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Trump’s Choice

Posted by Michelle Moquin on July 16th, 2016

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Good morning!

Well, the news is out. Trump has chosen his man. From Daily Kos:

Mike Pence gained national attention hating gays, but became governor attacking Planned Parenthood


Mike Pence might have reached the national stage by signing a bill making it legal to discriminate against gays, then gone on to pass a “clarification” that didn’t, made numerous press appearances that were at best mealymouthed, and ultimately left himself in a position where his “Up and coming GOP star” label was replaced with “Next!”

But it was another piece of right-wing social extremism that secured Pence the mansion where Team Trump came calling on Wednesday. Discriminating against gays is a sideline for Pence. His main focus, back when he was merely Representative Pence, was destroying Planned Parenthood.

Abortion-rights advocates and abortion-rights opponents don’t see eye to eye on much, but they do agree on this: Nobody hates Planned Parenthood quite as much as Mike Pence.

Don’t think for a minute that Pence was just being careful about the use of federal funds for abortion. He wanted to burn it all down.

The Indiana Republican is on a one-man crusade to deny all federal funding to the group — not just the money it gets for reproductive health and family planning services, but every penny it gets for anything. [...]

This week, Pence went even further, introducing an amendment to the continuing resolution that would strip Planned Parenthood — and Planned Parenthood alone — of all federal funding.

Mike Pence’s restrictions on abortion go way beyond anything supported by most Republicans. Way beyond anything supported by most people who consider themselves pro-life. This is where they go.

Republican Gov. Mike Pence signed a bill into law Thursday making Indiana the second state to ban abortions because of fetal genetic abnormalities such as Down syndrome. [...]

The bill has been criticized by a national group of gynecologists and several female Republican members of the GOP-dominated Indiana Legislature, who say it goes too far in telling women what they can and can’t do.

 That’s Mike Pence. The most radical point of the anti-choice moment.


Readers: Here we go. I won’t let Pence in my pants. You shouldn’t either.

Happy Saturday! The forum is open. 

Blog me. 

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73 Responses to “Trump’s Choice”

  1. Kenneth Says:

    The guy is worst than trump, if that is possible. He uses religion to justify his misogynistic acts toward women.

  2. Move On member Says:

    Donald Trump just selected Indiana Governor Mike Pence for vice president.1 And that means that the next five days could be the most important of Trump’s entire campaign.

    You see, Republicans want to use Gov. Pence to make it seem like Trump is prepared to govern. Pence was in Congress for 10 years, was the 4th highest ranking member in House leadership, and has been the governor of Indiana since 2013.

    What Republicans don’t want people to know is that Gov. Pence is one of the most extreme right-wing politicians in America.

    Pence signed the notorious “license to discriminate” bill allowing businesses to deny service to LGBT people.2 He’s so extreme on abortion that he voted for legislation that would give personhood rights to embryos and defund Planned Parenthood.3

    He even compared Obamacare to the 9/11 attacks and threatened to block Hurricane Katrina reconstruction unless it was offset by cuts to Medicare, the National School Lunch Program, and PBS.4,5

  3. Calvin Says:

    On Thursday, Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, announced that he’d chosen Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for his running mate. The one who wants to force women to hold a funeral for medical waste after an abortion. The one who caused the gay pizza fervor of 2015.

    Those are two of the most notable bullet items on his resume, but there’s another one, maybe not as well known, that needs to be discussed: the Indiana HIV epidemic that caused Mike Pence to declare a public health emergency, which some say he had a hand in causing.

  4. Calvin Says:

    Here’s the link about Pence’s HIV scandal. http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/state-emergency-declared-indiana-over-historic-hiv-outbreak-mike-pence

    When he was governor of Indiana, it is believed he caused this situation.

