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Cartoon: False Equivalency

Posted by Michelle Moquin on October 27th, 2016

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Good morning!

From the DailyKos:

Cartoon: No comparison


Ever since the first debate between Hillary and Trump, many have remarked on the “ugliness” of this election season. It sounds so nice and bipartisan to call them both clowns and loftily pronounce yourself to be above the fray, but this is flagrant false equivalence. While I haven’t always agreed with Hillary on everything, relative to Trump she’s been a model candidate.

It’s worth noting that throughout history, people have said women can’t be president because they are too emotional, but Hillary has admirably demonstrated how a female candidate can have much greater self-control than her male opponent.


Readers: So true. As it has been pointed out before, if it was Hillary acting like Trump, people would be appalled and her candidacy for president would be all over. Period. Double standards are alive and showing up big time in this crazy political climate. I need to remind myself to take a deep breath and prepare myself because the double standards and misogyny that will show up when Hillary becomes Madame President will be even more palpable.

But like Hillary we women are strong. We have been living with being treated as second class citizens, dealing with sexism and misogyny on a daily basis in our country and around the world. And like Hillary’s display of great self-control, we too are symbols of great self-control, and are ready to take on the Trumps of the world.

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11 Responses to “Cartoon: False Equivalency”

  1. Peter/Guam Says:

    Hafa adai:

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Guam issued an opinion in the case of People v. Mansapit, 2016 Guam 30, reversing the Superior Court of Guam’s denial of a motion to suppress, and vacating the guilty plea and sentence of Raymond Siguenza Mansapit.

    Mansapit was charged with DUI following a traffic stop. Police received a tip regarding a man with weapons, and after continued contact with the tipster who remained in pursuit, the officers pulled over Mansapit’s vehicle. Following the stop, police subjected Mansapit to sobriety tests, finding him intoxicated. Mansapit maintained that neither the tip nor the observation of one vehicle following another on the roads of Guam provided reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, and therefore the stop was unjustified. Mansapit moved to suppress evidence obtained as a result of the stop, which the trial court denied. The government argued that the trial court’s denial should be affirmed because the tipster and Mansapit were engaged in a chase-like situation sufficient to justify a stop. Mansapit later pleaded guilty to DUI, but reserved his right to appeal the denial of his motion to suppress.

    In an opinion authored by Associate Justice Katherine Maraman and joined by Chief Justice Robert Torres and Associate Justice Philip Carbullido, the court held that there was no reasonable suspicion justifying the traffic stop, and all evidence obtained therefrom should have been excluded. Accordingly, the court reversed the trial court’s denial of Mansapit’s motion to suppress, vacated Mansapit’s guilty plea and sentence, and remanded the matter to the trial court.

  2. Carie Says:

    I agree with you Michelle. This double standard only works because white women allow white men to get away with it by voting for those men who do god-awfull things.

  3. Lucy Says:

    The Clintons have a right wing “Judicial Watch” poking and prodding into every aspect of their lives trying to make them look dirty and send them to jail.

    They face an industry of “book” authors willing to print the most fantastical lies about them, lies gobbled up by hundreds of thousands of readers. Go look at the Times nonfiction best-seller list. Sit down first.

  4. Irene Says:

    I agree with you Michelle. The Republicans, and Judicial Watch, the source of most of these scandal stories, are going to do everything they can to keep Hilary on the front pages between now and Election Day. Oh—with assists from Julian Assange and Vladimir Putin.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The media are showing every sign of falling for each and every breathless Judicial Watch press release that lands in their inboxes without the least bit of skepticism and scrutiny. I discussed the weaknesses of that big AP story in my previous column. There’ve been other lame stories recently, too. The Crown Prince of Bahrain one was another preposterous Clinton Rules piece. He made his donation to the Clinton Global Initiative—which wasn’t really a donation per se but seed money for a program for Bahraini students to study in America—long before Clinton became secretary of state—so he’d have to have been clairvoyant to know he was going to be corrupting a future secretary four and five years later.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    There looks to be a link between fresh Clinton scandal stories in the newspapers and her approval numbers dropping from a still-lamentable-but-manageable minus-8 or 10 to a (gulp!) minus-15 or 17. And in the last two weeks, of course, as we’ve seen a new batch of such articles, her negatives have inched back up, and the head-to-head polls have tightened.

  7. Diane Says:

    Has Todd even bothered to compare the Clinton Foundation to the Thousand Points of Light Bush Foundation? I swear if Hillary Clinton loses and I am ever near Todd, I will verbally pummel him until all the crap drains from his pores.

  8. Margret Says:

    I’m sick of the phrase “this raises questions”. No, it doesn’t. You (the media) and Trump supporters WANT it to be in the news and question it. But, there is no logical cause and effect for 95% plus of their Hillary coverage.

  9. Gwen Says:

    I agree with you Diane#7, s that Chuck Todd who slurred that comment? I thought he was a jackass as soon as the words spittled out of his mouth. NOW there is a guy who needs to be taken into a backroom and whatever it was that Keith Olbermann said about Hillary Clinton back in 2008.

  10. Sandra Says:

    The longer this goes the more I’m convinced the media really wants Trump. I’m probably paranoid but that’s probably because I’m really afraid of what he’d do.

  11. Zia Says:

    Sandra#10, No, they just carelessly don’t take him seriously. To them, the important thing is being the person to take down a Clinton. They view destroying her as the ultimate prize- the ultimate feather in their caps that would (in their eyes) make them this generation’s Woodward and Bernstein. They don’t give a fuck about Donnie because he’s easy and digging dirt on him won’t help their careers (look at how everyone ignores the great work Farenthold is doing at WaPo). Breaking a story on Clinton OTH would be a golden ticket to VSP land, the exclusive club these clowns all obsess about.

    Breaking a damaging Clinton story is the Villager Holy Grail, so they will continue to dig and dig, not letting the complete lack of any substantive evidence slow them down in the slightest- the prize, should they be “the one”, is simply too irresistible…