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Flap Your Lips Friday

Posted by Michelle Moquin on May 16th, 2014

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Good morning!

The kidnapping of the 276 young school girls in Nigeria has been in the forefront of my mind lately. I was enjoying a burger at one of my fave places, and watching the news when I first heard, and yet from the conversations I have had with people, there was hardly a peep about it in the news since the kidnapping of the girls on April 14th.

Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has received more and more criticism as the weeks have passed and the girls remained missing. A report over the weekend from the Associated Press indicates that it took weeks for Jonathan to accept assistance from the United States, United Kingdom, France, and China in the hunt for the kidnapped schoolgirls. And human rights group Amnesty International last week indicated that the Nigerian military had hours of forewarning before the attack but still failed to either prevent it or pursue the abductors immediately after the attack.

~Think Progress 5/12/14**

President Obama has spoken out, and ordered a team of military intelligence specialists and hostage negotiators to Nigeria to help in the search. Our first lady,  Michelle Obama then posted a photo of herself on Twitter, holding a piece of paper with “#BringBackOurGirls” written on it.


Michelle Obama also gave the Presidential Address last Saturday, in honor of Mother’s Day, condemning the abduction, Outraged and heartbroken, asking for the girls to be released.

So what else is going on to find these missing girls?

Here’s a write From Think Progress. It’s a long one.

Nigeria girls

Here’s Why Nigeria Hasn’t Yet Found Its 300 Missing Girls

The world isn’t just aware of the plight of three hundred girls kidnapped from their boarding school in Nigeria now. It has become, finally, invested. Globally, people are demanding that the Nigerian government do more to find the 276 girls still missing, while a hashtag, #BringBackOurGirls, unites the web behind their cause.

The world is eager to see the girls, stolen away in the night three weeks ago, returned. But part of the reason why the girls remain abducted lies in just how the government has waged its war against the terrorists who carried out the kidnapping over the last half a decade. And the terrorists who hold them captive remain an unpredictable factor, leaving even experts unsure just how to bring about their freedom from the men determined to prevent them from gaining an education.

Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram, on Monday appeared in a video taking credit for the kidnapping of the girls from the Government Girls Secondary School in the town of Chibok, located in Nigeria’s northeast Borno state. In the message, Shekau threatened to sell the girls he had kidnapped, saying “God instructed me to sell them, they are his properties and I will carry out his instructions.”

The Nigerian military is facing criticism for how it has handled the kidnapping since the first hours after the girls were taken. Once they realized that the students were missing, family members went searching in the Sambisa Forest, one of the hideouts of Boko Haram. When told that they were near where the abductors had set up camp, the searchers returned to Chibok, according to the Associated Press, and appealed to the soldiers present to join them into the forest. The soldiers refused. The next day, Nigerian media reported that the military had managed to free the majority of the girls taken. Nigeria’s defense ministry was forced to withdraw that claim only a day later.

“The operation is going on and we will continue to deploy more troops,” Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade told the Associated Press. That was now two weeks ago.

Complicating matters further, since the Boko Haram uprising commenced in 2009-2010 as an institution the group has mutated to the point that negotiation to secure the girls’ release will be difficult at best. Lesley Anne Warner, Africa analyst at the CNA Corporation, told ThinkProgress in a phone interview that since Nigeria first took up the fight against Boko Haram, the government’s strategy against them has resulted in very little credibility in terms of being able to deliver the improvement in governance or service delivery needed to address Boko Haram’s grievances. “And so the group over the course of the years has become more and more radical and it’s actually not possible to negotiate with the leaders of Boko Haram right now,” she said, describing instances where efforts on the part of moderates in the group to negotiate were met with either denial of their membership in the group or public beheadings carried out by Boko Haram leadership.