  5. Zen Lill Says:

    Ma Qin, thank you for responding and I appreciate your French response bc it’s the only thing I’ve laughed at all day…after reading the story and watching the video a few times I just couldn’t stop the on and off tears today, and as the last commenter, sorry was it Louis, said, I couldn’t help but wonder why someone/anyone armed didn’t shoot him but I’m sure it all happened even faster than it looked.

    It truly pierced my heart and I couldn’t stop thinking about it and you…I didn’t know there was a upset, controversy or belief (still) that I was fictional (i thought the days of people believing I was Doug were over), guess not…

    I’m glad you decided to be public with your name again and I’m sorry it had to happen under these circumstances.

    I appreciate you and the other French girlZ support/belief, thank you.

    Mischa, this is all going to get extra interesting with Trump now. I had a convo w an old BF while visiting east coast this past week…he’s voting for trump and claimed I was ‘indoctrinated’
    my response …hmmm if I am what are you? Oh yes, white, male and getting old and stodgy fast, good luck w that but you know I’m not in the habit of saying you’re right or you’re wrong but in this case you are [wrong]” see you after the election …

    I’m wondering if Hilary will pick Elizabeth Warren, if so I would be one happy camper.

    Luv, Zen Lill

  6. Zen Lill Says:

    Oh I forgot to add, Ma Qin, I agree wholeheartedly with your solution to the Islam issue in France, men wearing what they force women to accept and claim to want to wear and I love you all right back (that got my crying again but a better type of tears)
    ~ ZL

  7. Social Butterfly Says:

    I was so pleased to hear Hillary Clinton announced she would introduce a constitutional amendment within the first 30 days of her presidency to overturn Citizens United.

    Thank you Madame President!


  8. Henrietta Says:

    Thank you Social Butterfly for that info about Hilary. I hadn’t heard. That seals my vote. I’m with Hilary.

  9. Claude Says:

    Zen Lill there are more than a few guys in France who believe that you are real. We have the photos to prove it.

    Merci, beaucoup for your thoughts and posts. I have several friends who were there for the festivities. Many were with their families.

  10. Anna/Guam Says:

    Hafa Adai,

    The world is continuing on its downward slide. Something has to be done about this islamic crap. My friend was chased here to Guam by here ex islamic lover.

    Why does the world put up with that religion’s claim that men should be the boss of women.

    Oh, yeah, it’s men who do that. I guess those that don’t have a religion that will allow them to control women can vicariously enjoy the feeling thorough sick religions like mormonism, islam, strict Judaism, christian idiocy, and catholic only men can be priest bullshit.

    Thank you Michelle for keeping their crap in the news. I had some of my male friends stop by and pay that creep visit. Funny how men that can beat women to a pulp without an ounce of consciousness, can be so devastated by men who refuse to accept their religious beliefs.

    When my friends carved Della’s initials in his ass and told him if he ever visited her again they would cut off his dick and barbecue it for him to eat. he left the island the next day.

    All men who use religion to subjugate women should get the same treatment.

    Hafa Adai

  11. Eleanor Says:

    It is a shame that white men in America are so sick and depraved that they will support this creep trump.

    How excited they must be to see the misogynist Pence as his VP choice. Some of the white women who may have lost our minds and accepted trump should come to their senses with his VP pick.

    Zen Lill at least it was a white man that was for trump. Many of my fellow white females are also for trump. Imagine my situation having to sit quietly in our republican support groups and pretending to go along with my female friends proclaim the virtues of trump.

  12. Brenda Says:

    Ma Qin, that was a very astute suggestion about the burkas. You have my sympathies. That attack against France attack continues a stretch of terrorist violence in Belgium, Turkey, Israel, Bangladesh, Iraq, and Tunisia, as well as here in the United States and in many other parts of the world.

    Men have to step up and say no to those who would practice that islamic shit in their countries. We as women have to start screening candidates on their positions on this issue.

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    Do you know a Bay Area artist who is doing amazing things? We want to hear from you! Highlight her efforts using #BayBrilliant.

