans. They don’t want them to think that they actually have a say about what happens in their country.

  18. Stuart Says:

    I have seen zero evidence of violence on the part of the protestors. And many attacks by so-called police (they look more like an invading army).

    Beatings, pepper spray, intimidation and arrests. Arrests which included strip searching women and leaving them naked in holding cells for trespassing!!!!!

    Even reporters have been arrested! “Police” claim to be protecting citizens! They are protecting big corporations and the monied elite as evidenced by their total retreat when a private security firm (aka. paid mercenaries) used attack dogs to bite protestors.

    We all need to care about this, it may be your river, lake, or aquifer that is threatened next. It may be your daughter who is arrested and strip searched for standing up to protect clean water

  19. Don Says:

    Stuart#18, Setting tire fires. Blocking roads. Stealing hay from surrounding ranches to feed their horses. Attacking security contractors with hatches, firewood etc. Refusing to comply with law enforcement orders. Sounds like the average peaceful protest to me.

  20. Brent Says:

    There have also been multiple theft of cattle and the killing of cattle in that area. No one has been arrested, and don’t know who is doing it but sounds fishy to me.

  21. Jena Says:

    Don&Brent@19&20, The cattle story was fabricated.. the rancher had hid them in a nearby canyon. Standing Rock camp has received numerous donations from other tribes as well local farmers and ranchers.

  22. Don Says:

    Jena21, Lets talk fabrication. Digging up indian graves sites. Contaminating ground water. Peaceful protests. Outright lies.

  23. Naomi Says:

    Don#22, what would you do if a huge company decided to dig up your grandmothers grave with no warning and then threaten to contaminate your only fresh water supply with their oil.

    I think you’d get pissed, set fire to a few things, steal hatches and refuse to listen to police. These people have the right to stand up to the government now that the government has broken treaties we’ve had with the native people since the US was a country.

  24. Social Butterfly Says:

    Thank you for continuing to keep this issue front and center Michelle. I saw on social media yesterday posts saying that an anonymous donor gave 2.5 million to the legal defense fund of anyone arrested at SR. I’ve since heard that may not be true.

    However anyone wanting to can contribute to the legal defense fund here:


    The fund has raised over a million dollars thus far. Let’s keep it growing!


  25. Zen Lill Says:

    13 Lex, Rothchilds and Rockefellers amongst others who’s interests and money are global, they’re the influencers of our figure heads. welcome to the zone : )

    14 Kent, you could be correct, that’s why I’m not concerned, just miss my friend. Wishing him luck with a ‘suit’ with no ailments and much exotic travels.

    ~ ZL

  26. Don Says:

    Naomi#23, Your statements are assinie. No graves have been dug up and no one is threatening to contaminate ground water. Put the koolaid down and actually study the situation. Then you might not be perceived so ignorant.

  27. Wahine Says:

    What horse do you have in this race. Go troll a site where you have a pony in the race.

  28. from the NY Post Says:

    Male voters must break their sexist inclinations so the country can “get over the hump” and elect its first female president, President Obama said Tuesday.

    In a message directed “to the guys out there” at a campaign rally at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, Obama said, “[T]here’s a reason why we haven’t had a woman president before…”

    “And we have to ask ourselves, as men — because I hope my daughters are going to be able to achieve anything they want to achieve — and I know that my wife is not just my equal but my superior,” he continued.

    “I want every man out there who’s voting to kind of look inside yourself and ask yourself, if you’re having problems with this stuff, how much of it is that we’re just not used to it. So that, like, when a guy is ambitious and out in the public arena and working hard, well, that’s okay; but when a woman suddenly does it, suddenly you’re all like, well, why is she doing that?” he added.

    Obama’s closing argument for his possible successor comes as GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has a slight edge over Hillary Clinton in the Buckeye State.

    The RealClearPolitics average of Ohio polls shows the mogul with a 2.5-percentage-point lead, with Trump getting 46.8 percent of the vote and Clinton 44.3 percent.

  29. Mercedes Says:

    Electoral college polls are saying that there is a good possibly Trump could win, if the point spread comes within 2. Let’s hope that doesn’t come to pass.

    The latest projections:


  30. #NastyBitch Says:

    Remember on Sunday to set the clock back one hour and then on Tuesday to not set the clock back 50 years.

  31. Kathy Says:

    LOL. good one NastyBitch.

  32. home page Says:

    Wow, gorgeous website. Thnx ..

  33. Michelle Moquin's "A day in the life of…" » Blog Archive » 5 Things You Can Do To Ensure Hillary Wins Says:

    […] Tatonga: You are very welcome. I wish I could do more. I’m pleased President Obama has finally made some remarks about what is going on and hopeful that the Army Corps of Engineers are considering an alternative route for the project. Like Bernie Sanders though, I agree that the pipeline work should stop until the Army Corps review is completed. Much love to you and yours. […]