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Some Good News For Standing Rock

Posted by Michelle Moquin on November 6th, 2016

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Good morning!

From Common Dreams:

Turning Point at Standing Rock? Resistance and Renewed Hope Against Dakota Access


“Our elders,” said Tom Goldtooth, executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network, “told us to focus on praying for the federal agencies and the US government and North Dakota to hear what we were doing and saying: we have to protect the sacredness of the water.” (Photo: Sarah van Gelder)

Is this the turning point for the Dakota Access Pipeline? Word spread through the camp on Friday of a discussion between the Army Corps of Engineers and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe that could mean a breakthrough.

“This proves that our prayers are really strong from the Oceti Sakowin camp,” Tom Goldtooth, executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network told me. “Our elders told us to focus on praying for the federal agencies and the US government and North Dakota to hear what we were doing and saying: we have to protect the sacredness of the water.”

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe [have been told] that no permit would be issued to drill the Dakota Access Pipeline under the Missouri River until 30 days after construction stops.

According to reports from the Indigenous Environmental Network, Colonel John W. Hendersonof the Corps promised the Standing Rock Sioux tribe that no permit would be issued to drill the Dakota Access Pipeline under the Missouri River until 30 days after construction stops. After that, there will be a comment period adequate to allow the tribes full consultation. This could delay pipeline construction under the river by 45 days to three months.

Even more good news for pipeline opponents. President Obama earlier this week commented that his administration would be looking at rerouting the pipeline. A new route would require a new environmental assessment, and this time, the tribes, and others, will insist on a full environmental impact statement – not the questionable environmental assessment used by the Army Corps when it issued the first permit.

Either move could scuttle financing for the pipeline, which depends on work being completed on a certain schedule.

There is no confirmation at this time from the Corps of Engineers nor from the Standing Rock Tribe that the 30-day buffer period will in fact go into effect. Still, there is a sense, now, that there is a possible pathway to a resolution of this months-old conflict.

Meanwhile, ceremony and building continue. A group of clergy came to Standing Rock on Thursday answering the call of Rev. John Floberg, supervising priest of the Episcopal churches. The clergy did a ceremonial burning of the Doctrine of Discovery – the doctrine that has been used as the legal justification for the taking of Native lands. Fourteen clergy were arrested when they went to Bismarck in an attempt to meet and pray with the governor.

And at camp, building and winterizing continue.

I asked Tom Goldtooth what would happen while the water protectors are waiting for a resolution of the permit question.

“What we’re doing now in the camp is responding to the question: How are we going to live through the winter season here. We’re asking our elders, and looking at our oral traditions that teach us how our ancestors survived the harsh winters of the prairie lands.”

There is a plan in the works to build a just transition village, some are calling it an ecovillage. Goldtooth talked of the abundant solar and wind potential in Indian Country, the need for a new economic foundation that end the addiction to oil, the need to use sustainable building materials, and food sovereignty.

“We’re building our power, embracing those original instructions and those teachings that our ancestors left for us that includes language revitalization, looking at where we are going in the next 50-100 years,” he said.

Plans include the building of an Earth Lodge and other sustainable structures. A new geodesic dome just went up in the last days at the Oceti Sakowin camp.

“Sitting Bull, spiritual leader of the Hunkpapa of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, said we should use the tools of the white man and also recognize who we are. I see that as part of the prophesy,” Goldtooth said. “The battle at Oceti Sakowin is deeper than the pipeline. It’s about how we are to redefine our leadership and how we rebuild community and how we love and have compassion for each other and Mother Earth and all the people who come to support — that’s what all this means.”


Readers: Thank you, President Obama!

What’s on your mind?

Blog me. 

Oh, before I take off to enjoy my Sunday, I received a personal call from Anonz. He told me that he didn’t add in the “z” because he wanted to see if I knew it was him…if I recognized his input. I started laughing and told him, of course I did, but I didn’t say anything because I was waiting for his phone call. I see a few readers (That’s a nod to you Dziko, and Alycedale.) recognized his way of writing. Did anyone else recognize him?

During the conversation Anonz mentioned that he had suggested when Comey made the comment, that somebody should call attention to Comey’s violation of the Hatch Act. And by suggesting, he said he meant he wanted someone with the proper credentials to take a forceful stand against powerful government departments like the DOJ, the FBI, and national security agencies, from involving themselves in America’s political affairs, especially concerning running for the office of POTUS.  So he had pulled in a few favors from both sides of the political spectrum in order to get someone to take a stand.