  14. Mildred Says:

    Zen Lill there are plenty of Michelle readers here in the state of Indiana that don’t believe you are anything other than a product of Michelle’s and Doug’s imagination.

    I see you as a needed antagonist.

  15. Harry Reid Says:

    The choice in 2016 couldn’t be clearer, Ameirca.

    On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders reminded us why Senate control matters — not just to defend President Obama’s legacy, but to give working families a desperately needed voice.

    Days before, the Party of Trump invited their future nominee to Capitol Hill. And instead of challenging his hateful views, they welcomed him with open arms.

    So we have a decision to make: Do we fight for a Senate that will protect and grow our progress, or give Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz the chance to turn Trump’s rhetoric into reality?

  16. Roscoe Says:

    Howie, were are you. Zen Lill’s mention of UFOs is a reflection of what is on the minds of many of your fans.

    If you are still on the planet, let a fan know.

  17. LillyfromGuam Says:

    Hafa adai, chamorro mainlanders. Your accent may be showing.
    Swiss linguist researches the Chamorro accent.

    f you’ve ever traveled off-island and were told you have a peculiar accent, but weren’t sure how to describe it, not to worry. A linguist from Switzerland is here in Guam to study and document the Chamorro post-colonial accent.

    Graduate student Eva Kuzke from the University of Bern is here in Guam for the next month to study the post-colonial English dialect of local Chamorros. Before now, there has been little, if any, research in this area. “There was a master thesis a long time ago, I think in the 80′s but, very brief,” she detailed. “And no one’s described the English in Micronesia in general.”

    Kuzke is part of a group of academics studying English dialects throughout Micronesia, including Nauru, Kiribati, Kosrae and Saipan. “I’ve always been interested in ethnic varieties of English and I’ve always been interested in the way people speak the same language but they make it their own,” she said.

    As part of her research, she’s already interviewed about 30 Guam residents, and has already noticed a few peculiarities. “A lot of them have gone to the States and have been told, ‘You say this weird!’ I’ve noticed how they pronounce their vowels differently, more open, and I’ve said this before, they pronounce the word family different than they would in the United States. Instead of saying ‘family’, they say with the vowel more open.”

    She said Chamorros in Guam also say words uncommon in other places, such as “mainland”. She explained, saying, “A lot of people say ‘holy cow’ here, like ‘Holy cow!’, I know that other people say that, but specifically in Guam, everyone says ‘holy cow!’”

    She and a group of fellow University of Bern students are hoping to publish their studies of dialects throughout Micronesia. “We are planning to publish a book together where each person is going to have a chapter on their islands, so Guam is going to be a chapter in a book,” she promised.

    She plans to bring the book back to Guam, although publication could take a few years. In the meantime, Kuzke is continuing her research on island until next month.

    Guam residents interested in participating in the study can email mailto:english.guam@gmail.com.

  18. Ma Qin Says:

    Zen Lill#5, You are trop sucré. I will never be too afraid to use my moniker again. And you were also right about the shooting situation.

    At first everyone just thought the lorry was out of control. In the excitement who can shoot straight?

    It was a disaster for all. I hope your stay in Singapore is a very safe one. All to often I find myself thinking le monde est en train de perdre sa santé mentale.

  19. Grace Says:

    Yes, Michelle, trump is a rump sans the “T” for Thinker. Just another ass who the white boy sees as the next great white hope.

    So the will have no problem accepting Pence as his VP selection. In addition to his endless opposition to marriage equality, Pence fought for the discriminatory “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” and vehemently defended it in the national media. When he was in Congress, Pence never missed an opportunity to speak out and vote against our community – voting NO on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, NO on repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and NO on hate crimes legislation.

    Thus for the misogynistic white boy you have the perfect combination anti OTW, Women, and LGBTQ. What more could they ask for.

  20. Lilli of Guam Says:

    I am the real one. You know who I am talking to. Hafa Adai to everyone else. You can see the interview with the Swiss lady doing the research on Guam at this link. But more importantly the link provides a brief look at the skyline of Guam.

