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Chrome Extension Tracks (((Jews)))

Posted by Michelle Moquin on June 4th, 2016

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Good morning!

It appears some of (((us))) have the same same things on our minds.

Here’s the write from Fortune:

Google Removes a Chrome Extension That Identified and Tracked Jews

Coincidence Detector used multiple brackets around a user’s name to identify them as Jewish.

An extension for Google’s Chrome browser that let users identify and track suspected Jewish members of the media and entertainment industries has been removed from the Chrome store after the web giant said it breached its rules against promoting hate speech and inciting violence.

The extension, known as Coincidence Detector, identified suspected or confirmed Jews by adding triple parentheses to their names wherever they were referenced online. Its existence was first reported by Mic, a New York-based news site targeted at millennials, in a post on Thursday that described how neo-Nazis and anti-Semites were using it to target Jews for abuse and harassment.

In effect, the extension appeared to work as a kind of crowdsourced database, with users recommending or suggesting new additions or correcting and adding to those suggested by others. At the time it was removed, the Coincidence Detector had been downloaded more than 2,700 times and had a database of 8,700 people. It had a rating of five out of five stars, according to Mic.

The name of the Chrome extension appears to have been intended as a reference to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that Jews somehow dominate the media and entertainment industries, and control them from within to the detriment of society. It was also likely chosen so that it wouldn’t raise any red flags inside Google, and appears to have been in use for months, if not longer.

As Mic described in a separate story, the use of two or three brackets around the name of a suspected or confirmed Jewish person is called an “echo” in right-wing and anti-Semitic groups and communities online, and is a way for such groups to single out Jews in a way that doesn’t attract a lot of attention.

The origins of the symbol ((())) can be traced to a hardcore, right-wing podcast called The Daily Shoah in 2014. It’s known as an echo’ in the anti-Semitic corners of the alt-right — a new, young, amorphous conservative movement that comprises trolls fluent in internet culture, free speech activists warring against political correctness and earnest white nationalists.

New York Times writer Jonathan Weisman described how he was targeted for online harassment—in many cases by supporters of Donald Trump—after receiving tweets that mentioned his name and included double brackets. One Twitter user described it as a “dog whistle” or identifier that would alert like-minded people to Weisman’s Jewish heritage, and he soon received a number of threatening messages, including photos of the front gates of Auschwitz, a German concentration camp.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.10.00 AM

Google likely took quick action on the Coincidence Detector extension because it has been criticized for anti-Semitic elements built into its web searches and other features. Last year, a number of groups pointed out that searches for “Who controls Hollywood” suggested an encyclopedia entry on Jews as a result. Google said it was working to fix the problem by adjusting its algorithms.


Sick, right?

Happy Saturday – Blog me.

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42 Responses to “Chrome Extension Tracks (((Jews)))”

  1. Zen Lill Says:

    Forgot about time and posting hour Fr you …

    Here’s the post I just copied:

    Zen Lill Says:
    June 4th, 2016 at 9:17 am
    Bill please point out what head exactly and what nail are you referring to?

    Politics is not just “business as usual” esp his style of usual business and if you think so it seems you’ve missed a lesson or two at school, but please enlighten me about him hitting any nails on heads.

    Ollie, it pleases me that you’re flattered by a GirlZ addressing you, and there I did it again : )

    ~ ZL

    I’ll read this now.

    Hi Mischa 😊

  2. Stewart Says:

    I have long suspected Google of being run by nazis.

  3. Zen Lill Says:

    That’s some twisted shizz I just read…smh (((shaking my head @ google chrome))) ~ ZL

  4. Zen Lill Says:

    Beverly, thank you… and Susan, it’s a dangerous belief but even the few older white guys (possibly men but they’re taste right now is questionable) I know will slide that by as a ‘I know he’s horrifying but *at least* he’s a businessman … Wait what … Let’s even check on some of those special T deals, he’s not that good actually. Don’t open his closets bc you’ll be killed by all the bones failing out I’m sure.

    I’ll say it again, Gordon gecko can go do business but the business of politics is best fine by someone well versed in politics and my fine democrat friends show up to vote guys time and at mid terms ok? Cool beans, thank you.

    ~ ZL

  5. Josephine Says:

    I really didn’t know that Trump’s grandfather’s name was Drumpf, I thought you guys were making fun of trump.

    Then I learned this: “It’s funny. Judge Curiel’s father immigrated to U.S. from El Salvado in the 1920s. He worked in the steel mills and eventually became an American citizen.