That doesn’t mean that negotiations haven’t been occurring. “The only way to get the girls back is through negotiation, according to an Islamic scholar who has mediated the release of previous hostages,” the Associated Press reports. “The scholar, who remained anonymous because his position receiving messages from Boko Haram is sensitive, said the militants are willing to free the girls for a ransom, but have not specified how much.” Previously, Nigeria’s Channel 4 News interviewed a hostage negotiator who claimed to be in contact with Boko Haram and said, “It would not be hard to engineer a deal. It looks like they want to release them.” The same negotiator also cautioned that “kidnappers have warned, however, that attempts by the military to launch a rescue attempt ‘may result in the deaths of many of the captives.’”

But those efforts haven’t garnered the release of any of the kidnapped girls to date. And according to crisis management firm Red24′s chief Africa analyst Ryan Cummings the new found attention to Boko Haram may be just what the group wants. “The issue with the kidnapping with me is it was conducted with the intention of grabbing of international headlines,” Cummings told ThinkProgress in a phone interview. Any attempts by the military to use a forceful option to rescue the kidnapped girls could be a massive risk to them, Cummings said, confirming the warnings of the negotiator Nigerian media interviewed.

“Everything that they’ve done up to this point from the kidnapping to claiming responsibility when they did, has been really trying to get international focus and to highlight the ineffectiveness of the Nigerian government,” Cummings said. “Especially with the Chibok kidnapping, the more focus, the better Boko Haram’s bargaining position,” he said, adding that this spotlight and need to garner the girl’s release forces the government into the position where they will need to cede to the terrorists’ demands.

A woman takes part in a march demanding Nigeria's government find the missing girls

A woman takes part in a march demanding Nigeria’s government find the missing girls


For five years now, Boko Haram — whose name translates to “Western education is sinful” — has sought to impose its harsh view of Islam upon the rest of Nigeria, launching bombings and conducting massacres in mosques, churches, government facilities, and schools. The non-profit International Crisis Group estimates that the group has killed more than 4,000 people since it began its campaign. At least 1,500 Nigerians have died as the result of the conflict this year alone. The rise of the group has also contributed to Nigeria having the most outbreaks of polio in the world, as workers attempting to vaccinate the population have come under attack. And now, even if it’s part of their strategy, Boko Haram is receiving more international attention than ever for its role in kidnapping Borno’s girls.

So why has such a brutal and heinous group managed to not only avoid defeat at the hands of the Nigerian government but remain intact and growing in reach?

“I think the main problem with Nigeria is they have a very heavy-handed approach to countering Boko Haram,” Warner told ThinkProgress. The strategy the government is pursuing, Warner said, is lacking in both a political element to address the concerns of those who might support Boko Haram and a dedication to protecting civilians in the areas that they’re occupying. “So as a result, they’re unable to rely on human intelligence because no one wants to talk to the security forces about what’s going on in the area,” Warner said.

Reports from human rights groups operating in Nigeria bear out Warner’s analysis. Security forces have “allegedly engaged in excessive use of force and other human rights violations, such as burning homes, physical abuse, and extrajudicial killings,” according to a Human Rights Watch report released in 2012. More recently, Amnesty International just this March accused the army of killing some 600 people, mostly former detainees who were rounded up following a Boko Haram attack on army barracks. None of the men killed were given a trial before their death, the international rights group claims.

Those sort of tactics “alienated the population living in the areas the task force is operating in,” Warner said. “And so in a situation like this where the girls are missing, they don’t have seem to have good leads on where the girls are, they can’t really rely on the population for intelligence.” Add in that military is now facing criticism over the fact that in the face of an actual moment where the locals wanted them to take action, the soldiers refused to aid in the search, and it’s easy to conclude that if Boko Haram’s goal was to make the Nigerian government look ineffective, it’s working.

The United States has offered to fill in some of the information gap Nigerian president Goodluck Johnathan’s government is experiencing, according to a CNN report, but Warner told ThinkProgress that the U.S.’ technological superiority won’t likely make much of a difference in the pursuit. “What they need right now is not just technology, they need the human intelligence,” she said. “And unless they’ve already built that trust with the population — they can’t surge trust at this point. I think the lack of human intelligence is going to impede their operations.”