I agree with Anonz because it is my belief too that the justice department, the FBI, and other agencies should stay out of the political arena.  These agencies have too much power when it comes to surveillance and the ability to charge someone with an crime. Those powers wield enormous influence upon a citizen’s choice. It is my belief that is the very purpose of the Hatch Act. It keeps powerful departments of government out of the political selection of those who would control those departments, the citizens we select as our representatives.

It seems someone took him up on it.

Happy Sunday!

Peace & Love


Lastly, greed over a great story is surfacing from my “loyal”(?) readers. With all this back and forth about who owns what, that appears on my blog, let me reiterate that all material posted on my blog becomes the sole property of my blog. If you want to reserve any proprietary rights don’t post it to my blog. I will prominently display this caveat on my blog from now on to remind those who may have forgotten this notice.

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36 Responses to “Some Good News For Standing Rock”

  1. Alycedale Says:

    Michelle, I thought that waa Anonz. Love that man.

  2. Alile Says:

    Anonz, has my family’s support too. We are very happy to see that he is alive and well.

  3. Barika Says:

    My Lord, it is so wonderful to know that Anonz has survived the risks he took to save so many of us who were at risk of losing our lives and those we love.

    God Bless you Anonz.

  4. Zen Lill Says:

    I was sure it Anonz, Mischa. That wasn’t just any anon comment : )
    I’m happy he’s alive and well and here to inform and be active in saving lives.
    My regards to the man everyone here luvs.

    I also didn’t see any comment but mine posted for many hours, it’s the server I’m sure but wow interesting posts followed. It’s late here and I’m tired so I won’t comment on it now. Or maybe not ever. It’s a day away from showtime (and maybe there’s a full moon, too?)

    There’s someone else who’s alive. Nod to Kent.

    Luv, Zen Lill

  5. Zen Lill Says:

    Just read this about tRump, RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones, “…he’s said the most vile things since George Wallace” – true…
    …although if you research that man he apologized, changed his ways pretty dramatically after he was shot and had time to rethink his stance. There’ll be no such luck with DT though I heard he got whisked off a stage bc someone yelled ‘gun’ … hmmm, a little of his second amendment commentary coming back to bite his buns?

    ~ ZL

  6. Mike,TM Says:

    President Obama said, “Historically, under both under democratic and republican administrations our goal has been and should be that our investigators and our prosecutors are independent of politics, that they are not politicized, that they are not used as a weapon to the advantage of either side of partisan arguments. ”

    Who could not agree more. The conduct of the FBI has been deplorable. Anonz mentioned on Friday a group of 100 Friday ; 1. Anon Says:
    November 4th, 2016 at 11:16 am
    There is a group within the FBI that call themselves the Pure 100.
    That group of 100 FBI officials have between 10 to 20 FBI investigators under them whose sole mission is to destroy Hillary Clinton.

    The FBI has long been the tool of white supremacist when it came to putting down black attempts at equality. They helped to destroy the Black Panther Party. They used psychedelic drugs to destroy the mind of Huey Newton and worked to frame him of numerous crimes.
    Federal Bureau of Investigation Director J. Edgar Hoover called the party “the greatest threat to the internal security of the country”,[9] and he supervised an extensive program (COINTELPRO) of surveillance, infiltration, perjury, police harassment, and many other tactics designed to undermine Panther leadership, incriminate party members, discredit and criminalize the Party, and drain the organization of resources and manpower. The program was also accused of assassinating Black Panther members.[10][11][12][13]
    The FBI set up the San Quentin riot to murder George Jackson. After he was murdered and CA tried to try the surviving members for murder a “Controversy began swirling around the case immediately after the indictment was handed down, when several grand jurors walked out of the courthouse and claimed the proceedings had been manipulated to discriminate against non-whites. Five of the six defendants were black, and Pinell was Nicaraguan.

    An appeals court overturned the indictment, agreeing with claims that the Marin County grand jury proceedings had discriminated against the minority defendants. But the state court of appeals reversed that decision in 1974, finally setting the stage for a trial.

