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Tomorrow Is The Day To Do The Right Thing For Our Country

Posted by Michelle Moquin on November 7th, 2016

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Good morning!

It’s a day before the election and at this point, I feel like probably many of you, the voters’ minds are made up over who they are going to vote for. I don’t foresee anyone changing their minds at this point but that doesn’t mean I can’t express mine.

I’ve done a lot of reading and thinking over these past months and my mind is full…actually it feels like it is in overload, overdrive, and overwhelm. It has been the most exhausting election to cover and it won’t be soon enough that I’m sipping on champagne welcoming in Hillary.

As much as I’m betting on her winning, I can’t help but be perplexed over those who for so long couldn’t decide nor see the difference between Trump and Clinton (What planet are they living on?) or be baffled still by those who are voting for Trump. The misogyny, the sexism, the racism, and lewd remarks that spew from his mouth…the predatory assaults on women, not to mention lies, lies, lies. I’ve had enough.

But evidently not everyone feels the way that I or many do. There are men and women still voting for this animal of a man. Men and women who have sons and daughters of their own. Republicans, who claim they are the moral compass of this nation, are voting for Trump. Paul Ryan comes to mind – he has two young sons and a daughter. Sick fuck.

What fucking morality allows a man to grab your daughter’s pussy?

Just what does a father think of his own daughter when he is voting for a man who grabs women by the pussy and thinks nothing of letting another man call his daughter a piece of ass? If Trump thinks of his own daughter as a piece of ass, just what does he think of your daughter? And yet mothers and fathers are still voting for this scumbag. What are they thinking? The logic escapes me.

And what does this say to the millionaire and billionaire men out there? If Trump can take what he wants because of who he is, what other men of his ilk will think and act the same? Hey, if it’s accepted from a presidential candidate, than it’s certainly OK for me too. And just what will he be able to do to women should he become president?  Fuck just the mils and bils, what sick things will go through the minds of any man when a predatory, sexist, LSOS, racist is our president? That thought is just too disturbing.

And the people who don’t think this is disturbing, or that this scum as our president won’t have a ripple effect in our society, all I can say is that is fucked up thinking. Any man who votes for Trump at worst is just looking for an excuse to pander to his misogyny, and at best has no respect for women. And any woman who votes for Trump has no self respect nor a respect for her sisters.

You’ll hear no apologies from me. In my mind there is no reason whatsoever any person should be casting their vote for this despicable display of a man.

Unfortunately, there are many men like Trump, so yes, you can bet their marking his name on the ballot. But women, let me end with this, if this mother fucker doesn’t lose in a landslide I have lost all respect for white women. You can go ahead and smile and say you’ll vote for him, but take your ass into the booth and vote for Hillary. And while you’re there, vote Dems down the line, because any man or woman that is supporting Trump should be voted out. 

Tomorrow is the day to do the right thing for our country…the only thing. Vote for Hillary. 


Readers: Thoughts? Blog me.

Alycedale: Another thing we have in common. :)

Mike, TM: Happy to see you hear again. How are you? Thanks for your added info. After what we have learned about the FBI, and now the recent tweet by Snowden it is crystal clear Comey’s actions were meant to sway this election toward the republicans. I hope you’re doing good.

Uriel: I don’t usually address ignorant comments. But I felt compelled. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about or you wouldn’t make such an ignorant statement, claiming Anonz is a self-serving bil. He is far from it. So Yes, I will love and support this billionaire till the day I die. He is the most wonderful man I have ever met. While most men are just talking mouths, Anonz backs what he says with action, risking his life everyday, thinking only of those he is defending and protecting, always putting their needs first, including his cadre.

Have you seen what the women here have written? They have experienced his love and kindness. We have heard chronicles from many for years of the good he does. Only a few will ever know the extent of such goodness that Anonz has done for this world.

So…now it shouldn’t be beyond you why I support this man.

As far as me “sucking up.” I don’t suck up to anyone. And I have never claimed to be for the little people. I’m for those who do the right thing, regardless of their wealth or lack thereof.

Caroline: Yes he is. Sorry, I know they are your friends, but it’s stupid white women that would vote for Trump just because of this shit that surfaced. Comey and the FBI set out to do something and they got away with it temporarily thanks to Anonz.

Happy Monday, Everyone. Thanks for being here with me. 

Peace & Love. 

Lastly, greed over a great story is surfacing from my “loyal”(?) readers. With all this back and forth about who owns what, that appears on my blog, let me reiterate that all material posted on my blog becomes the sole property of my blog. If you want to reserve any proprietary rights don’t post it to my blog. I will prominently display this caveat on my blog from now on to remind those who may have forgotten this notice.

Gratefully your blog host,


Aka BABE: We all know what this means by now :)

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43 Responses to “Tomorrow Is The Day To Do The Right Thing For Our Country”

  1. Terra Says:

    Toni – Where you at?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Such a do-gooder and HE fucks like a tiger too. My thighs quiver just thinking of the ecstasy. *sigh*

  3. Zen Lill Says:

    Can’t really imagine who would vote for him at this point and I’m completely baffled that polls are still showing her mere points ahead, what?!