On top of that, according the Jamestown Foundation’s Jacob Zenn, even those offensives against Boko Haram have been less than effective. “The government has not sufficiently resourced the troops in the northeast nor established emergency measures to prevent against abductions,” he wrote to ThinkProgress in an email, adding the kidnapping in Chibok was “neither the first nor will it be the last such abduction so long as there is no strategy in place.” That prediction, emailed on Monday night, seemed proved true on Tuesday with reports that Boko Haram had kidnapped another eight girls in Borno.

Zenn continued on to say that Nigeria lacks a regional strategy for countering Boko Haram, adding to the difficulty in pinning down the group, as there’s “almost no coordination between Nigeria and its neighbors, such as Cameroon, Chad and Niger, which could prevent Boko Haram’s cross-border operations, as in the case of these kidnapped girls.” Local elders in Chibok told reporters last week that several of the kidnapped girls had been taken across the border into Chad and Cameroon. There, they said, the underage girls were “married” off to their captors for the sum of 2,000 Nigerian niara — or $12 US. One report in Nigerian media says one of the escapees described a situation where “young female captives were raped up to 15 times a day, forced to convert to Islam and had their throats cut if they refused.”

It’s now been three weeks since the girls were abducted, led from their beds by men in army uniforms promising to keep them safe before being driven off in a convoy, their school on fire behind them. The frustration with the government has grown exponentially in the days since, with now regular protests taking place in the capital city, Abuja, demanding that the government take action. Use of the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls has provided a rallying point for the world to unite behind the mothers, aunts, and sisters of the missing. Some frustrated activists online decided to aid in the hunt in their own way through publishing the names of those missing in the hopes of drawing further attention to their plight and aiding in their rescue. According to scholars of the region and other activists, however, this publicizing of their names presents a threat to the girls’ well-being.

“Boko Haram could be monitoring Twitter, selecting out named girls for special abuse,” tweet out Laura Seay, an assistant professor at Colby College, “Err on the side of caution.” In their most recent report on the kidnapping, the Associated Press noted that most of those they interviewed preferred to speak anonymously, “fearing that giving their names would also reveal the girls’ identities and subject them to possible stigmatization in this conservative society.”

All of this leaves the international community, governments and individuals alike, struggling to decide how best to help the missing girls. Aside from the intelligence sharing CNN reported, details of how the United States is offering to help Nigeria find the girls are still lacking even as the list of pledges to do just that grows. “The kidnapping of hundreds of children by Boko Haram is an unconscionable crime, and we will do everything possible to support the Nigerian government to return these young women to their homes and to hold the perpetrators to justice,” Secretary of State John Kerry said this weekend. On Monday the Huffington Post report that Attorney General Eric Holder would be offering law enforcement assistance to Nigeria to aid in the search. And on Tuesday, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced that the U.S. had offered — and President Johnathan has welcomed — sending a team of “experts” to help find the girls.

But the trail is beginning to run cold. The number missing remains locked at 276 after rising over the past three weeks. Boko Haram continues to launch attacks, including one against the town of Gamboru Ngala just Monday. According to one resident, “They burned the market, the customs office, the police and almost all shops in the city and killed people but I do not know how.” And the families of the missing continue to hope to see their sisters, nieces, cousins, and daughters again.


Readers: Doesn’t it just enrage you when you hear men say that God told them to do something? It is always the excuse men use when they want to keep women down and dumb so they can do to just do as they please. Sickening.

Note: Although the above write was written 9 days ago I thought it was worthy of a blog post because of the content. However, I found this latest update this morning from **Think Progress:

New Video Allegedly Shows Kidnapped Nigerian Girls


A new video released on Monday purportedly shows the leader of Boko Haram alongside around half of the girls his group kidnapped from a school in Nigeria just under a month ago, claiming that he his willing to release some of the abducted in exchange for prisoners.

