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Romney aka “Mr. ________” – What do you call him?

Posted by Michelle Moquin on April 18th, 2012

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Good morning!


I pulled this write from Maddow’s Blog this morning. Although Romney is Mr. Secrecy, it isn’t exactly the name I would call him. I can’t help it but ever time I see him the only word that comes to mind is “sleazy”…well not the only word...LSOS is another. So…If I was the writer of this write I might call the title “A growing interest in Mr. Sleazy”.  What do you call him?

A growing interest in Mr. Secrecy

Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:27 AM EDT

Mitt Romney appears rather desperate to shield his tax returns from public scrutiny. He hasthe materials — when Romney was considered for John McCain’s 2008 ticket, the former governor turned over 23 years worth of returns — he just doesn’t want to share the materials.

The Romney campaign, however, has a new line it hopes will put a stop to the questions. Ed Gillespie told Fox News the other day, “In 2004, John Kerry as a Democratic presidential nominee, released two years of tax returns. In 2012, Governor Romney will release two years.” Romney himself repeated this on CNBC yesterday, saying, “John Kerry released two years of taxes.”

The problem, of course, is that the talking point isn’t true. Judd Legum explained that Kerry, by the time of his 2004 presidential campaign, had actually released 20 years of tax returns.

Romney was only off by a factor of 10.

The larger point, however, is that Romney’s secretive habits and desire to keep relevant details out of public view are opening up a new vulnerability that Democrats seem eager to target: his penchant for secrecy. The Democratic National Committee released this video on Tuesday, asking “what else” Romney might be hiding.

If it were just the tax returns, it’d be problematic enough, but Romney appears to haveestablished a pattern that leaves him vulnerable: he bought the hard drives from his term as governor so he could hide emails from the public; he’s hiding the names of his fundraising bundlers from the public; he’s keeping details of his policy agenda hidden from the public until after the election, etc.

These moves don’t exactly inspire trust in the presumptive Republican nominee.

For its part, there’s a Republican response to this: Obama is going after Romney’s religion. No, seriously.

Alec MacGillis flagged a report from Mike Allen’s Playbook, in which he quoted an unnamed Republican pushing back against accusations surrounding Romney’s secrecy.

“These are exactly the kind of questions we asked about Obama in 2008 and were accused of race baiting, or suggesting he was somehow un-American. Now they ask it: What’s his secret? It does seem like they are going after the Mormonism, right? I’d do the same thing if I was them. But we were never up on our high horse about better angels and hope and change and all that B.S.”

Allen’s report also quoted an unnamed LDS member:

“[T]his is a way to talk about Romney’s Mormonism without appearing to be attacking his religion…. Because, isn’t Mormonism some mysterious cult involving secret temple rites and strange undergarments? And it just happens to dovetail with some minor points on offshore accounts, but I think the message between the lines is clear.”

I have to admit, I didn’t see this one coming. If Democrats notice that Romney is keeping his tax returns hidden, and he purchased 17 state-issued hard drives, purging the Romney administration’s email records in advance of his presidential campaign, this is all part of an elaborate scheme to talk about … Mormons?

Someone’s going to have to explain this one to me.

My sincere hope is that we won’t reach the point at which every criticism of Romney leads to shrieks from Republicans saying, “See? They’re attacking his faith!” This kind of response to legitimate and secular inquiries is cheap, lazy, and wrong.


Readers: That is certainly something to HOPE for, but is there any question this is exactly what the republicans will do? We already know, the “party of no”,  that shout “ABO!” (Anybody but Obama!) will stoop as low as they can go.

Blog me. 

Anonz: Thank you for always keeping us informed. Let’s HOPE the president is reading too.

Lucia: Did I say the republicans will stoop as low as they can go? And evidently the Secret Service are not above taking bribes.

So much for the SS honoring their secrecy. I have a hard time believing that all of the SS were bribed and bragging, but it doesn’t surprise me that the ones who weren’t, if any, didn’t say, “Shut the fuck up” to the others or just separate themselves from the scene. But you know how the big head can overrule the little head. It doesn’t matter now. Whether you were bribed, bragging, or not, they’re all busted.