    Anyway…cannot wait to sip on a flute-full of champers in honor of madam president.

    I’m praying fr a secret female landslide : )

    Uriel, you’ve been told, son, he’s got very staunch supporters so go save lives and maybe just maybe you can get some *luv* here.

    Secretly and not so secretly there are men who are luvin’ tRumps misogyny rap, sick f*¥Ks don’t come near me and my girl unless your ready fr a can of ass whoop.

    Luv. Zen Lill

  4. Zen Lill Says:

    Oh and meowwwww #2 … sounds yummy but he’s lock n key with the best already ; )
    ~ ZL

  5. Elliot Says:

    Voting for Trump only to be against Clinton is a decision some are making, and vice versa, but it is not the rational or moral choice given both these candidates are unfit for the office.

    Voting neither, making the popular vote for the victor low, will handicap the new president and hopefully mitigate the damage either will inflict on the country. Also, choosing good and honest people down ballot will help.

    I am sorry Speaker Ryan put his party and dislike for Clinton above principle and country. I will be doing the later and choose a third party candidate so that I am not part of the coming disaster. My conscience will be clear.

  6. Chris Says:

    Michelle is right, Hillary Clinton is the best Qualified person to be President, don’t be fooled.

  7. Hutch Says:

    My advice to the republican party: No confederates for America. Protonazis need not apply.

  8. Lisa Says:

    Elliot#5, How can your conscience be clear when you vote for someone who has no chance whatsoever of getting elected?

    What a waste of effort. Just save your gas and stay home then.

  9. Dillon Says:

    Well seeming Trump will probably be impeached by the Republican congress he has a good chance . Seeming most agree most of what Trump has said are unconstitional
    Donald Trump, Enemy of the Constitution – Hit & Run : Reason.com

    Mar 3, 2016 – Here’s a question for you to puzzle over. Can you name the single most unconstitutional thing Donald Trump has proposed or endorsed so far ..
    Trump’s policies would be unconstitutional and will be challenged if …
    http://www.abajournal.com › Daily News

    Jul 14, 2016 – The statements suggest he would subject American Muslims to … Trump has proposed opening up libel laws so more media outlets can be …
    President Donald Trump Versus the U.S. Constitution | TIME

    May 5, 2016 – The Constitution divides most powers between the President and … In practice, however, recent presidents have shown a willingness and ability to … Some of Trump’s public statements suggest he believes that constitutional
    More Stop-and-Frisk? Trump’s Suggestion Overlooks Major Problems …

    Sep 23, 2016 – Trump calls for stop and frisk, gun seizures 6:27 … and in each city the methods have been found unconstitutional for disproportionately … Task Force on 21st Century Policing that recommended in an expansive report that all .

  10. Elliot Says:

    Lisa#8, my conscience will be clear because I did not vote for the person in the office, either Clinton or Trump. Those that voted FOR the winner will have to bear the responsibility of what comes, and it will be bad because either president Trump or Clinton will be a disaster.

    Try some basic logic, it will help!

  11. Kelly Says:

    Elliot#10, if we survived the disaster of Bush for 8 years, I think we can safely say Hilary Clinton will be much better.

  12. Polli Says:

    Someone called to suggest that I vote for Trump because she is sure her republican party with impeach him so that Pence can be POTUS.

    Ugh…that brings up the bile but not as badly as when I think of Trump-crotch-grabber and Pence-in-my-pants.

  13. Nicolas Says:

    Michelle, I agree with you about Ryan. What a fucking coward.

  14. Michael Says:

    Michelle, you have just described the entire republican party, “Profiles in courage”

  15. Stan Says:

    Michelle, Nicolas#13, Ryan is covering his ass. TRUMP will win. The House will have to pick a Speaker. Lots of House Repub’s don’t care for Ryan. It’s as simple as that!

  16. Ambrose Says:

    Stan#15, lol. You don’t actually think Trump will win do you?

  17. Ambrose Says:

    The only reason ryan voted for Trump is because he knows he CAN’T win and he doesn’t want to have his supporters blaming him.

    I think even as deplorable as Ryan is, be would never vote for Trump if he thought he could win.

    Actually, ryan is so devious and despicable, he probably voted for Hilary to ensure that trump loses and he gets to run against her in 4 years.

  18. Ken Says:

    Stan#15, Stan Thompson Trump has only a 10% chance of winning. The aggregate polls is meaningless, it’s the electoral votes that count.

  19. Ken Says:

    Stan#15, Trump will not win. The electoral map doesn’t line up for him even if he’s able to pull off a win in Ohio. I would expect Hillary Clinton to be president.

    I can’t imagine what this country will be like if a bitch gets to be POTUS. It has barely survived a nigger in the office.