The video, which is approximately 17 minutes long and originally obtained by French news agency AFP, shows more than one hundred girls wearing full length hijabs and several in the back holding a version of the black flag that jihadi groups around the world carry.


(If you’d like to continue to read, click here.)

At least now we know the girls are alive, and they seem to be safe. But who knows for how long. These are sick men- they are killers.  These girls need to be helped. Let’s HOPE they are found and rescued soon and returned home safely to their families. It is disturbing and I am anxious for something to be done. Time is of the essence. My heart and prayers go out to the girls and their families and friends.

Readers: What do you think needs to happen to make this happen? It’s Friday…start flapping. Blog me.

Peace & Love: “Live it, Give it.”

Christopher*: I like what you said. I like when solutions are suggested. We can all bitch…and I certainly do, but in order to move forward we need to take action, consistent solution oriented action.

With respect to your comment about Sam, it’s too bad there are some people that don’t think that way. The little dick white boys just can’t take it when a black man succeeds…and now a gay black man…that just gets their boxers all bunched up.

Alycedale: I was wondering if someone was going to bring that up.

Oh, speaking of taking solution oriented action towards the sickening…don’t you just love the way men feel they can call you an insane man hating bitch just because you’ve got one strapped on for protection and have needed to use it? As if the men who were trying to rape you were the victims. When men think like that, it is no wonder we need to protect ourselves, because it’s obvious we are not being protected by men making such a comment.

If men didn’t do the horrific things they do, women wouldn’t have to take such precautions, and be the bad ass bitches that we can be. I HOPE you’re doing good.

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for being here with me. 

Lastly, greed over a great story is surfacing from my “loyal”(?) readers. With all this back and forth about who owns what, that appears on my blog, let me reiterate that all material posted on my blog becomes the sole property of my blog. If you want to reserve any proprietary rights don’t post it to my blog. I will prominently display this caveat on my blog from now on to remind those who may have forgotten this notice.

Gratefully your blog host,


Aka BABE: We all know what this means by now :)

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  1. HOWIE Says:

    This is Flap Your Lips Friday . . . However I have something to say about Nigeria and Madaline as well.

    Madaline has had a clash with the l0/yMd. They are accusing her of trespassing in a section of Nigeria that they have considered their hunting grounds for more that 200 years. She refuses to back down because she believes that she has an edict from her Commander to proceed. (Who could that be?)

    It appears that a vessel docked on the Wan side of Jupiter is poised to enter the fray on her behalf. Madaline is unaware of the relationship between her and this huge vessel. The Emperor has noticed that the vessel has turned its port side to the location of the possible confrontation between the L0 and Madaline. He does not wish to waken this vessel’s powers in his realm as he will feel that he has to take the L0′s side in the confrontation to preserve his authority in this solar system.

    It may be necessary for the TAO to intervene and tell the L0 to step down. If Madaline reveals that she is armed beyond the authority deigned by the Emperor even if she succeeds against the L0, which is doubtful, given its size and advanced technology, she most certainly will fall to the Emperor’s armada.

    That could bring the vessel docked secretly on Wan side of Jupiter into the equation and if it defeats the Emperor, the balance of power in this region could be at risk. Already the force that it emits as it revs up has caused the plates on planets as far away as earth to begin to shift slightly. That means between the May15 (takes about 2 days for the full force to reach earth) and until it returns to its resting place, the earth and other planets in its line of influence could experience extreme physical occurrences on its surface and below. Look for extreme to mild earth movement of the plates beneath the Earth an on other planets to include violent weather related changes for the next few weeks or until the vessels comes to a halt. The winds on Venus will pick up enough to cool it down to a temperature that will be fatal to the Zclns.