    Trump’s mother arrived in the U.S. from Scotland in the 1930s and she became a citizen in 1942. Therefore the judge’s father citizenship predates Trump’s mother’s.

    Trump believes he has the right to determine who is an American. He did it with Obama and now he is doing it with Judge Curiel.”

    Thank god for the internet, I said, then I hear read this about google.

  6. Zen Lill Says:

    Best done*

  7. Zen Lill Says:

    Josephine Google had a add on that would turn trump into Drumpf automatically for awhile so this article content isn’t the only thing Google has involved itself in that’s on the edge.

  8. Juanita Says:

    Bigots like trump will prosper at the polls unless the 50,000 young Hispanics who are US citizens who turn eighteen every month register to vote, and excercise their right to vote on election day.

  9. Cindy Says:

    Zen Lill#1, you are just making too much sense. I had much more respect for the republican party, but to allow this ignorant, racist waste of space represent their party is beyond belief. How can any republican be taken seriously anymore.

  10. Shirley Says:

    Juanita#8, your advice should extend to everyone who is eligible to vote in November. If you don’t want him to be our next president – VOTE for the democrat and make sure your family and friends are registered and vote. Only we can stop him.

  11. Michael Says:

    What’s with the media entertaining trump dumping of this federal judge? If we accept trump’s reasoning for having this judge recuse himself because he is of latino decent, can I if I’m arrested for beating my wife and a woman judge is hearing my case can I change venue?

    Can a black man with white judge change too? If I’m an athiest can I remove a christian judge? In this new Trumtopia what are the rules?

  12. Heidi Says:

    I’m sincerely worried about the Jews for the republican party group. They are supporting a wolf in sheep’s clothing “building a wall.”

    Those jews better be careful that that wall won’t exclude them.

  13. Ramon Says:

    Michael#11, Image if Hillary had said something so crass and bigoted? The press would lose its collective mind with scorn and condemnation of her. Republicans would be absolutely indignant..and yet Trump gets a pass from both. Oh the hypocrisy.

  14. Julio Says:

    Is he running for President or is he using the platform to protect his brand name? He keeps insulting Judge Curiel he may end up jail… which would really be funny….

  15. Terry Says:

    Donald Trump is the best thing that happened to democrats and liberal independents in a long time and he is an embarrassment for the Republican party. Right now he is just a joke, he only becomes a national embarrassment if he wins this election in November.

  16. Carrie Says:

    Trump has only proven that he rings the chimes of Republicans who have been well trained to fear and hate by years of Republican politicians and right wing media ingestion

  17. Sara Says:

    Ramon#13, what about Obama? He is so eloquent, and if he even stutters the GOP is all over it. Can you imagine of Obama had even said 1/100th of what Trump has said?

  18. Coleman Says:

    Julio@14, “his” white people would elect him while he’s in jail, anyway.

  19. Garth Says:

    The support that Trump is receiving from the GOP establishment just shows how morally bankrupt the GOP has become. If the World is lucky this might just be the last election that we see the GOP.

  20. Sonja Says:

    I agree with you Garth#19, we need to end not just the trump campaign but the party that is nominating him and rallying behind him.

  21. Thomas Says:

    You people can say what you want about Trump objecting to that spic being his judge. But Trump is correct.

    Judge Curiel is a leading member of the La Raza Lawyers of California, which advicates both for Mexican American lawyers and for illegal immigrants.

    There is no legal reason, but a very large political reason, to release the Trump University documents after Trump secured the GOP nomination.

    Get that spic, off this case.

  22. Lewis Says:

    Thomas#21, so by that logic blacks should be able to recuse white judges in the south since most of them are members of one racist group or another. And what about the SCOTUS members who have belonged to one white supremacist or another. Did any white folk suggest they or any of the present federal judges recuse themselves?

    As usual in this country it is all about right slights. If one of you feel slighted, the world must stop until the situation is righted.

  23. Kent Says:

    Lewis#22, and Zen Lill#1, it is useless to argue with republican. That is the party that thought it was more important to block everything President Obama tried to do than to do what was right for the country.

  24. Jeannine Says:

    Well, there *are* mexican-americans protesting at his rallies carrying Mexican flags, so why wouldn’t he think that a person wouldn’t be loyal to another country. Why wave another country’s flag??

    Also, there’s a big difference between immigrants and people who are here illegally. The press loves to lump them into one group when reporting on Trump for their own purpose of making him appear to be against legal immigrants.