    The FBI is still being run by white supremacists. The leaders may change every 10 years, but the rank and file remain entrenched in their bias and racism. As the nation’s national police, they can arrest, frame, intimidate, and murder anyone they choose.

    The FBI has cleared its agents in every single shooting incident dating back two decades. According to The New York Times, from 1993 until today, FBI shootings were deemed justified in the fatal shootings of 70 people and the wounding of 80 others.

    Out of 289 shootings that were found to be deliberate, no agent was disciplined except for letters of censure in five cases. Even in a case where the bureau paid a shooting victim more than a million dollars to settle a lawsuit, the internal review did not find the agent who shot the man culpable.

    The FBI is a formidable terror force. They have the backing and respect of almost every government institution in the nation. Whether you are a bad boy or not there is noting you can do when they come for you.

  7. Jack Says:

    Zen Lill#5, I was there. It was a ploy set up by trump and his handlers to make it seem he was in danger. Watch the tape and you will see that he was aware of the set up. He is not a good actor.

  8. Peter Says:

    Zen Lill#5, as a reporter on the scene I can tell you that the threat was a stunt for the media. Most of us refused to participate, one camera man from CNN and two others had their camera taken by the trump protection group.

    I think they sensed that we may have filmed Trump acknowledging that he was aware of what was about to happen before it was staged.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I can tell you for a fact that there are thousands of FBI agents that allow their political positions impact the way they do their jobs.

  10. Henry Says:

    If you think those statics are bad, then you will be screaming to learn that before 1993, there was no accountability. If you were murdered or even shot by an FBI agent it was just justified. Agents of the FBI have had a license to kill since its inception.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Henry#10, FBI are not the only federal officers who have a license to kill. Federal officers have been involved in 33 killings so far this year. The Justice Department almost never prosecutes federal agents for shootings in the line of duty, and the feds have invoked the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution to block state and local prosecutions of federal agents in recent decades.

    After Larry Jackson, Jr., of Austin, Texas, was killed by a policeman in 2013, a local prosecutor indicted the policeman on manslaughter charges. Jackson’s family claimed that he had been executed by the policeman but a federal judge granted immunity from prosecution because the policeman “was acting in his capacity as a federal officer.” The ruling in the Austin case could extend federal immunity from prosecution for shootings to “hundreds, if not thousands, of state and local police officers who participate in federal task forces,” the Washington Post noted.

    Federal officers have been involved in 33 killings so far this year. The Justice Department almost never prosecutes federal agents for shootings in the line of duty, and the feds have invoked the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution to block state and local prosecutions of federal agents in recent decades. The ruling in the Austin case “raises the question of when, if ever, a federal law enforcement officer can be charged with a crime for killing someone in the line of duty,” the Post noted.

  12. Anonymous Says:


    Thank goodness the FBI keeps such good track of their agents and what they are doing. Each and every shooting by the FBI that has ever had an internal review proved conclusively that the shooting was justified. Even the one where in a case of mistaken identity the FBI agent shot an innocent man in the head. Every single shooting int he past 20 years. Justified… Yup…

    The dude lived and the FBI settled for $1.3 million dollars. If they did nothing wrong, why did they pay him $1.3 million? Oops. I forgot. I’m not supposed to be thinking or asking questions. I should just remember that all FBI shootings are justified. Yup. Justified.


  13. Zen Lill Says:

    More very interesting info Mike TM, nothing really shocks me but this is some viewpoint altering info or should be to ordinary citizens who rarely question the authority of police let alone FBI and other agencies.

    7 Jack & 8 Peter, thank you for responding and why does that not surprise me? I probably would’ve caught up but that video would not load bc well #thisischina and I don’t lways get what I want.

    Just a quick word, Anonz and to you Mischa, I have felt guilty for a long time, (as I should) very much appreciated that call awhile ago but still feel like an ass about it most of the time, hope I can forgive myself soon, I do appreciate all you both do on and offline

    ~ ZL

  14. Emily Says:

    WOW! Michelle. Anonz is one powerful dude. Comey just came out with the conclusion that the Clinton email probe is over and that he stands by his previous conclusion that she did not commit a crime.

  15. Dave Says:

    Michelle it seems that Anonz got another person with “…the proper credentials to take a forceful stand against powerful government departments like the DOJ, the FBI, and national security agencies, from involving themselves in America’s political affairs, especially concerning running for the office of POTUS.”