    They are the beings that terraformed Venus which was a planet similar in atmosphere and topography to Earth before they converted it into the hottest planet in Earth’s solar system. They did this by shutting down Venus’s global Magnetosphere. Without it the Sun’s solar wind was able to reach Venus and erode its atmosphere in a manner similar to our global loss of our Ozone layer — only a thousand times faster.

    The lighter atoms like Hydrogen were blown away taking Venus’s water away and creating sulfuric acid clouds in the place of hydrogen and oxygen filled ones. They send down a million times more acid rain than Earth gets from its polluted skies.

    The Zclns will not take kindly to this disruption of their existence. They will launch an immediate attack upon the vessel, and the Emperor will be forced to take sides. It is not clear who will prevail in such an encounter because it will depend on the stage of development the vessel is in and the degree that the vessel’s Captain has melded with the entity being groomed to be in a symbiotic relationship with its Captain.


  2. Carrie Says:

    Just awesome as usual Howie.

  3. Oscar Says:

    Howie, I live in LA are you saying it is dangerous to be here?

  4. Scott Says:

    Howie, why didn’t Madaline know that this “vessel” existed? If she did, then why hadn’t she checked it out before? Who’s vessel is it? Did the Emperor know that it existed? If so why did he allow it to park in his territory?

    Why is is so dangerous? Does its occupants know that it is causing this damage to the earth? What about the danger to THE TWO? Why is it allowed to pose danger to them?

    When you calculated the dates, did you make a mistake with the 15th as today is the 16th? And how are you counting the days? Is it two days to the 15th or two days after?

  5. Io Says:

    Any of you who have the capacity to Hail Madaline should do so immediately.

  6. 11//7^ Says:

    We in the AS)E zone are in the most danger from this. The Vessel will mirror the Sun’s solar flares towards us. Earthlings have their atmosphere to act as a shield. Only those aboard aircraft risk developing skin cancer.

    We are much closer to the reflected flares and our ships cannot deflect that much solar radiation so close. We need to work together. Shields should be up until this threat is over.

    More importantly, we need to coordinate the deployment of our shields to provide the maximum protection possible. The possibility of disruption of earths communications by electrical means poses loses for those using their electrical streams to cloak.

  7. H9^7 Says:

    We should be as concerned about the shifting of earth’s magnetic field. The possibility of a large magnetic shockwave is looming. Who can predict how the earth’s magnetic field will shift when exposed to a powerful magnetic shockwave from the Sun.

    We need to remove our personnel from that cursed planet. An orderly exit would be the prudent policy.


  8. T//^7 Says:

    The elliptical orbit register suggests the pattern will be Chile and or Antigua and Barbuda Region. Look for Europe to get it and then Asia and the Americas.

    The TAO says they can counter the effects somewhat by keeping the effects deep within the earth. Let’s not remove any personnel until we see the Vessel reposition to the metallic sides.

    By all appearances it has returned to its peaceful orbit behind Jupiter.

  9. io Says:

    Agreed Madaline has departed Nigeria.

  10. 11//7^ Says:

    Check. Madaline seem heading towards Chad.

  11. Alycedale Says:

    Thank You Michelle. I am doing extraordinarily well. I recently had to fend off an interview by HP because my state carry permit was being challenged because the last few I killed were white men.

    When I killed the two black rapists I was a hero. Now that I have taken 4 white lives, it seems I am being accused of being a “provocateur.” In other words white justice sees me as a black woman provoking white men to rape me. The judge actually said that if I didn’t dress so provocative men wouldn’t be tempted to want to rape me.

    My attorney said as long as this is a “stand your ground” state, it doesn’t matter what provokes a man to attack a woman sexually, she has the right to defend her honor and body with deadly force.

    It seems the jury agreed with it. I was encouraged to not use a jury trial, but I knew that a white male judge would find a way to side with white men. I wasn’t too sure about a white female judge either so I opted for the more expensive jury trial.

    If I was poor, I would not have been able to afford that kind of access to equal justice. I’m just glad that I can continue dispensing with low-lifes regardless of color.