All I can say is “Where is the loyalty? What happened to respecting and protecting president Obama and the well-being of our country?” It seems all you need to do is toss around a few million bucks to the greedy and you can say goodbye to loyalty and country.

JD: Intelligence can’t be taught…you got it or your don’t and JD…DON’T.

Je: Love it.

Helen: With respect to Glen’s apology, I have to agree with Zen Lill. That is the problem these days, men apologize for the horrific things they say and do after, and only after, they are scolded, and women such as yourself, read it as genuine and accept it.  If no one said anything, would Glen have apologized? I doubt it. He would’ve figured he got away with it because he did…and then guess what? He would behave like this all over again. When will this stop? Men get away with this sort of thing all of the time because women such as yourself accept their apologies as sincere.

I don’t. In my opinion, his true thoughts came bursting out with very little care about what he was typing out. He could’ve re-read what he wrote before he hit the comment button, sending it out for all to see. But he didn’t. If he really didn’t mean it then he shouldn’t have written it. Why would you write such a nasty thing to a woman if you didn’t mean it? Why? Because men get away with this kind of thing all of the time.

Treating women with disrespect is the normal on this planet. And when men apologize for it after they’ve been scolded, and it is accepted by certain women, all that does is make light of the nasty comment. Like it was no big deal. It is a big deal. And unacceptable. When women stop putting up with such bad behavior by men, and start standing up for their sisters, and not buy the BS apologies by men, perhaps things will then change for women.

Peace & Love. 

Lastly, greed over a great story is surfacing from my “loyal”(?) readers. With all this back and forth about who owns what, that appears on my blog, let me reiterate that all material posted on my blog becomes the sole property of my blog. If you want to reserve any proprietary rights don’t post it to my blog. I will prominently display this caveat on my blog from now on to remind those who may have forgotten this notice.

Gratefully your blog host,


Aka BABE: We all know what this means by now :)

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40 Responses to “Romney aka “Mr. ________” – What do you call him?”

  1. Health Info Says:

    The Truth About e-Cigarettes

    If you’ve been to a mall lately, chances are you’ve seen e-cigarettes being sold at a kiosk. Instead of producing smoke, battery-operated e-cigarettes (which have been growing in popularity since they were introduced in 2005) turn a nicotine-filled liquid into a vapor that’s inhaled or “vaped.”

    So using e-cigarettes is often marketed as the “safe” way to smoke and as a healthy way to wean yourself off actual cigarettes—but is it?
    A new study is the first to call that common claim into question.

    There has been very little research to date on the safety of e-cigarettes, yet they’re still allowed to be sold because they’re categorized as “tobacco products,” as opposed to “drug delivery” devices.

    So researchers at the Center for Global Tobacco Control at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston were eager to get some answers.

    The study goal was to see whether using an e-cigarette for just five minutes, the average amount of time it takes a person to smoke one regular cigarette, would impact lung health.

    Results were published online in the medical journal Chest. To learn more, I called Constantine Vardavas, MD, RN, MPH, PhD, a scientist at the Center and the study’s lead author.

    How the study worked: Participants included 30 male and female smokers, ages 19 to 56.

    Researchers tested participants’ lung function and then asked them to “vape” from an e-cigarette for five minutes, and during that five-minute period the researchers retested each subject’s lung function.

    The results: Researchers discovered that five minutes of vaping increased airway constriction in the lungs by 18%, on average.

    This result was too small to lead to shortness of breath or breathing difficulties, but the concern is that more frequent or prolonged vaping could potentially lead to those health problems.

    Even more worrisome, said Dr. Vardavas, was the second finding—use of the e-cigarettes reduced the amount of nitric oxide that was exhaled (by 16%), and that is an indication of inflammation in the lungs.
    All after just five minutes!

    The study did not examine how long the participants’ lungs suffered these effects, Dr. Varadavas said. He suspects that airway constriction likely improved and that inflammation likely subsided relatively quickly.

    But, he wondered, what if someone “smokes” an e-cigarette multiple times a day, day after day?