    That person was Comey. One can take issue with Anonz’s wealth but you have to respect his power, political acumen and his will to right wrongs.

  16. Hathor Says:

    My mother and I owe our lives to you Anonz. So happy to see you back. May Allah always have you back.

  17. Lala Says:

    Anonz, Allah has answered my prayers. I stopped reading this blog because I could not endure the absence of your presence day after day.

    When I was told that you had commented I could do nothing but cry. To this day I remember the smell of your sweat when you held me and my sister in your strong arms. I was a skinny 11 year old and Neelab was 7 and only stopped crying because you assured her you would not leave us.

    I have forgotten all the blood and stench of death and gunpowder I experienced that day. I only remember the smell of you and your shushing us less we be discovered by those crazy killers.

    Being with you those 4 days will be with me forever. Your smell is still the sweetest thing in the world. My Allah always keep you close to his heart. You will always be there for me.

  18. Uriel Says:

    Today the topic is about your call from Anonz. It seems that he will get his way. Why you support this billionaire is beyond me.

    You claim to be for the little people, but you suck up to this self serving billionaire.

  19. Olga Says:

    Uriel#18, Sad little man. Give it up.

  20. Zen Lill Says:

    Billionaires run the world, Uriel, deal with it.

    This one came here to this blog years ago and saw the light and changed his ways and found redemption in going off to Chad and other places to save the lives of women in distress in war torn areas, unlike many of his cronies who do nothing but amass fortunes and call political shots, at least this one, money aside, has got redeeming qualities. And I’m sure he gets to steer the ship also but I think he’s got a decent handle on what the US could be and should be doing.

    Peace, Zen

  21. Joel Says:

    The fact that you have people inside the FBI sharing information with the republicans is appalling.

  22. Caroline Says:

    Comey is a pure bastard. Many of my friends have already voted for trump after hearing his bullshit. Now some of them are saying that if they had heard what they heard today would have changed their vote.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    The original sin of Comey was calling Hilary reckless after he couldn’t find any facts to charge her with a crime.

    His editorializing was a nod to his republican party. The letter to Congress about further information was an attempt to stop Hilary’s momentum.

    It was very destructive to the democrats being able to win in the down ballots.

  24. Health Info Says:

    Eat cyanide-containing vegetables!

    You’re probably thinking, “What are you talking about?!”

    I’m talking about cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, bok choy, and kale.

    And it’s true… these nutrition powerhouses do contain harmless trace amounts of allyl cyanide. But let’s talk for a second about what else they contain…

    Namely, fiber and sulforaphane.

    “Okay, fiber I know, but what’s… sulforaphane?”

    Sulforaphane is a compound in cruciferous vegetables that has been clinically shown to combat bad, digestion-wrecking bacteria in your gut.1

    In other words, that side of cabbage at Thanksgiving does more than round out the meal… it helps protect you from serious digestive problems like bloating and diarrhea.

    AND… on top of fighting the bad bacteria, cruciferous vegetables feed the good bacteria in your gut.

    You see, your friendly gut bacteria eat the fiber in your brussels sprouts and use it to make special compounds called short-chain fatty acids. These compounds feed and strengthen your gut lining, protecting your digestion in the process.

    And it doesn’t stop there… Fiber also helps control your cravings, filling you up faster and leaving you full longer. So, you wind up eating fewer calories while still feeling satisfied!

    In other words, by eating cruciferous veggies, you’re both improving your digestion and getting skinnier!

    So, add that broccoli and cauliflower to your salad. Have some of those brussels sprouts on the side of that Thanksgiving turkey…

    Your digestive tract — and waistline — will thank you! :)

  25. Zen Lill Says:

    If you’re looking for a healthy fiber option, Lmk I’m carrying one in my practice. : )

    I only carry life enhancing product that’s well researched.

    Not soliciting any more than health info, you all know I’ve been in the mind body and spirit education industry forever. If you’re interested in that or me jump starting that healthy life program I ran here a few years ago, Lmk and I’m happy to give you what you need to live in optimal health and be fit.

    I think there’s a number of women here who lost weight and maintained it, have been wondering if Caroline +4 & Reba and Maple amongst others are still here?

