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This is THE Day to Play: GO VOTE!

Posted by Michelle Moquin on November 8th, 2016

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Good Morning!


There is nothing more to be said. Decisions are made. The only thing to do is exercise your right to vote and have your voice be heard. It’s really simple: Vote! You have no excuse not to!

Need help voting? Here’s 3 things you can do:

  1. Click here to find everything you need to vote: https://www.iwillvote.com/home/
  2. Visit Hillaryclinton.com to make a plan: https://www.hillaryclinton.com/
  3. or text “Plan” to 47246.

Update: Need a guide?

For a Voter’s Guide from the NY Times click here: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/08/us/politics/voting-guide.html Read and heed.

Remember you need your I.D. in many states to vote. If you don’t know whether your state requires your I.D. err in your favor, bring it anyway.

Getting hassled at the polls?

I am reposting this, which was originally posted by Social Butterfly:


If an alleged ”poll watcher” tries to impede you at the voting booth:
1 – Tell him to kindly step out of the way
2 – Take his picture with a cell phone
3 – Call the FBI
FBI Civil Rights Division staff will be available by phone to receive complaints related to ballot access (202)307-2767 or toll-free at (800)253-3931.
U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Voting Section can be reached at (202) 307-2767 or toll-free at (800) 253-3931.

Readers: All I can say is in the words of President Obama, “I’m fired up!” And because I love our president and our fist lady so much let’s make sure that we give them a good send off by making sure Hillary wins with coattails! Dems down the ticket.

Get excited! Get fired up!

Need some inspiration? I think this should do:


From one nasty woman to so many others: Stand with Hillary in sartorial solidarity by putting on a white pantsuit or donning an all white outfit, and go vote. #WearWhiteToVote Let’s do this! Let’s make herstory!

Hillary: You go girl. #I’mWithYou. 💪🏽♀❤️ I can’t wait to call you “Madame President.”

Signing off. The forum is open. Please post your comments and polling experiences.

Blog me.

Thanks for being her with me – thanks for voting. xox


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39 Responses to “This is THE Day to Play: GO VOTE!”

  1. Annabelle Says:

    Michelle, I’m excited and I’m voting. Hilary will be the next POTUS.

  2. Leslie Says:

    I voted and I’m proud to be a Hilary supporter. Michelle, you changed my vote. I have been a republican for 23 years.

  3. Anna/Guam Says:

    Election Day weather

    Guam can expect partially sunny skies today with a high of 88 degrees. Winds have subsided and weather continues to dry out across the Marianas, the National Weather Service said in a Facebook post Monday night. Drier weather is expected to continue through the end of the week.

    There are no active watches or warnings for Guam. High surf advisories are in effect for Palau and Yap for most of the week, the Weather Service stated on its website.

    High tide is at 2:40 p.m., and low tide is at 8:51 p.m.

    Sunset today is at 6:18 p.m.

    Traffic restrictions in Hagåtña continue

    Motorists traveling through Hagåtña between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday this week should be aware of possible lane closures and traffic stoppage in the areas listed below. Minor construction activities will resume for the Agana Bridges project, according to an advisory issued by the Department of Public Works’ Guam Transportation Program.

    Route 1 between Chamorro Village and Auto Spot
    Route 8 between the Route 1 intersection and Chalan Santo Papa
    Route 4 at the Route 1 intersection

  4. Wyatt Says:

    I just finished voting and I voted for the next president of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

  5. Susan Says:

    Wyatt#4, You actually admit you voted for Trump….smh.

  6. Jayne Says:

    Susan#5, And who did you vote for?

  7. David Says:

    Susan#5, I did also and my neighbors and all my friends and family! I will do it again! If you voted for Hillary you are either in denial or just plain stupid…..

  8. Arnie Says:

    Any American with a brain will vote for Trump. No matter what you think of him, he is afar better choice than that fraudulent, lying, mudering, treasonous, self serving ass Clinton.

    Clinton claims to be a champion of women’s and LGBT rights? What a joke! Takes millions from Gulf countries who oppress women and literally kill LGBT people.

    Hillary only has 3 concerns in life, Money, Power and Hillary! If it was up to her she’d give her grandchildren to her larger Gulf state donors.

    Can’t believe a person under FBI criminal investigation ( soon to be convicted ) is Democrat Nominee. Now I know why the Democrat mascot is a Jackass!b

  9. Rudolf Says:

    David#7, So, how is that degree from Trump University working for ya?

  10. Manuel Says:

    Arnie#8, A charity is different from a person, a corporation is also, but I don’t expect Trump supporters to know the difference, they tend to be racists, bigots, and ignorant.

    Plus in all likelyhood you probably hate Gays and are just using talking points from fox to falsely accuse Hilary.

  11. Jayne Says:

    Rudolf#9, Probably better than the one from Laureate University is working out for those swindled by the Clintons.