    And my answer to the charge of being an “insane man hating bitch” is yes I am if the man is attempting to put his hands on me without my consent. When I leave my house I am Locked, Loaded, and ready for the sons of bastards.

    Bring it on. This is what I do!. And yes, I delight in doing it with Deadly Force.

  12. Ingrid Says:

    Michelle, thanks for siding with Alycedale. You are the one we as women can count on to always see the woman’s plight in this world and to VOICE support for it.

    I was recently ordered to stand trial for the murder of a police officer. Fortunately I had a mini-cam in my blouse’s buttons. I bought them on line when it was rumored that women in my town were being raped by a police officer who stopped them and then raped them.

    The bastard stopped me and had the nerve to tell me he was going to rape me and I had best just relax and enjoy it because no body would believe me if I accused him of rape.

    When I pulled my gun he just kept coming because he had on a bullet proof vest and he figured my 22 calibre wouldn’t be a problem. I know that cops were bullet proof vest so I shot him in the foot. When he fell I shot the rapist in the head.

    The district attorney dropped all charges when my lawyer threatened to release the video to the press. The city didn’t want to be financially liable for the lawsuits the other raped women would bring if it came out in trial that this guy was an admitted serial rapist.

    An added disgusting note on all this is that his wife wanted me tried even though she saw the video of him admitting to several other rapes and knew that he had been accused by other raped women before I shot the asshole.

    Women can be the worst enemy of a woman for a man. Thank God. There are women like you who never flinch when it comes to standing up for women.

  13. Patricia Says:

    Alycedale, I am a woman and I think that you are a homicidal maniac. You enjoy killing.

  14. Cerci Says:

    Alycedale, I live in Athens. I wish we had such a law. I have been rape three times. Every time they got away with it. I am terrified to go out without being with a man. I hate men.

    They are hypocritical conscienceless creatures.

  15. Donna Says:

    Patricia#13, idiots like you are the reason men still are in power in democracies.

  16. Mary Says:

    Patricia#13, what does it matter whether she likes it or not if the only persons she kills are people attempting to rape her?

    As a woman you should be glad she doesn’t suffer mentally for having to defend herself. Every man she kills sends a message to others that rape can come with a price. It may have saved your ignorant ass once or twice.

  17. Tina Says:

    20. Bev Says: May 15th, 2014 at 2:38 pm & 29. Venus Says: May 16th, 2014 at 8:40

    I want one.

  18. Debra Says:

    It seems the question for the sexually active woman is would she prefer a big man with a little dick or a big on a little man.

    What will I chose?

  19. Sonja Says:

    Patricia#13, yeah, until you or someone you love is raped. Then she will be a heroine.

    The hypocrisy is palpable.

  20. Rick Says:

    Howie, I read this blog for shit like that. You have opened up this blog to Alien chatter.

    LOVING it.

  21. Reba Says:

    Patricia#13, Ingrid#12, “Women can be the worst enemy of a woman for a man.” nailed your ass.

  22. Heidi Says:

    What is wrong with American women? Why can’t they support each other?

  23. Kelly Says:

    Alycedale, you are my god. I carry fully loaded all the time now. I was with my sister who pulled her gun out on a mad who had threatened to teach her a lesson for taking too long to leave a parking space he was waiting to get.

    He got out of his car after blowing his horn at her a dozen times and grabbed her out of her car and threw her on the ground. She got up pulled her gun from her purse and told him if he attempted to touch her again she would shoot.

    He said he didn’t have the nerve and he would take her gun and whip her ass for pulling it. He casually walked towards her and she dropped her gun and rand. I got out of the other side and pulled mine.

    He called me a bitch and threatened me in the same way. I shot him in the neck ( I was aiming for his chest) and he bled to death in front of me.

    I have been having nightmares ever since. All I saw was all the blood that splattered on me and the gurgling sound he made as his life slipped away from him.

