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The Last Day For Early Voting Is Today

Posted by Michelle Moquin on November 5th, 2016

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Good morning!

There is so much racism in this county it’s appalling. When will we become a planet that considers all of the people residing here as “world citizens? When will we come together as ONE?

It certainly isn’t going to be from a president such as Trump who follows the guidelines of a true republican whose MO (yes, another wretched MO) is to “divide and conquer.” It’s the only way the white race can stay in power because of their fear of  the growing population of OTWs, and “white genocide.” – What else do you think Trump’s campaign slogan “Make the world great again” is really saying?

From HeatStreet.com:

Harvard Students Demand Police Investigation of Pro-Trump Email Decrying ‘White Genocide’

Harvard University students are demanding a police investigation into an email circulated among undergraduates urging them prevent “white genocide” by voting for Donald Trump in November.

Some students, including a number of students in leadership positions on campus, received an email on Sunday with the subject line “Fight White Genocide – Vote Trump!”

The email warns that the United States is being overrun by “third-world non-Whites,” and argues that white people should stick together by advocating against diversity and voting for Trump, who is the only candidate who sympathizes with the white struggle.

College Dean Rakesh Khurana called on the Harvard University Police Department to conduct an official investigation into the email. The university does not appear to have received any reports of bias through its new “bias reporting system” as a result of the email.

Susan Wang, president of the Harvard Democrats, received the email but told the Harvard Crimson she was not personally offended and simply “brushed it under the rug.”

The pro-Trump, anti-white genocide message is unlikely to find many takers at Harvard, a liberal campus where even the Republican club has refused to endorse Trump and denounced his “vitriolic rhetoric.”


Readers: In a Trump presidency, OTWs will be cast aside and we women will lose all we’ve gained,  not to mention the overturning of Roe v Wade. Trump and his kind only see women at best as an “accessory.”

Fuck that. I’m not going there. And it appears that many women are with me on this one because they are showing up in droves to vote for Hillary.  Let’s keep it going girls! Be a part of this historical movement and moment  - If you haven’t voted yet, The time is now. Let’s make Herstory!  Seriously, get off the couch, stop watching the damn news (I know It’s hard, I’m glued too) and cast your vote for the only qualified candidate - Hillary Clinton.

And guys, you’re a big part of this too.

“Guys have got about a week to wrap their heads around the fact that Hillary Clinton is going to be president of the United States,” Obama said.


Let’s continue with what we started 8 years ago with Obama. You can kiss all we’ve accomplished goodbye, and toss our country into the proverbial basket of shit if Trump gets to the white house.  Now why would we do that? #ImWithHer.

Thoughts? Blog me.

Update: Anon: That is some pretty revealing info that you posted. And quite appalling about this “pure 100″ in the FBI. I’m not surprised and certainly not about Rudy Guiliani considering how disgusting he has been in this election. Thank you for sharing.  I’m looking forward to seeing what more will come from this.

Peace out. 

Lastly, greed over a great story is surfacing from my “loyal”(?) readers. With all this back and forth about who owns what, that appears on my blog, let me reiterate that all material posted on my blog becomes the sole property of my blog. If you want to reserve any proprietary rights don’t post it to my blog. I will prominently display this caveat on my blog from now on to remind those who may have forgotten this notice.

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38 Responses to “The Last Day For Early Voting Is Today”

  1. Zen Lill Says:

    The news can keep coming but I think Hilary is right, people have made up their minds about the emails and you’re either in trumps camp about it or you see it in the full blown 11th hour BS meter light it should be, it’s another T-rump distraction.

    I have to admit I usually don’t read long comments by ‘anon’ but yesterday’s comment caught my eye also, the FBI 100 hmmm, and Giuliani is as bad as tRump. I’m also looking forward to hearing more on this…

    Happy voting, luv, Zen Lill

    PS Misch, many women I know that are DT fans are changing their tune, they don’t read here but I know they plan to get out and do the right thing, ignoring last second stunts that their men are up in arms about (weenies emails) <I think he's a tRump fluffer.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Donald Trump’s penchant for retweets once again raised eyebrows, after he recirculated a tweet on Friday from a user with the handle “WhiteGenocideTM.”