  12. Jayne Says:

    Manuel#10, Trump supporters aren’t the ones voting for someone who’s taken millions and millions of dollars from governments who support and fund terror and who kill gays and mutilate and beat woman. YOU, however, ARE voting for someone who has done this for years.

  13. David Says:

    Rudolf#9, LOL never went there but my gaston college one is making me 90K a year as and IT Engineer. I would say how is the carpet sales working for you but I’m not a hateful liberal. :)

  14. Steven Says:

    I voted for Trump.

  15. Stephanie Says:

    Rudolf#9, David#13, Oh he’s not using his Trump degree he’s from North Carolina so more probably in the bathroom checking to see that all the correct equipment is accounted for.

  16. Corey Says:

    So did I and millions of others. Trump is 100 times better than anyone the left put up.

  17. Billy Says:

    David#13, I think most of us who did vote for Ms Clinton feel exactly the same way about you….

  18. Susan Says:

    Jayne#11, Laureate is an accredited school…Trump U was not.

  19. Rudolf Says:

    Jayne#11, Lets do a fact injection. First Laureate isn’t “the Clintons”. it was founded by Doug Becker the current CEO. Second, Bill Clinton is the honorary chancellor, an employee.

    Laureate is a for profit university that delivers actual degrees, just like the for profit schools in the US given glowing enorsements by Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and other “free market’ conservatives as the solution to “big goverment” involment in education.

    Conservative dislike Clinton because, simply put, he is better at their game. That makes them mad.

    “Laureate has bolstered its image with the help of former political leaders such as Condoleezza Rice, Al Gore and Tony Blair.The company’s biggest coup was hiring Clinton.

    The former president declined to comment on his role, and Laureate wouldn’t disclose how much he’s paid. Becker says Clinton joined Laureate because he believed it has a strong social mission.”

  20. Michael Says:

    David#13, If Trump wins, I will be mortified. At the same time, I’ll take comfort in the fact that people like you will end up being the ones who suffer the most.

  21. Lisa Says:

    Arnie@8, Trump has stolen thousands of dollars from small businesses and middle class americans. He has a track record everthing he touches is fraud just like Trump U.

  22. Lisa Says:

    Jayne@12, what are you talking about? The only ones wanting to beat gays and women are Trump and the GOP.

    Their personhood bill will make birth control and abortion illegal and they want to give businesses the right to fire gays just cause their gay.

    Of course you know this. Like the rest of the deplorables you are LSOS. You will say or do anything to win.

  23. Social Butterfly Says:

    Put on your pantsuits! What a day for herstory!!!


  24. Social Butterfly Says:

    Here’s a link to a page that will show the electoral and congressional votes when the polls close tonight



  25. Terra Says:

    Still trying Toni…..

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Half Of All National Voter Intimidation Complaints Are Coming From Pennsylvania


  27. Florda Says:

    Thanks for that link Social Butterfly.

  28. toni Says:

    I hear you. But this is not the right time.

  29. Janet Says:

    I’m so excited. I can’t wait for the first woman POTUS.

  30. Terra Says:

    Just glad to see you still around Toni.

  31. Zen Lill Says:

    Done awhile ago and thanks for the link /SB

  32. Craig Says:

    Michelle check out the polls. Respect the power of WHITE America. We are taking our country back. As for your OTWs, we have the cops taking care of the niggers.

    Look out wetbacks we have a wall for you. We intend to send all you illegal spanish speaking niggers back across the border.

    OMG! Ohio and Penn, will show you how we whites stick together. We are taking America back!.

  33. Barry Says:

    Janet#29, you may have to wait another decade or so for that to happen.

    Me, I’m going out to grab some pussy.

  34. Hrhsun Says:

    I double checked my meditation on this election and I still see Hillary the victor. She’s wearing a crown.
    I’ll either be wearing egg on my face or a mantle of validation. Im in anticipation for the latter

  35. Zen Lill Says:

    T-Rump stakers, don’t celebrate yet, the west coast isn’t finit yet…

    Luv you all regardless, but I WILL be sipping my champagne (verve cliquot reserve ; )

    Cheers! Zen Lill

  36. Hrhsun Says:

    I still see a legitimate win on her head. This election was been very weird. It may get weirder still. Maybe one day validation

  37. Social Butterfly Says:

    A pussygrabber in the White House.
    I can see women in the US wearing burkas soon – by choice
    How can women feel safe ? Our elected leader has no respect for women. And we should expect more from his electors ? No.
    It doesn’t seem to be a good day for women I’m very sad to say. I shed tears today for humanity


  38. Social Butterfly Says:

    Ok maybe it’s not over yet but it sure feels like it. Can I get a miracle ?


  39. Zen Lill Says:

    O.M.F.G. … WTF?!
    One word: gobsmacked.
    Make it a double single malt scotch please.
    ~ ZL