    But when I read your post yesterday, I had an attitude change. I slept well for the first time. When I had the dreamed I rejoiced in my courage to stand up for my cowardly sister and myself.

    I am cocked, loaded and ready for bear or whatever when I leave my home, job or car. If I am attacked I will shoot to kill. And fuck you so much Patricia#13.

  24. Barbara Says:

    Ingrid#12, I wish you had shot the bastard in the balls and watched while he bled out. I as raped by a cop after he escorted me home from a car accident in which a passenger in my car died when a drunk ran a red light and broadsided me on the passenger side.

    I was so much in shock that I couldn’t believe that is cop was putting his dick into me. I had blood on my dress and I was in shock. Yet the DA said that it was probably consensual an refused to prosecute.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    It seems that being a woman is a bitch, but then someone has to do it.

  26. ZenLill Says:

    Bev, you’re too right, you’re young and if it doesn’t work out, there’ll be another… that’s a good attitude to take. So sweet of you to say I’m one of your icons, thank you.

    …and Debra, it’s not an either/or, small men can be small and tall men can be hung and anywhere in between (just like women’s breasts/vaginas are same equipment but can be very different) there’s a size for everyone.

    This topic, next step, well is this something Madaleine can handle while she’s in the territory, Mischa? I say: Find em, bring em back and publicly take apart the men who did this. You all can intrepret ‘take apart’ any way you like…

    Re: AD and shooting – I don’t ever condone violence but if a man, white or black, is up where he wasn’t invited to be then it’s ‘assumed risk’ on his part and oops he gets shot and killed, too bad, there shouldn’t even be a real trial, that’s self defense. Alycedale simply took the bull by the horns and carries…and wears what she wants…right on…

    …and frankly, it’s the same for you jackasses who feel it’s a woman’s fault if she gets pregnant, hey when you go in uncovered – again, it’s ‘assumed risk’ so make sure YOU wear a condom, and yes, that’s stupid for her to allow you in without one if you’re casual and haven’t discussed the ‘exclusive’ or ‘what if’ thang or if you’re just ‘hooking up’ but it’s even MORE stupid to pretend that you aren’t responsible (physically and financially). YES, yes you are – wear a condom if you want to prevent having a kid and esp don’t go spreading diseases bc you were busy thinking with your penis (the one convo where size is irrelevant) and bring that crap/clap home to mama if you’re just grabbing a little side actyin…eyeyiyyi…and then you wonder why women think you all can be dumb as a box of rocks sometimes (& go ahead and tell a blonde joke, it’s got nothing on men like the above stated not to mention old white haired politicians types…)

    None of that is mean spirited or man hating, I love men and yep, they love me back but I won’t ever stop telling it like it is…

    My guess about the cops wife – she was trying to hold onto some personal dignity bc she was married to a sociopathic fuckface and maybe he hid it from her well, sociopaths can be like that, it’s posthumous denial, she’ll come around and probably in the privacy of her own home – already has…it’s hard to admit to yourself that you got bullshitted by a man you lived with and loved for years, not saying her way of slandering the other woman was called for, it was over the top but she is left here trying to ‘uphold her good name’ ain’t easy when you were married to a serial rapist and sociopath, that was part of the ‘protect and serve’ squad no less…it can be very damaging to the psyche to find out you’ve been with a sociopath, and emotions/reactions can be knee jerk. Okay I’ll stop showing her compassion now…

    Luv, Zen Lill

  27. Zen Lill Says:

    Btw, just personal observation but I think there may be a showdown between the worlds two largest religions, Muslim and Christians, these girls aren’t the only instances look at the pregnant woman bring sentenced to death fr apostasy…and there are other more isolated incidents…this many girls at one time is a whole new level, I could be wrong it’s happened before…

  28. Michelle Moquin's "A day in the life of…" » Blog Archive » Wonderful Women Of The World. Says:

    […] Howie: Thank you. It’s good to know you have our backs. […]

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