    Would the lungs be able to bounce back as quickly…or at all? The truth is, no one knows, but we do now know that e-cigarettes are not entirely harmless.

    The FDA is not ignoring the e-cigarette health question. Back in 2010, the FDA tried to categorize them as drug-delivery devices.

    This would have compelled manufacturers to prove that that the devices are safe and effective at helping people quit smoking.

    But a US Court of Appeals blocked the FDA’s attempt because the court didn’t agree with the categorization, so manufacturers never had to do any of that.

    Supporters of e-cigarettes argue that any toxins in e-cigarettes are present in very small amounts and are found in other FDA-approved products, such as nicotine patches and nicotine gum.

    They add that the FDA has yet to provide any proof that these contents cause harm. And there is at least one small study that has shown that e-cigarettes may help people quit smoking.

    The gist of the argument for e-cigarettes, if I may paraphrase, is that e-cigarettes might harm you a little bit, but real cigarettes are much, much more harmful.

    That may be. But “vape” with caution—they aren’t harmless.

    Source: Constantine Vardavas, MD, RN, MPH, PhD, visiting scientist at Center for Global Tobacco Control, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston.

  2. Kent Says:

    Oh, please Zen Lill. I may be a man but I am still entitled to my opinion. You are a woman who has established that you can see the man’s side of an issue. Well, stand up for my right to disagree with you.

    I watch the “Now with Alex Wagner” program regularly. The program often has women on it who support the likes of Romney, Rick Santorum. Women who support men who have shown that they are not interested in the equality of women are just plain stupid.

    90% of those women are white. You can say what you want but if the shoe fits, whether you are a man or a woman the title goes with that fit. Hollywood is very much aware that white women are easily manipulated by certain elements that we employ when making a movie we want to appeal to that demographic.

    Those are the facts. Michelle you can kill the messenger or work to educate you female audience. Women will continue to be battered, forced to obey any medical whim an organized group of men wants to inflict upon them as long as they continue to give men the benefit of the doubt as Zen Lill does.

    She like most white women only complain when the actions of those men impact them personally. But as the saying goes if you aren’t willing to stand up for your neighbor when they are being abused, who will be left to support you.

    So if Zen Lill can find a story to justify her support of men when they have differences with other women, then where is her story when we disagree with her?

    Michelle, I did not call Zen Lill any derogatory name. I called her dumb. If in my estimate she is dumb then I am entitled to call her dumb. Being a woman doesn’t shield a person from being a LSOS.

    I don’t feel that Zen Lill belongs in that category, but I do feel some of her opinions fit definitely in the dumb category. My character definition of her was the woman who brought the other side of the “men are just plain evil” to the blog.

    But some times she steps pass that into the field of ignorance, such as when she supports behavior of men that is just plain stupid on their part. If I feel that is the case I should be allowed to express myself and deal with the ramifications.

    I do not fear confrontation.

    Zen Lill you come across as seeing the man’s side when other women complain about the behavior of men. It is a bit hypocritical to now cry foul when a man jumps on you in a way that you don’t like. Where’s you argument that women behave as I did now?

    Oh that only applies to the actions of men towards OTHER women. Hypocrite. Can I use that word without being considered offensive to women.

    While I disagree with the degree Glen went to when he attacked Zen Lill on a below the belt way, I do believe if women are going to jump into the field of politics, then you had better be ready to take the heat that men bring to each other.

    I stand by my statement that I believe you Zen Lill to belong to that group of white women that are just plain easy to be manipulated by Lying Sack of Shit white men.

    Michelle, perhaps Glen wouldn’t have apologized if he hadn’t been called to task for his attack upon Zen Lill, but I give him the benefit of the doubt.


  3. Jackie Says:

    Zen Lill

    I don’t see anything wrong with a woman calling a man a dumb ass. I and many of my friends have and do so often. Neither do I see anything wrong with a man calling a woman a dumb ass.

    As long as it is particular to the situation, a man should have the same right to call a woman a dumb ass or anything else that a woman can call a man.


  4. Helen Says:

    Michelle, I am entitled to believe that Glen was genuine in his effort to apologize. I notice you don’t disagree with Zen Lill when she takes the side of a man who has behaved negatively towards women.