  25. Marnita Says:

    Jennine#24, You are attempting to defend the indefensible. This man is a highly respected United States Judge. Before that he was a highly respected US Attorney who needed physical protection for over a year because he went after the Mexican drug cartels so hard.

    This guy ISN’T MEXICAN. He’s a UNITED STATES CITIZEN. Born here. He didn’t “become” a citizen. He was BORN a citizen of this country. In fact, his father was as US citizen before Trumps mother was. He didn’t cross the border illegally. So everything you just said was complete and utter nonsense. It is the very definition of “prejudging” someone. The question becomes “why can’t you see that?”

  26. Carol Says:

    Jeannine #24

    You must think the Irish are not loyal Americans when they wave the Irish flag on St. Patrick’s Day.

  27. Delores Says:

    Jeannie@24, I see a lot of confederate flags still being proudly displayed. Why should I think that these people are loyal to America?

  28. Martin Says:

    Of Donald Trump, Gov Nikki Haley (R-SC) recently said, “(He) should use a more civil tone while campaigning.” I completely disagree. I don’t want him to change a bit.

    I don’t want him to sugar-coat anything. I want We The People to know the real Trump, know exactly how he thinks about everything, so that we and our worldwide allies are constantly and painfully reminded what a disaster of a human being he is. And I want the GOP to forever be saddled with this truly un-American period in our history.

  29. Damon Says:

    Michelle, I live on Guam but I am from the Philippines. You have a large following there. I hope you do not mind me changing the subject and posting this article.

    I want to remind my countrymen/women in the Philippines about the serious error they have made by electing that barbarian Rodrigo Duterte president of the Philippines. This sleazebag endorses the killing of journalists.

    RP’s Duterte: Many slain journalists deserved it

    Elahe Izadi | The Washington Post Updated Jun 2, 2016 (0)

    Many slain journalists in the Philippines had been corrupt and had “done something” to warrant being killed, the country’s president-elect said.

    “Just because you’re a journalist you are not exempted from assassination if you’re a son of a bitch,” Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday, Agence France-Presse reported.

    The brash, tough-talking former mayor, who will be sworn in as president on June 30, was responding to a question about how he would handle the killing of journalists.

    He has previously attracted international outrage for his comments, including remarks about the rape and killing of an Australian missionary in 1989. Human Rights Watch has deemed him the “Death Squad Mayor.”

    The Philippines ranks as the second-deadliest country for journalists, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. At least 75 journalists there have been killed since 1992.

    Journalist Alex Balcoba was fatally shot this month in Manila, the Philippine capital.

    On Tuesday, Duterte said many slain journalists had accepted bribes or criticized people, who then retaliated, the Associated Press reported. He also said a radio commentator killed in Davao City was “rotten.”

    “Most of those killed, to be frank, have done something,” Duterte said, according to AFP. “You won’t be killed if you don’t do anything wrong.”

    He also said journalists who defamed others weren’t necessarily protected from violent attacks.

    “That can’t be just freedom of speech. The constitution can no longer help you if you disrespect a person,” he said, according to reports.

    The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines condemned Duterte’s “crass pronouncement” as disrespectful of journalists who have been killed.

    “He has also, in effect, declared open season to silence the media, both individual journalists and the institution, on the mere perception of corruption,” the organization said in a statement.

    The organization said it “does not gloss over the fact that corruption is among the most pressing problems faced by the media. Nor do we deny that this could be the reason for a number of media killings. However, it is one thing to recognize a possible reason for murder; it is a totally different thing to present this as a justification for taking life.”

    Also Tuesday, Duterte said he would pay police and military officials bounties for every drug lord they turn in, AP reported.

    “I’m not saying that you kill them, but the order is dead or alive,” he said in a televised news conference.

    Allowing so called “strong men” to flaunt the law leads to the type of dictatorship we had with Marco.

  30. Craig Says:

    That is some definitely sick shit by goole, Michelle. Sometimes we whites can forget that non whites are humans too.

  31. Alycedale Says:

    Leave it to the white people at google to create a way for far-right groups to target named Jews with insults and threats of violence.

    As for turning the symblol into the digital equivalent of the gold star badge used to inentify Jews in Nazi Gremany, Love this: Motherboard reports that the symbol is already being reclaimed by Jewish writers online, who have added parentheses to their Twitter names. Now that the plugin has been withdrawn, other white supremacists will have to get working on fresh code — which takes ages when you’re typing with just your knuckles.