    The profile — with about 2,300 followers — used the name “Donald Trumpovitz,” linked to a website containing a pro-Adolf Hitler documentary, featured a background photo with red lettering saying “Get the F— Out of My Country” and had a location of “Jewmerica.” The account also includes a photo of George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In late January, Donald Trump did something that would have sunk almost any other presidential campaign: He retweeted an anonymous Nazi sympathizer and white supremacist who goes by the not-so-subtle handle @WhiteGenocideTM. Trump neither explained nor apologized for the retweet and then, three weeks later, he did it again. This subsequent retweet was quickly deleted, but just two days later Trump retweeted a different user named @EustaceFash, whose Twitter header image at the time also included the term “white genocide.”

    None of this went unnoticed among ardent racists, many of whom believe there is a coordinated effort to eventually eliminate the “white race.”

    Trump is “giving us the old wink-wink,” wrote Andrew Anglin, editor of a white supremacist website called The Daily Stormer, after Trump retweeted two other “white genocide” theorists within a single minute. “Whereas the odd White genocide tweet could be a random occurrence, it isn’t statistically possible that two of them back to back could be a random occurrence. It could only be deliberate…Today in America the air is cold and it tastes like victory.”

  4. John G. Says:

    Fuck you libs. Legal or illegal, non-white immigration IS white genocide.

  5. William Says:

    Indians belong in India. Wanting to flood USA w/ Indians is white genocide, you fucking cucks sickens me.

    Cuckservative: n. A white conservative who is race-cucking his own people by being too cowardly to stand up fro his own race and by promoting policies detrimental to whites.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Pierson also follows #WhiteGenocide influencer @Trumphat, who has tweeted that he looks forward to seeing people “swing from lampposts” on the #DOTR, which stands for Day of the Rope ― a seminal event in the racist Turner Diaries novels that inspired Timothy McVeigh.

  7. Adolf Says:

    White people who read this blog should know that Michelle doesn’t even qualify as a cuckservative. She is an outright hater of her own people. She belongs to the ““Stop Donald Trump Public Action Committee“

    The “Stop Donald Trump Public Action Committee“, a group which opposes the Presidency of Donald Trump has Tweeted “We hate White children #OnlyOffWhite.“

    They were responding to a Tweet which said “all off ur ‘principals’ lead to a America that doesn’t include white children..”

    Responses to their Tweet have ranged from agreement to calling the group anti-White.

    “I agree. Hate those Krackas” one Twitter account said.

    Another account said “Finally you #Cuckservative antiwhites show your true colors.”

    Of course they hate White children. Children are the future, and they don’t want the future to have White people in it.

    Collectively, anti-Whites have forced “diversity” on White countries. Their aim is to eliminate White countries. This agenda is very clearly White genocide.

    This may sound eye-rollingly over the top, but actually, the legal definition of genocide states that genocide is nothing more than an agenda to get rid of a group. In short, it does not have to be violent or involve rounding people into camps.

    The anti-White elite hope to eliminate White areas with “diversity”. That fits the definition of genocide.

    Get out and vote for trump like your race depended upon it because IT DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Irene Says:

    I couldn’t get in all night Michelle and when I try this morning I see all this hate stuff by white supremacists. I like your non censorship policy, but this is crazy racist ranting.

    Like getting fox on the net.

  9. Krieg Says:

    Adolf#7, Of course they hate our white children.
    Just take a look at their children, there is the reason – says it all.

    If you had to look at ugly monkeys all day you’d go crazy too.

  10. Sam Says:

    Adolf#7, This is what happens when coloured scums will lead the world. Formal annihilation of whites.

    Trump must win and clean this shit off the Earth surface forever.

  11. Andy Says:

    Adolf#7, Great write, more people need to see this.

  12. Sherry Says:

    That is a MASSIVE understatement. You racist trolls are completely loony-toons.

  13. Sam Says:

    “By “genocide” we mean the destruction of an ethnic group…. Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups….”

    – Raphael Lemkin, originator of the UN Genocide Law.

  14. Abey Says:

    Sam#13, your definition of what you think will happen to the white race is exactly what the white race did to mine, Native Americans.

    I could say payback is a bitch, but fortunately for you we are NOT like you. Hence we don’t want to exterminate anyone, or their race.

    That takes a kind of heartless that defines nazism and people like you. All you are doing is reflecting your fears of what you would do to another race if you could.

    So in that case, evil thoughts are their own reward.

  15. Brittany Says:

    Sam#13, You and your ilk are just terrified that you want be able to sit at the table of special privileges alone.

    The world has always changed and always will. There is no evil plot afoot to exterminate us.

  16. Sam Says:

    Brittany#15, “The world has always changed and always will.”

    You are justifying Genocide.