    How often have I read a story by her demonstrating a women doing the identical thing and her saying something to the effect “see women do it to.”

    Am I not entitled to say I know of women who have gone off on a man the way Glen did to Zen Lill and then genuinely apologized.

    So why can’t Glen’s apology be given the benefit of the doubt?

    Zen Lill:

    Your ” a man insults me” has a lot more zing to it than “a man insults you” because you have been a lot more understanding of the man’t point of view when it was another woman being dissed by a man.

    Say whatever you will about or to me. All I see is sour grapes and hypocrisy. You aren’t nearly as insulted when the man is doing it to other women.

    I stand by by convictions. I believe that Glen recognized his mistake and make a sincere act of contrition.

    Why don’t you do what most of the time in one of these situations on this blog you advise and take your own advice and give the man the benefit of the doubt.


  5. Human Events Says:

    The Right to Bear Arms is a Human Right
    by Newt Gingrich

    Dear Fellow Conservative,

    At the United Nations, the governments (and the dictatorships) of the world are conspiring to deny their people a means to defend their families and their liberty.

    The Small Arms Treaty and the U.N.’s project on International Small Arms Control Standards seek to impose global restrictions on gun ownership that would apply to Americans and the citizens of every country that ratified the agreements. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has pledged to support the treaty, an excuse for governments everywhere to empower themselves and limit their citizens instead of the other way around.

    As long as we’re limited to fighting over the Left’s gun control agenda we’re debating on their terms. We have to go on offense.

    The Constitution does not give us the right to bear arms. It says the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. We already have the right, because it doesn’t come from government–it comes from God.

    Our founders understood this right is essential to the defense of liberty. It was a lesson they learned firsthand at the Battles of Lexington and Concord, 237 years ago this week. As David Hackett Fischer’s Paul Revere’s Ride recounts, in order to quench the beginnings of the American Revolution, British soldiers marched to confiscate gunpowder and other militia supplies, an act that they hoped would incapacitate the colonial rebels. Thus, it was in defense of the right to bear arms as a means of securing the other liberties that the first battle of the American Revolution was fought.

  6. LB Says:

    The flip flopper actually did a flip flop in an instant when trying to avoid the equal pay for women issue.

    Actually, in one sentence, he said he supports equal pay for women AND that he would keep the issue the same as it has been. Ambiguity, Romney.

    Why, oh Why would we hope to have a billionaire in the whitehouse who has absolutely no sense at all of the value of money since he can make a twenty thousand dollar bet without even having to think about it or who thinks three hundred thousand dollars is “a little money.”?

    Like coin change for him, huh? Consider that he thinks his “never had to work outside the home, let the servants do it all” wife is a good example of his authenticity for president. That is “out of touch” to the zilliance degree.

  7. PK Says:

    Romney is quite good at evading questions. Probably can’t remember what he said yesterday on the issue, since he seems to change his mind daily on every answer. As a President he would be a disaster.

  8. MW Says:

    Romney has taken virtually every position on everything over the past ten years. Now he thinks he can defer to his record to answer questions. The question is what record and on what particular day?

  9. Lewis Says:

    I’m waiting for that story about just such a situation Zen Lill that happened to a friend of yours. One that will give Glen a break.

    I don’t agree with the way he attacked you. But I do agree with his immediate withdrawal of his attack.


  10. Anonymous Says:

    Mormon’s believe that women are subservient to men as do the baggers. Birds of a feather, etc..

  11. EC Says:

    Obama has NEVER answered a tough question in his entire life.

  12. ID Says:

    Let’s put it this way:

    Mitt Romney doesn’t have a stance on ANYTHING.
    Moreover, if at any point Romney were to take a stance on something, it will change depending on who he’s taking to.

    If you vote for Romney, it is clear you haven’t been paying attention to this election.

    I won’t vote for him, because he dodges every single important issue. I’ll be damned if I find out how he feels in November.

    According to a popular novel, if two screw knobs were in an puppet creature’s jaw, you’d be called Frankenstein’s monster.

