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Tuesday Talk & Super Tuesday Too

Posted by Michelle Moquin on June 7th, 2016

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Efenia: Since most of the comments made yesterday were in Spanish, I couldn’t resist translating yours. You are very welcome. Happy to hear that. Deseandote lo mejor! (I hope that is correct. :)

To the commentators from yesterdays blog, and anyone else from South or Latin America, this one is for you. From Think Progress:

Thanks To Donald Trump, The RNC Just Lost A Crucial Hispanic Official


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, known for his brash anti-immigrant, anti-Latino sentiment, may profess love for Latinos, but the feeling is far from mutual. In fact, he’s already holding to his campaign promise of driving out Latinos. This time, it’s an in-house job.

In the latest indication that Latino Americans feel uncomfortable with Trump’s rhetoric, Ruth Guerra, the Republican National Committee’s director of Hispanic media relations, will step down from her role at the end of this month — a “rare” move for party staff members particularly during a presidential campaign.

Guerra, whose parents are from Mexico and who grew up along the southern U.S. border in McAllen, Texas, will be resigning after nearly two years in the role.

The New York Times, which first broke the news, reported that Guerra had “told colleagues this year that she was uncomfortable working for Mr. Trump, according two R.N.C. aides who requested anonymity to speak candidly about the difficulties surrounding the party’s presumptive standard-bearer.”

“I’ve had a great nearly two years at the R.N.C., and I’m excited for the new opportunities that I will have at A.A.N,” Guerra said, though she did not mention Trump by name.

Since Trump’s campaign announcement last June, Guerra has had to defend him on television and in public appearances, which left her increasingly exhausted, the Washington Post reported.


A sign sits near the site where Marcelo Lucero was killed in Patchogue, N.Y., on Wednesday, April, 13, 2016. The Rev. Alan Ramirez, an adviser to the family of Lucero, has called for Donald Trump to cancel a planned appearance at a Suffolk County Republican Committee fundraiser on Thursday, April 14, in Patchogue, because it is being held at a nightclub just blocks from where a gang of teenagers killed Lucero in November 2008.

Trump built his campaign on harsh rhetoric surrounding immigrants, particularly those of Hispanic descent. He has broadly characterized undocumented immigrants from Mexico as rapists, drug dealers, and criminals. He has also called to build up the border wall along the southern U.S.-Mexico border and to kick out the country’s 11.3 million undocumented population.

Guerra will be going to work at the right-leaning super PAC American Action Network, a move that would land her at a “less prestigious job at a super PAC, which focuses on down-ballot races and thus will not require her to defend Trump,” the Washington Post reported.

Guerra is not the only person whose exit has been expedited by Trump. At least two other Republican National Committee staff members — the director of African American outreach and communications director for black media — stepped down in March.

“As a Hispanic, I know that we have an opportunity with Hispanics/Latinos — they want to hear from us and want to know that we care,” Guerra previously said. “The Republican National Committee has been showing up and engaging with all communities like never before, but we can all do more and a lot more work needs to be done.”


Readers: Not to mention his apparent racism towards U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel. The guy will not stop. That is unless we stop him. Any more repubs wanna join us over here on the Dem side?

Well…It’s Super Tuesday here in California and 5 other states (New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota) A super important day. Get out and vote for Hillary, if you haven’t done so already. Let’s bring this home! Easy peasy, right?

Blog me. 

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31 Responses to “Tuesday Talk & Super Tuesday Too”

  1. Dorothy Says:

    The only time a person can make racist comments and be considered not a racist is if he is white.

    If an OTW had made a racist comment about the white race, the entire white race would come down on him/her. Yet, we are still discussing whether or not Donald Trump is a racist.

    At the very least he is playing to his racist backers which would make him worst if he is not a racist and is simply pandering for votes.

  2. Gloria Says:

    If Trump isn’t a racist, he is still despicable for pandering to the racist part of his supporters to get votes.

  3. Ruth Says:

    Paul Ryan says trumps remarks are racist, but he will vote for him anyway. That is like saying – Yes you blacks are not being treated equal but you are not quite ready to be totally equal to whites.

    Just more bullshit from white America. And, yes, I know that not all white americans are racists. But unfortunately for the OTW, they are powerless to affect a change.

  4. Lisa Says:

    McConnell says trumps message should be one of dealing with the issues the people. Unless he is talking about only white people, racism is very important.

    When will white people get it that what does the state of the economy mean if you as a citizen can’t get into the serious benefits of the economy because of not being white.

  5. Paula Says:

    The republican party has spent the last 71/2 years supporting whites who make racist comments. That is why they now have trump as their POTUS candidate.

  6. James Says:

    You niggers voted for that baboon because he was a nigger. So don’t complain because we white men are voting for Donald Trump because he is a white man.

  7. Sonja Says:

    What I don’t understand is why a Latino would support trump in any way.