    I sent it to my mainland pards.

    Hafa Adai

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Anna/FG#10, feeling a little towards white men, are we?

  22. Peter/Guam Says:

    Anonynous#21, we have her back.

    Hafa adai, those of you on the mainland are missing out on Guam’s all girl group, “The Dolls.”

    They were out standing this weekend at the Guam Summer Beach Fest at Gov. Joseph Flores Memorial Park (Ypao Beach) in Tumon, on Saturday.

    As usual there were also a great line of live entertainment from local and international performers from Guam and Japan and beach-friendly activities for the entire family. So where were you?

    Come on back bro. We have many talented musicians on Guam and great international talent who will travel to Guam to perform on our stage on the beach with Two Lovers Point as their backdrop.

    The Guam Summer Beach Fest will run for seven weekends through Sunday, Aug. 28. GVB invites residents and visitors to spend their Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 5 to 9 p.m. on the beach.

    GVB also welcomes the launch of the new Tumon Night Market as part of the event. The Tumon Night Market will be located in the north lot of the Gov. Joseph Flores Memorial Park, with the Guam Summer Beach Fest activities taking place in close proximity to the beach.

    Plans are in store for Tumon to enjoy a dedicated Friday night market after the festival is over.

    Kicking off this event this Saturday is local progressive rock reggae band, The John Dank Show, concluding their four-week U.S. cities tour with their performance at the Guam Summer Beach Fest.

    “It’s good to be home!” said Frankie McJohn, lead singer for The John Dank Show. “You can expect to hear a lot of new music this weekend, including the new song that is playing on the radio called EZ4U.”

    McJohn also announced that the band will release its new full length album on Liberation Day.

    Saturday, Guam’s all-girl group, The Dolls, played the song they originally wrote and produced for the Guam Summer Beach Fest – Hot, Hot, Hot (For You) – which will be included in their new album that releases later this summer.

    Alice, a pop singer from Japan who is half Guamanian and half Japanese, is traveled in from Japan and performed on Saturday and Sunday night.

    A Miller Lite beer garden will be open each night of the beach fest. Sunday, the Guam International Film Festival played their Encore Family Showcase on the beach.

    The Guam Summer Beach Fest is a new signature GVB event featuring the Tumon Night Market from July 16 through Aug. 28. From 5 to 9 p.m., enjoy local and international bands, dance parties on the beach, family movie nights, food and beverage vendors and Saturday night fireworks at the Gov. Joseph Flores Memorial Park (Ypao Beach Fun Zone).

    Come in your swimsuit and zories and bring the entire family to spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights on the beach this summer.

    Hafa adai


  23. ECU Says:

    Here’s everything you need to know about Pence’s awful record:

    Mike Pence voted AGAINST the critical McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act

    After the Supreme Court handed down Citizens United, he declared it was a MAJOR victory and that “freedom won.”[1]

    Mike Pence has publicly said he’s “grateful” to the Koch Brothers and their dark money network for spending MILLIONS influencing elections[2]

  24. Jackie Says:

    There is a lot out there concerning the stupid shit this idiot has said and done.

    Pence: ‘Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill.’

    On his campaign site in 2000, Pence wrote that smoking “doesn’t kill” and concerns about the lethal impact of smoking were a product of “hysteria from the political class and the media.”

    Time for a quick reality check. Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill. In fact, 2 out of every three smokers does not die from a smoking related illness and 9 out of ten smokers do not contract lung cancer.

    Pence, in the article flagged by BuzzFeed in 2015, said that the real danger to the public was not cigarettes but “back-handed big government disguised in do-gooder healthcare rhetoric.”

  25. Becca Says:

    Pence’s mother didn’t just drop him on his head as a baby, she THREW HIM down the stairs.

  26. Stacie Says:

    Becca#25, Then picked him up and did it again.