    These days, it would be called the Romney Etch-a-Sketch.

  13. Zen Lill Says:

    Well, helllloooo!

    You all can battle on and have your say, it is your right and privilege to call me or any woman/man dumb ass, stupid, hypocritical or what-have-you, (it was actually the offensive ‘you’re an easy lay’ bs, what kind of old school, lazy assed, woman trashing kind of comment is that? & I would see you coming from a mile away so it’s really not a problem for me : ) Do you think I don’t meet men like you all the time? your type is literally transparent…

    I feel no need to defend myself against what I consider ludicrous and just further garbage that Kent wants to promote and you can all feel free to trash me for standing up for myself but not other women (if that’s what you believe after all this time, then have at it : ) and you can all feel free to see my hypocrisy (if you believe that also after all this time, ok, fine…whatev : ) I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you all can decide I’m dumb or whatever the heck you please, it does not slow down my personal game. I love how you like to glom onto the times that I’ve said women do that, too…so please either spend your time throwing me under your silly zen Lilli bus or deal with Mr Mitt, it’s your time, energy and space to fill on MM blog.

    Luv, Zen Lill

  14. Ma Qin Says:

    Zen Lill:

    Never fear we got your back. There are plenty of women on this blog who know that you are a stand up woman.

    We love you Zen Lill.

    Ma Qin

  15. Human Events Says:

    Negroes with guns
    by Ann Coulter

    Liberals have leapt on the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida to push for the repeal of “stand your ground” laws and to demand tighter gun control.

    (MSNBC’S Karen Finney blamed “the same people who stymied gun regulation at every point.”)

    This would be like demanding more funding for the General Services Administration after seeing how its employees blew taxpayer money on a party weekend in Las Vegas.

    We don’t know the facts yet, but let’s assume the conclusion MSNBC is leaping to is accurate: George Zimmerman stalked a small black child and murdered him in cold blood, just because he was black.

    If that were true, every black person in America should get a gun and join the National Rifle Association, America’s oldest and most august civil rights organization.

    Apparently this has occurred to no one because our excellent public education system ensures that no American under the age of 60 has the slightest notion of this country’s history.

    Gun control laws were originally promulgated by Democrats to keep guns out of the hands of blacks.

    This allowed the Democratic policy of slavery to proceed with fewer bumps and, after the Civil War, allowed the Democratic Ku Klux Klan to menace and murder black Americans with little resistance.

  16. US Action Says:

    A leading Republican budget committee just voted to slash funding for food stamps — a program that 46 million American families rely on — so they can protect wasteful military spending!1

    Even the Department of Defense is calling for bigger cuts than the Ryan Republicans.2 But rather than making cuts to the bloated defense budget, the Republican leadership would rather take food out of children’s mouths.

    Three out of four households receiving nutrition assistance have a child, and 25 percent have an elderly person or a person with disabilities living with them.3

    Republicans claim they are serious about cutting the deficit, but their latest budget proposal is filled with draconian cuts for programs helping the working class, while increasing the Pentagon budget and tax cuts for the richest 1%.

    As President Obama said recently, Paul Ryan’s Budget is ‘nothing but thinly veiled Social Darwinism.’4

    At a time when our communities are wrangling with foreclosure and long-term unemployment, we can’t cut food stamps — a lifeline to many struggling families.

    David Elliot
    USAction / TrueMajority

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Columbia Journalism Review’s Trudy Lieberman has written a lengthy lamentation on the state of our Social Security journalism, and finds that the media has performed a “dubious role” in shaping the debate over the program.

    “Dubious” in that media outlets have done a pretty awful job doing “journalism.”

    Moreover, bad journalism begets bad information begets bad decisions. This is why it’s so appalling when journalists get marginal tax rates wrong — people turn down raises.

    And then, the guy from Politico writes about how everyone in America is stupid. But the fish rots from the head!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    What war on women?, the GOP keeps asking? Bueller? Bueller?