  20. Jeffrey Says:

    Stan#15, Ryan is clinging to his delusions that if Trump wins, and Republicans maintain the House, that he can get Trump to be reasonable as Ryan would be writing the legislation. Ryan has been wrong all along, and still is on that one.

  21. Mary Says:

    Stan#15, trump will win hahaha you are crazy.

  22. Dillon Says:

    Stan#15, If he does the rape case comes up in DEC . Reminder: The pretrial date for Donald Trump’s child rape case is December 16.

  23. Dillon Says:

    Stan#15, it’s election day. So of course you’re the first person to comment. Seriously, are you a Russian troll?

    Go back to posting on stomfront and LEAVE US ALONE. This blog is discussing serious issues.

  24. Eliseo Says:

    Stan#15, I voted with a crowd who begs to differ, trump will win? Hahahahahaha are you kidding?

  25. Ann Says:

    Stan#15, Trump Will lose. Ryan is a coward. Next.

  26. Mame Says:

    Michelle, this will be the longest day of my life. If Trump should win, what happens in Congress and the courts will no longer matter.

  27. Chris Says:

    Nicolas@13, my sentiments exactly, including the expletive!!! I’m embarrassed that Paul Ryan represents Wisconsin �

  28. Polli Says:

    Party before Country with these single layered conservative creeps.

  29. Mage Says:

    I want to say this to all you folks that keep calling me and telling me that god has told you that trump will win, was it because I told you I voted for the creep?

    yer keepin’ the fever dream alive, I tell ya

  30. Paula Says:

    Chris@27, I can answer that for you. Ryan lives in a gerrymandered district. He has 92% white constituents.

    He is an empty headed secret sweet boy. Remember that empty budget proposal he presented some years ago?

  31. Timothy Says:

    Chris#27, you seriously want to know how ryan wins in Wisconsin? That’s a feat in an of itself. That state tends to lose your voter registration conveniently for them. Especially if you are not Republican.

  32. Kathy Says:

    Thanks Michelle for reminding us that ryan won’t allow himself to be seen with him or talk about him. But, I will vote for him.

    The fact that republicans see nothing hypocritical in this shows why Hilary labeled them deplorables.

  33. Drew Says:

    Michelle, you called it correct. Paul Ryan is such a phony. Grow some backbone Mr Speaker.

    Trump is extremely dangerous because he’s stupid but Pence is dangerous because he knows what he’s doing.

    I thought Paul Ryan was supposed to be the “reasonable” Republican. It isn’t reasonable to vote for either men on the ticket.

  34. Yogi Says:

    Michelle, ryan is keeping his 2020 hopes alive, by telling the trump supporters that he voted for trump while voting for Hilary.

  35. Kim Says:

    Drew#33, Never underestimate the moral bankruptcy of someone who thinks he has the moral upper-hand.

  36. Dillon Says:

    Yogi#34, What does he have to offer ? What has any republican done for this country or it’s people in over 60 years ? Your non comment will show nothing.

  37. Joel Says:

    Get out the vote for Trump now until the polls close today. Let’s win by a landslide. Enough of the corruption.

  38. James Says:

    Joel#37, Trump is five times more corrupt than Clinton. He is a Russian Troll.

  39. Marianne Says:

    Donald Trump is a serial sexual assualt perpetrator.
    Donald Trump is a serial sexist.
    Donald Trump defrauded thousands of people through the Trump University scam.

    Donald Trump is a serial racist.
    Donald Trump committed racial housing discrimination.

    Donald Trump has ties to the Mafia.
    Donald Trump has gone bankrupt four times with his defaulted debt paid for by American taxpayers.

    Donald Trump used undocumented workers to construct Trump Tower.

    Donald Trump raped his ex-wife.
    Donald Trump discriminated against Black workers in his casinos.

    Donald Trump broke anti-trust laws and was fined $750,000.

    Donald Trump has broken contract with hundreds of blue-collar workers by refusing to pay them for services rendered.

    Donald Trump defrauded hundreds of people through the Trump Institute scam.

    Donald Trump has used his campaign funds to enrich his own companies, including $100K buying his own books.

    Donald Trump has hired undocument immigrants for modeling gigs.

    Donald Trump has used his Trump Foundation to illegally spend charitable donations to buy off politicians and purchase paintings of himself.

    Donald Trump illegally broke the Cuban embargo for personal financial gain.

  40. Hal Says:

    Ryan you are a pu$$y Trump should definitely grab. You are spineless, sir.

  41. Norris Says:

    Marianne#39, Tens of millions agree with everything you say…but still think Trump is a better candidate than Hillary. Ain’t that sad?

  42. Donna Says:

    But, but the emails?

  43. Chris Says:

    Marianne#39, PLUS Trump will be in court twice in the next four weeks – Nov 28 for fraud and racketeering of his fake Trump University, and Dec 16 to face accusations of raping a 13 year old girl. Unbiased research on Hillary shows she has had a very productive and humanitarian career.