  8. Luci Says:

    If you are a self respecting Latino, you can not be for the republican party much less trump.

  9. Ted Says:

    James@5, we had had only white men to select from before Obama and Hilary. Often times both white men were racists and misogynists. White women and OTWs had to hold their noses and vote for he lessor evil.

    So when a black man became a candidate they had an opportunity to vote for someone they knew had walked in their shoes.

    Today that is true for the female candidate and the women in America who can give her the chance to be POTUS.

  10. Irene Says:

    I voted for Hilary in San Jose. Berne is just another busted male trying to keep this woman from her destiny.

  11. Alycedale Says:

    I am so happy for Hilary and women of America. But the fact is American white women for the most part are a pathetic representative of American women.

    They have had the majority of the vote for decades and they have kept us behind the world when it comes to electing women to high office.

    India elected Indira Gandhi head of their government in 1966. That folks is 50 years ahead of us. What the fuck is up white women? You have your heads so far up white men’s asses you can’t smell the stink of their shit because you think that’s the way the world should smell.

    Israel elected Golda Meir in 1969 their Prime Minister. What does a woman have to do to get the support of the majority of white women in this country, pretend to be a man.

    Hilary, has the nomination, but she hasn’t gotten the ring. I can guarantee that if she depended on white women to elect her POTUS, it wouldn’t happen.

    The dumbest creatures on the planet are American white women. The ONLY way Hilary will get elected is by the vote of OTW women and men.

    Afterwards white women will take the credit and bask in the achievements her administration will bring to women. That is the way white men will behave after Obama Care has proven to be the best thing since Social Security to happen to the American people. Both are hypocrites and liars for the most part. In that way they deserve each other.

    I am not speaking of all white women, obviously. Clinton is white. I am just pointing out the obvious. The majority of white women in America are just plain stupid.

  12. Thomas Says:

    Alycedale#10, you make me sick. What about the spick and nigger bitches that suck the Donald’s dick on national TV? So what makes those bitches so smart?

  13. Kelly Says:

    Michelle, thanks you helped Hilary in California. Most of my friends said that they were influenced by your blog. California made a statement that Hilary is their choice. That bernie character and this talk about the “male ego” that needs to be assuaged makes me want to puke.

    Fuck the piece of shit and the male ego he rode in on. The bastard needs to get the fuck out of the picture.

  14. Toni Says:

    Thomas#12, what you should be sick of is your party’s attempt to play the race card to get white men and dumb as a box of rock white women to support their party.

    I suppose your tiny prick makes you insecure so you respond with venom towards the more hung members of the male species.

    As for those sell-outs for a few pieces of silver to support trump. Take this to the bank. When the curtains close around them they are voting for Hilary.

  15. Heidi Says:

    Kelly#13, you nailed that selfish son of a like bastard. He like most men can’t let go of their own narcissism. He spent more than a million dollars in California and lost big.

    Thank you Michelle for staying by Hilary’s side. I respect your opinions and I love your commitment to women’s causes and issues.

  16. Constance Says:

    Kelly#13, there are so many idiot women following that man. History is before them, and they are still clinging to the idea that they need a man to help them with their problems.

    His insistence on staying way past his ability to win is costing Hilary serious money that could be spent to beat trump and the billions the republicans will be throwing against Hilary.

    Another white man feeling privileged and expecting special treatment because of it.

  17. Jose Says:

    The republican party still stands for the same old shit. While the democratic party has elected a black man and now picked a woman to be their party’s nominee.

    Bernie didn’t even acknowledge the history that was made by Hilary being the first woman to be selected to represent her party for POTUS.

    I feel sorry for the women that booed when Hilary’s name was mentioned. It just shows how totally behind other women of the world white women in America are.

  18. Caroline Says:

    Wow, what is up with the women supporting Bernie? What is up with my white sisters? It seems that most of them are supporting either Trump or Bernie.

    Why do most of my sisters need a man to look up to? If not now, sisters when will you support a woman?

    What will your daughters and grand daughters hear when they ask you what you did when a woman became the first nominee?

    Oh, yes you will tell them about you booing her will you supported another man. One who had the bad manners to ignore the fact that a woman has become for the first time in America’s history the nominee of a major for POTUS.

    Men are the way they are because of women like you who teach them they are better than women.

  19. Rosita Says:

    Hilary acknowledged Bernie’s success, he ignored her and talked about himself. He is a man standing in a woman’s way. A way that she has earned.

  20. Kara Says:

    Bernie is an independent who chose to run as a democrat. He has dazzled the immature young and white women(immature in general for the most part) who have a short attention span when it comes elections.

    He demands respect because he threatens to ruin the election chances for Hilary. So she is forced like the rest of us women to appease the tender male ego.

    White males are the worst, hence the term white backlash. We are supposed to recognize this condition and tread gently on their feelings.