  27. Eric Says:

    Being a Hoosier we were stuck with him now he’ll really be in a clown posse.

    Make no mistake about it I won’t for vote for either Democrat or Republican it’s a real circus you won’t believe how crazy Pence can be.

  28. Ruth A. Says:

    One thing about Michelle’s blog it does not take much to feed the idiot frenzy,does it becca@24,stacie@25 nuthin?

  29. Nathan Says:

    Stacie#25, Can you blame her?

  30. Howel Says:

    Ruth A#28, Whatever you say, blatantly illiterate elderly lady.

  31. Dan Says:

    I say spike him, like a football.

  32. Greg Says:

    Pence sounds like she beat him with a bible…

  33. Greg Says:

    Ruth A#28, That is an interesting way to counter a factual article that paints the pontential VP as a full blown ignorant goober.

    I guess calling people names while butchering grammar is easier than having a grasp of global warming or politics in general, huh?

  34. Mike Says:

    Becca#25, That’s a terrible thing to say. She didn’t throw him down the stairs – but she should have.

  35. Cathy Says:

    Greg#33, I’m sure that passes for cutting insight and commentary with RuthA#28, and her crowd.

    I’m sure she’s also intensely proud of her political acumen whenever she gets to use “dummocrats” and “Obummer” too.

  36. Judi Says:

    I think Pence’s mother took him to the bowling alley and mistook him for her ball..

  37. David Says:

    Love this blog Michelle, I can’t stop laughing.

  38. Michelle Says:

    Well at least the mother tried, it’s not her fault she didn’t know there wasn’t anything in his head.

  39. Kimberly Says:

    Pence tried to take Indiana back to pre-civil rights era and embarrassed himself and us in the process. Though, I’d be glad to get him away from Indiana, pairing with Trump is not what I had in mind.

  40. Wilma Says:

    Michelle, it’s the comment section of your blogs that makes the articles you select special, that and the opening monologue you sometimes add.

    I’ve been a fan for 7 years and counting.

  41. Cynthia Says:

    Pence is a true idiot.

    “Smoking Doesn’t Kill” And Other Great Old Op-Eds From Mike Pence, here are a few:
    Via web.archive.org

    1. Pence explains why Titanic was a popular movie, calling it a “metaphor before our eyes.”

    2. On climate change, Pence says CO2 from burning fuels can’t be the cause of increased global temperatures because it “is a naturally occurring phenomenon in nature…” not an unnatural one. He also mixes up India and Indonesia.

    Via web.archive.org
    3. Pence says George Washington was a Republican: “Republicans, from George Washington to George W. Bush just have better ideas.”
    Washington didn’t belong to any political party and famously warned against them in his farewell address.
    The boy is a bunch of donuts show of a dozen.

  42. Arlene Says:

    I wish you people would leave Pence’s momma out of it, she is not the reason he is mean and little dick.

  43. Arlene Says:

    and has a little dick. I was laughing too hard to get that right.

  44. Meredith Says:

    Actually the best part of the comment section and Michelle’s op eds is the fact neither are censored.

  45. Ruth A. Says:

    Go aheadCynthia@41, you bitch, make fun of your next VP. He along with Trump as your next PRESIDENT will sort this country out.

  46. Claire Says:

    Have you seen Pence’s official website. The use of Comic Sans is almost the worst part.

  47. Andrew Says:

    Michelle, Cynthia#41, Things like this are why no one under the age of 30 will vote Republican and why we won’t see a Republican president for several decades.

    I give millennials that… they don’t swallow bullshit as bad as my generation did.

  48. Hawthorn Says:

    Indiana has been putting up with this crap from Pence for years. You can understand why we have PTSD, right?

  49. Ryan Says:

    I really, really, really hope you’re right Andrew#47.

  50. Amanda Says:

    Ruth A. You shouldn’t get so angry about the posting of Pence’s comments. It’s just too easy to Google people nowadays and find out just how crazy they really are.