    Luv, Zen Lill

  26. Zen Lill Says:

    In fact, I just wrote a post/short article about candida and it’s toxic effects in your body, and a protocol for healing yourself in a natural way (men and women get this, it can cause a lot of stress and is fairly easy to address) if you want a copy of that article, just ask.

    ~ ZL

  27. Carie Says:

    Zen Lill how do I go about getting a copy of your article?

  28. Barbara Says:

    Looks like Melania Trump can’t write a speech without plagiarizing someone else’s.

    Melania Trump Quote Sounds Suspiciously Similar To Marla Maples | Huffington Post

  29. Tarub Says:

    Uriel#18, Until you are willing to put your life on the line for a cause, don’t throw stones at someone who has.

    Anonz helped rescue my family in the South Sudan. He stayed to lead 13 scared women and children to safety when the UN forces deserted us out of fear.

    He refused to barter with some of our own people who suggested that he allow them to have sex with us for food and medical aid. I begged him to allow me and three others to let the men use us for food, water and medical supplies. He refused. He risked his life by going out to get supplies for us.

    He left two of his soldiers with us and took the other two with him to return to our village to get us supplies. When he returned, he and one was wounded and the other we were told died in the gun battle. But he brought back food, water and medical supplies. We don’t know where he got them since we had no medical supplies and soldier food like he brought us, but it was obvious that he had suffered greatly to get them.

    He never complained. He helped with the little ones as if he were their father. Except for his lower back injury which he couldn’t reach by himself, he dressed his own wounds when he thought we were asleep.

    Me, I couldn’t sleep unless he held me when he did, I was 14. I had been raped twice since I was 11. He was so gentle and told me he would die before he allowed me to experience rape again. I believed him and fell asleep in his arms.

    I am 19 today, a student in South Africa. You, sir are very mistaken about Anonz. He used his money to see that we all got placement in countries that would accept us and he still uses his money to help me and others today.

    Anonz, I heard that you were shot and passed away 2 years ago. Many of us came to gather in Nigeria to moan your passing. I have been feeling guilty every time since when I received my stipend from your charity.

    Knowing you are alive and well means everything to me.


  30. Baheena Says:

    Anonz, I thought shame on him. He allowed us to cry for his death. But even then I could not be angry with you. My family lives because of your sacrifice.

    You stayed behind when the helicopter came for us. I thought never to see you or my brothers again when it left you behind.

    My brothers became christians because they said that your Jesus sent you to us. I am still muslim, but I love your Jesus too.


  31. Zen Lill Says:

    Carie, please email me at zenlilli@icloud.com in subject line pls put MM Blog bc I have several email addresses and receive many daily. If you’ve been suffering w symptoms at all you’re going to love this. I’ve kept it easy and doable.
    ~ ZL

  32. Talbida Says:

    Zen lill#20, I first met Anonz in Mazar-e-Sharif. He prevented a warlord from having our clitoris removed. He led us to an American fort. It was not a short walk.

    He spoke only broken persian, we speak Dari, but his voice was calming and we felt safe with him. Today, I speak english because of his charity. I can read and I attend a school for girls. Thank you for defending him.

  33. Zen Lill Says:

    32 Talbida, what a lovely story about our Anonz, supporting and rescuing you from that horrific crime against you and your sacred body, I’m thrilled he was there for you and for so many others…I have always been and always will be a fiercely loyal supporter. Thank you for sharing.
    ~ Zen Lill

  34. Ellen Says:

    On the subject of Comey waiting 9 days before he cleared Hilary, AGAIN.

    If Snowden is correct, the real question isn’t why the examination of the emails was over so quickly, it’s why it took so long to clear up the mess Comey made with his Oct. 28 letter to Congress.

    KNOWING that the process of checking those emails could have been completed in hours, at least to determine the scope of unique, new emails, why didn’t Comey simply do this prior to sending the letter last week.

    The answer is simple. He showed his loyalty to his republican party. He should resign.

  35. Jeffrey Says:

    They waited a week-even after getting a warrant-to make it known these emails were duplicates! Clinton was doing too well in the polls, and Giuliani and Comey orchestrated this.

    They know the damage that it could do has already been done, and this last hour admission, was to provide cover for Comey in case his new boss still turned out to be Hillary.

    Giuliani bragged about something they had up their sleeves. There had better be a thorough investigation of this because it stinks to the highest heavens.

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