    It’s times like this I reminisce fondly when blacks told them to kiss their ass. We white women need to tell them to kiss our asses.

  21. Olga Says:

    That creep trump is planning to go very low accusing Clinton. I don’t think it will turn on any one but the republicans.

    As for the statements about the ignorance of white women. What can you say for a group that gave Romney 14% more of their vote?

    Hilary owes her success to OTWs and a few white women and men who refuse to just vote male or color.

  22. Alice Says:

    Thomas#12, no one can suck a dick so tiny it can’t extend beyond the zipper in the man’s pant. You should know that.

  23. Peter/Guam Says:

    Congratulations Hilary.

    Hafa adai Guam. Here is the next installment on the pedophile archbishop on Guam.

    Another rape claim against Guam’s Archbishop

    A man has come forward to allege he was raped by the Archbishop of Guam when he was 13-years-old.
    Catholic Church

    It follows two earlier allegations that Archbishop Anthony Apuron molested two altar boys in the 1970s.

    52-year-old Walter Denton has given a graphic account to the media of the alleged rape, which he says occurred in 1977.

    In a report on the Pacific News Center website, he said he confronted the Archbishop about the attack immediately afterwards.

    “I asked him why did he do that to me, I kept asking him why. He said if I said anything to anyone, no one would believe me.”

    Archbishop Apuron has denied the earlier claims.

    But he said Pope Francis had granted his request to appoint a temporary administrator to the Catholic Church in Guam, while an independent investigation was conducted.

    It’s time to make these predators pay for their crimes.

  24. Lara Says:

    It is scary for white women to think they can do something without the approval of a man. It means they can do something without the approval of a man.

  25. Zen Lill Says:

    A lot of women have daddy issues so they’re constantly seeking male approval which is the only excuse for this behavior, the more narcissistic and jackassed a man acts the more women ‘adjust’ sorry but F#*k that, no.

    Trump is a fool, it literally makes me cringe when anyone asks me how do I feel about the US presidential candidates, I just are there 2, far as I know there’s 1, the other one shouldn’t have gotten this far and we all know it, so does he…it also make the GOP more O than anything else, you know your party is crashing and burning when this is the best option you can come up with…

    please, this is going to a be a silent majorly vote Fr Hilary (I’m holding out hope that women giving lip service to the hubby will actually do the right thing behind the curtain that day)…

    Is that too much to ask?

    Luv, Zen Lill

  26. Brittany Says:

    I agree with you Zen Lill. For the republican party the party should be over if this guy runs against Hilary. But I remember how white women gave both Romney and McCain before him the majority of their vote the same as white men.

    The parties I go to most of my colleagues admit they intend to vote for Trump. When we are alone in one on one conversations they also say they are going to vote for Trump.

    I am shocked. I just listen for fear of alienating a good friend. I hate to admit it but when someone comes on this blog and claims white women in general are just plain stupid. I have to agree.

    These are the same women who complain about the sexual harassment at work or the fact that less qualified men get the promotions over them at work.

    Maybe you have the reason Zen Lill, “daddy issues.”

  27. Vanessa Says:

    Zen Lill,#25 – My girlfriends are always complaining when they discover that a male colleague is making more money for doing the same work at their jobs.

    Yet, they continue to support those men. Bernie has not walked in a single woman’s shoe. He can only pontificate about what we experience on a daily basis.

    Hilary can be different from the other 44 male presidents if only women will give her the chance black American and other OTWs gave Obama.

    What the f**k is wrong with American white women. Is there a pill one can take for “daddy issues.?

  28. Ingrid Says:

    Trump is a joke and Bernie is just another male promising not to cum in our mouths.

  29. Roger Says:

    Speaker of the House Ryan said that trump’s attack on the judge was the text book definition of racism, but that he was going to vote for him anyway.

    Who are the OTWs support that party? I need access to that list. I could use a bunch of house niggers, spicks, slopes, and kikes for my next party. They could show up and help with the festivities and quietly get the fuck out when the party is over.

    Do these people have any self respect? Do they need to be accepted by us whites so bad that they will ignore any slight to remain among us?

    Whites in the republican party must be hysterical with laughter when they think about how those fools want to be considered equal to a white man.

  30. Ellie Says:

    Check out this link http://nypost.com/2016/04/24/bernie-sanders-narrows-hillarys-lead-in-california-primary/

    it is an example of how men think of women and how they promote the concept that women are too unstable to lead.

    It is disgusting for the New York Post to put these two pictures side by side. Yet many white women still see merit in supporting an a man over an equally if not more qualified woman.

  31. Michelle Moquin's "A day in the life of…" » Blog Archive » HERstory Was Made! Go Hillary! Says:

    […] it has taken so long for white women to support women, and not get lackadaisical. As Alycedale put it, “She hasn’t gotten the ring.” And I agree. We have to band together and […]