    No one is going to Black countries and saying its TOO Black here and must be LESS Black because “The world has always changed and always will.” No one is going to Asian countries and saying its TOO Asian here and must be LESS Asian because “The world has always changed and always will.” They are only demanding this of White countries. Its GENOCIDE.

  17. Irene Says:

    Sam#16, have you heard of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Rhodesia, those are black countries that whites have gone to and tried your concept of genocide.

    As Abey#14, said you are in fear of what your race has done to others once they had power over them of happening to you with the facts reversed.

    You need to get a grip.

  18. Sam Says:

    Brittany#13, “There is no evil plot afoot to exterminate us.”

    You support policy leading to a world without White people in it and have already lied, insulted anti-Genocide activists and justified this evil.


    Who do you think you are with anti-White? Anti-Whites are not with Whites, they are not “with” anyone at all.

  19. Clark Says:

    Irene#17, Not at all. It’s the simple truth. There are millions of MBs of information that back up these statements on Whie Genocide. I wouldn’t have believed it a year ago either – but I have seen the evidence. Open your eyes and do some research.

  20. Brittany Says:

    Sam#18, You creepy, hate-filled, ignorant, scared, knuckle draggers are already in the dustbin of history. Your moronic squeals and threats are meaningless.

  21. Dziko Says:

    1. Anon(z) Says:
    November 4th, 2016 at 11:16 am

    I recognized your writing and input. I am an american citizen now. I am alive because of your courage under fire to save me, my mother, 2 sisters and 3 brothers.

    God, I love you, and pray for you every day. Be safe my Hero.

  22. Clark Says:

    Brittany#20, You are a fool. So be it. Remain a fool.

  23. Sam Says:

    Brittany, White self-hatred is SICK!!!

  24. Krieg Says:

    It’s fascinating to see that despite they – people on this blog – hate white children we are the “loony-toons”

  25. White power Says:

    Hey Brittany#20, face to face I would kill you ass you lower class minority loser!!!

  26. Sam Says:

    Anti-Whites like Brittany routinely harass and slur Pro White activists who oppose White Genocide, therefore they are guilty of Genocide.

  27. Brittany Says:

    White power & Sam I am white you fools.

  28. Kenny Says:

    Mr Responsibility Donald Trump is not man enough to take responsibility for what he tweets. And he wants be POTUS. LMAO!

  29. Ernie Says:

    Japan is not projected to become majority non-Japanese. 50+ black countries, not one is projected to become majority non-black. But one white country after another is projected to become majority non-white. This is due to deliberate policies of flooding white countries with tens of millions of non-whites and assimilating them, ie imposing conditions of interbreeding, BY LAW. That is GENOCIDE under international law.

  30. Larry Says:

    Well Trump is a Nationalist with strong Socialist views on Healthcare and Private Property Rights. So I guess that would make him…

  31. Sonja Says:

    I would like to see just once, a little introspection and awareness of their candidate from the trump fans. What about trump is a weakness or concern?

    What do you look at and say, wow, I cannot believe he held that position or did or said that? I get you want support your candidate, but they all have warts and to any outsider trumps got a few really big ones. Which ones can his supporters admit exist?

  32. Kenny Says:

    Ernie#29, Which part of the United States Constitution says our country was created for white people? Please enlighten me with your constitutional prowess.

  33. Ernie Says:

    Kenny#32, Sure, a bunch of white people stated the purpose of the US was to secure the blessings of liberty “to ourselves and our Posterity.”

    “our Posterity”

    Every single person who signed the Constitution was white. In case there was any doubt America was set up as a country for white people, the first immigration law limited naturalization to white people.

  34. Kenny Says:

    Ernie#33, Once again – which part of the United States Constitution says our country was created for white people?

    Your comprehension skills are severely lacking. Put up or shut up Mr. Klansman!

  35. Ernie Says:

    Kenny#34, “our Posterity”, disingenuous lying anti-white.

  36. Kenny Says:

    Ernie#35, Thanks for proving my point.

  37. Alycedale Says:

    ZenLill#1, unless I’m mistaken I think that the Anon comment that you read was from our famous Anonz.

    To those DT fans you were talking about I would say. Some Germans said the same thing about Adolf Hitler. Contrary to what Trump has led you to believe he cannot ‘MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN.’

    Fact – by 2043 or sooner minorities will outnumber white people in our country.

    Fact – for the past few years white deaths have surpassed white births. The racial and gender demographics of our country are rapidly changing and there is nothing Donald Trump or any other tea party conservative can do about it.

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