  51. Avila Says:

    Claire#46, actually, it is the best part
    I am a web developer, that is saying a LOT.

  52. Stella Says:

    Andrew#47, You’re wrong. 43% DID vote Republican last election. About the same as usual.

    Evil breeds evil, so expect racists to breed racists. They raise their little bigot-to-bes(BTB) to be just that. All those tiny penis white boys at donald’s rallies are panting to put OTWs back “in their place,” and women back in the kitchen.

    So if you don’t get out and vote, this country could end up like the UK with a fucked up leadership and idiots slobbering to make it worse.

  53. Britta Says:

    OK not to defend this guy, but his web design is pretty much state-of-the-art for the 1990s – early 2000s.

  54. Ken Says:

    Ruth A#45, maybe I’m wrong, being an Aussie and all, but aren’t they all actual news clips, I mean he did say those things….

  55. Karen Says:

    Why is it right wing evangelical fundamentalist “christians” are such hypocrites? For someone who’s spent the past few years railing about Big Government, he’s spent more time — 15 years — being a government employee than he’s spent in the private sector — 9 years.

  56. Aaron Says:

    Fuck you liberals. Obamas a trainwreck.

  57. Scott Says:

    “Smoking doesnt kill” he says and then uses the fact that 2 out of 3 smokers dont die from smoking related illness. People evolve over time but they dont become smarter, if he couldnt understand back then that a 33% kill rate is pretty dang high then there is no hope for him.

  58. Heather Says:

    Hold up. Let’s get the quote straight. “2 out of every three smokers does not die…” Gotta put his awesome grammar front and center

  59. Wayne Says:

    “…Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill.” 2 out of 3 smokers do not die from smoking related illness and 9 out of 10 smokers do not get lung cancer………….

    Okay, based upon Pence’s logic, he must oppose the illegalization of drugs since less drug users die from drug related illness.

  60. Gwen Says:

    All you people have proven is that Pence has been a moron for quite some time now, not just recently. That explains why he is willing to be Trump’s running mate.

  61. John Says:

    Learning more and more about Pence simply reaffirms my belief that there are numerous why abortions are justified. In Pence’s case, its too bad they can’t be retroactive.

  62. Medina Says:

    Best comment, John@61

  63. Ray Says:

    Medina#62, You must be an extremely unhappy sick individual to make such a ridiculously sad statement. Disgusting comment to make in regards to anyone.

  64. Debbie Says:

    Ray, I liked Medina#62′s post. Why do chumpers and Christian hate groups always say you are “sad” and “unhappy” when a fact is stated about their twisted beliefs?

  65. Ray Says:

    Debbie#64, Christian hate groups?? Seriously. I’m not aware of those and don’t believe I mentioned anything for you to make that judgement.

    Anyone who makes a statement or supports a statement being made that someone else’s life is less valuable bc they do not have the same opinions obviously has issues with thinking that’s appropriate.

    And yes, making a statement in regards to someone else’s beliefs or opinions insinuating that they should have been aborted because of those beliefs shows that persons personality and obviously someone who makes a statement like that cannot be a truly happy individual.

    It is in fact a sad and disgusting statement to make towards anyone. Someone who is a mature adult can actually voice their differences of opinions without making irrational extreme statements such as this.

  66. Tim Says:

    Ray#65, I think it was spot on. Especially, concerning Pence bills on women’s rights. He Should have been aborted.

    Maybe, using one of the Biblical potions they had back then. That would help his Christian first, policy.

  67. Marc Says:

    Ray#65, Medina#62 is not saying go out and kill the guy. It’s a joke. Lighten up. Given all the vile things conservatives say about President Obama, you have little basis to complain about this.

    And it’s not just his opinions that people object too, it’s his blatant misrepresentation of facts and misuse of data. Saying smoking doesn’t kill people or climate change is a myth is simply a lie.