  32. Ruth Says:

    The article didn’t mention that the plugin was created by altrightmedia. No one there yet has come forward to claim authorship of the program.

    Truly a sick world full of sick racists white boys.

  33. Glenn Says:

    jews play a very prominent role in vilification and demonization of many groups. borat- made by a jew to vilify kazaks. jew harison ford made air force one to demonize russians and kazaks. jews seth rogen and james franco made the interview to vilify north koreans. josh peck starred in red dawn to vilify and demonize the chinese and north koreans. sasha baron cohen again tried to vilify, demonise arabs in his movie “the dictator.”

    The list is really endless. jews cry the loudest when anyone even hints at blaming jews, but they throw the hardest punches, along with the british.

  34. Malcolm Says:

    Glenn@33 – So you think that justifies google targeting Jews?

  35. Jolie Says:

    Jews just want to be left alone in their ancestral homeland. In other countries in which they are citizens, they don’t want to be singled our as if they are up to something duplicitous.

  36. Glenn Says:

    Jlie#35, i dont think the jews just want to be left alone in their ancestral homeland at all. the jews are actively involved in power grabs throughout the world, especially in western countries, where they control A LOT of media outlets (if not all), academia, finance, military, intelligence, etc.

  37. Major Says:

    I agree with you Glenn. Husssein-Osama oops Obama has that same quality.

  38. Adrian Says:

    There is so much anti-semitc hate in this world. If you google Jews You get the “Jew watch” website.

    “Jew Watch” websight is a sight discounting the holocaust, declares the Jewish people are dominating all aspects of American finances, government, courts, laws, etc to the “detriment of all people here” or similiar lines of uttermost insanity.

    “Jew Watch” websight is a sight discounting the holocaust, declares the Jewish people are dominating all aspects of American finances, government, courts, laws, etc to the “detriment of all people here” or similiar lines of uttermost insanity.

    Based on the word of “Google” placed before the many references he stated in the radio playing of the statements, he seems to be conveying his ideas that the internet search engine and multiplex of Google is being used to dominate the world wide web by the Jewish race, and by default Israel.

    People who accept or fall into his kind of madness follow this logic train (insane as it is):

    A. Google dominates the world information resources (via the web)
    B. Google is integral for the economy of the USA and the world.
    C. Google is dominated by the Jewish people
    D. Therefore Jewish people dominate the USA.
    E. Therefore Israel, homeland of the Jewish people, controls the world.

    After reading this article you ran today how can they continue to believe this?

  39. Zen Lill Says:

    @craig I really don’t see how you ‘forget’ other humans are humans, too, but unfortunately there is a pervasive attitude that if your in some way ‘elevating’ another’s economy, you are higher on the food chain, you’re not but the attitude is out there.

    @alycedale that last sentence had me laughing … Typing with your knuckles lol

    And btw I can tell you, living as an expat, we are already an embarrassment Fr allowing this to go this far, that’s why full blown repubs will just say *at least* he’s a businessman as if that covers all the boneheaded crap he spouts and he’s past being politically incorrect, that I can handle I’m not easily offended…but he’s beyond that, he vomits out of his mouth whatever pops into his twisted ‘superior’ mind And it’s mostly cringe worthy.

    @martin exactly, show us everything trump so when dems and indies come out in droves to shift the tide you’ll know why you lost.

    Apologies but someone brought it up and I researched it yesterday but yes we need millennialS to get out and vote, they don’t think it matters bc they may see both as bad choices but well welcome to that party, very rarely is there one great Sweep it in a landslide candidate.

    ~ Zen Lill

  40. Kelly Says:

    Nicely done Zen Lill.

  41. Zen Lill Says:

    Why thank you Kelly, I try to treat the soapbox well : )

  42. Ahmed Says:

    As you can see the white man will sell anyone out for a few dollars more. Google, what will you do with your pieces of silver?

    We Arabs and Jews are semites. Whites have had us at each others throats since the british began conquering and dividing us for centuries.

    When will we learn?

    One would think that the Jew would have learned by now that white males secretly hate them, when they do not openly hate them. Google is a prime example.

    They devise and app that will let the world now you are a Jew even if you convert to their religious beliefs in and attempt to be white.

    They don’t want you in their race. You can marry into their race and try to root out any trace of being a semite, but they are showing you that they will use technology to root you out.

    So when they re open the ovens you won’t be as safe as you think you will be. The irony is the very rich of you are paying for the research into the technology to root you out, because you want so much to be white.