  68. Zen Lill Says:

    14 lol Mildred I think my own LIVE family sees me as an unnecessary antagonist so if the Indiana chapter of MM blog prefers to believe I’m not real, maybe I can I send my sister over?
    She’s voting for T-rump (thank you for that laugh, forgot name/# of commenter sorry bc I luv it!) bc her husband “did all the ‘research’ on him and he’s the best and btw Hilary is a liar.”
    *sigh* my family is heavy on dysfunction, her voting fr rump is really the least of it …
    I’m lucky I made it out alive, if you choose to believe I’m fictional, have at it.

    Claude, thanks for the acknowledgement and I just got back from some NYC shopping so while they may be late, I’ll send Mischa some pics soon…(Indiana may have to change their minds : )

    John 61 best comment I agree with Medina.

    Watch T rump bc he’s a master with using one word or phrase to divert attention. In the marketing world his use of the word ‘again’ as in make America great again is the kind of stuff people rarely even question that they’re buying into…it’s subtle and affective in its inference. And time magazine summed him up pretty good this week. “I’m an intuitive guy” hmmm

    Ma Qin, I’m in Shenzhen now but even my close friends mix up my first expat life from my current one, and I agree with your French statement about the state of the world. Again *sigh* I don’t know what can be done about that.

    Luv, Zen Lill

  69. Paul Says:

    I hear 3 cops in Baton Rouge have been ambushed. Prepare to hear every white controlled media to be pushing “a war on cops.”

    I guess your blog has prompted some to take up the cause to discourage racist thugs with badges from killing unarmed blacks at will.

    Perhaps when they see what it is like to feel hunted when you accost someone behind the wheel they will reign in their brutality towards unarmed blacks.

    Personally I hope this is just the tip of the iceberg. Cops need to police themselves and stop the racist thugs with badges within their mists from murdering unarmed blacks.

    If they don’t then they have no right to cry about being collateral damage when those that can no longer accept the wanton murder of their own from taking action.

    White folk who have been looking the other way as racist thugs with badges have been murdering us at will can only blame themselves because when justice fails ANARCHY reigns.

  70. Alice Says:

    Baton Rouge police began to sweep under the rug the latest murder of a black person.

    Now all we hear is how “horrific” this killing of 3 cops is. How about how HORRIFIC it is when unarmed blacks are murdered by racists thugs with badges?

    Biased, slanted media out to inflame white america. These are the same tiny dick wonders who want everyone to have automatic weapons designed to murder human beings at an incredible rate.

    My advice to cops is to police your ranks. If you allow your partner to abuse his badge, then you are aiding and abetting a criminal. Don’t be surprised if you are the collateral damage when he is targeted by people who don’t want to be the victims of his racist behavior under the color of authority.

  71. Dwight Says:

    The white controlled media is screaming on every channel that this “attack” on cops is “unspeakable” and “an attack upon all of us.”

    Duh, it is an attack upon the attitude that black people are tired of being murdered by cops without any concern by the white justice controlled system.

    Fuck you motherfuckers if you think that black people are going to just roll over and be murdered by your racist dogs with the authority to murder blacks at will.

    I don’t have the courage to take up the mantle, but I am witnessing nothing just as white juries don’t see the videos showing the callous murder of blacks.

    I say to white bigots. Right your own fucking ship before you attempt to use the media to influence me to feel sorry for what is going on.

  72. Douglas Says:

    T rump will eat this up. It will fuel the white racists. I hear that Louisiana has rushed to pass legislation to make it a hate crime to kill a police officer in that state.

    I don’t suspect that those white boys considered that if they had acted to pass legislation to prevent or discourage racist thugs with badges from murdering unarmed blacks, this one would not have been necessary.


  73. Janet Says:

    Cleveland is an open carry state, so the republican convention is dealing with the hypocritical position of claiming the people have a 2nd amendment right to openly carry guns of any magnitude and their desire not to be murdered by one of those idiots.

    I can’t stop laughing. Deal with it you tiny penis assholes.