    Here! This war:

    - redefinition of rape (attempted in Georgia)
    - repeal of child labor laws (passed in Maine)
    - repeal of minimum wage
    - the effort to make contraception unaffordable
    - the redefinition of life itself (beginning now before conception)
    - cutting of aid for pregnant Read More…

  19. CT Says:

    Virtually every position taken by the current radical right is about further empowering and protecting the interests of the 1% and their corporations!

  20. Reba Says:

    Zen Lill:

    Glen was dead wrong for his easy lay comment. It just shows where his mind is. He wishes.


  21. Uwella Says:

    Zen Lill, you handled yourself like the lady you are.

  22. Caroline & 4 Cuz Says:

    We got your back Zen Lill.

  23. WB Says:

    A woman who has worked hard her whole life and knows the injustice of unequal pay criticizes Romney.

    Quick, Mitt! Ask Ann her expertise on this!

  24. HX Says:

    Why don’t you lefties just come out and say it. You want the federal government to determine how everyone is paid in every industry.

    Fair pay for Equal work, all the catchy phrases, etc. Actually, what you want is the federal government to run every private enterprise, so they are “green”, pay appropriate salaries, pay appropriate taxes, make appropriate products, or services, etc.

    You know you want it. Let go! Just admit it. The government rules! Us citizens should get an allowance to spend on appropriate allowance to spend on candy and treats.

  25. Prism Princess Says:

    If you let up on the pursuit, He might alight.


  26. Ron Says:

    Ted Nugent talks big “We are BraveHeart” he says. Yet he chickened out when he was called to serve in Vietnam.

    The only shooting he as done is at defenseless animals.


  27. LL Says:

    There are hundreds of millions of gun owners in this country, and not one of them will have an accident today.

    The only misuse of guns comes in environments where there are drugs, alcohol, bad parents, and undisciplined children. Period.
    Ted Nugent

  28. OR Says:

    I’ve never seen a president as evil as Obama. He is dividing the country by race, by gender and by class. No other president has never been this evil.

  29. LJ Says:

    I want to hear when Holder is going to issue arrests for the New Black panthers and Al Sharpton?

  30. SO Says:

    Little ted is very brave as long as he is with the NRA sub culture.Now he is saying he would never ever threaten anyone. Sure, teddy, save it for the mud crawlers.

  31. DB Says:

    I love Ted Nugent. He was not threatening anyone’s life. He was rallying the troops to take our country back. Ted, YOU ROCK!!. The Dems are, again, using-spinning anything anyone says to suit their purposes!!

  32. Irene Says:

    Michelle I checked in to support you and Zen Lill, but as I started reading the last few comments. I had to recheck to see if I was actually on your blog.

    All this support for that draft dodger ted nugent made me suspect I had hit a blog sponsoring a hillbilly reunion.

    You go Girlz.


  33. NN Says:

    Ted has gone from being an overrated “rockstar” to a right wing wackadoodle.

    This guy was always the butt of jokes among every rocker ever asked for an opinon about him; a foul-mouthed untalented music hack who appealed mainly to the Beavis and Buttheads out there – his sociopathic world views appeals to extremists in music and politics.

    The guy is a complete waste of oxygen.

  34. KG Says:

    Nugents words may have been abrasive but he has the right to say what he feels. I don’t remember Libs condemning remarks towards Republican officials, which I might add have been far more controversial.

    Keep fighting the for the American people Ted! There are millions who stand behind you but only afraid to speak the truth… you are the voice of many!

  35. MM Says:

    Ted Nugent may be a decent rock guitarist but his music was always shallow. For him to call anyone “soulless” is really a crock.

    As someone who lives in one of the best elk hunting areas in North America and who does hunt, I see Nugent as someone compulsed to kill.

    His entire life it seems as per some of his TV appearances is about guns and killing animals.

    The man does have skills as a hunter but his spiel is way over the top and Nugent fully deserves scrutiny by the Secret Service because of the nature of his comments.

  36. MS Says:

    Republicans are soooooo hateful. They are scary. Their emails are lies. I’m afraid to put Obama stickers on my car !! What happen to America??

    Obama said we are not Red America or Blue America… We are The United State Of America.

  37. Human Events Says:

    John was in Lancaster, Pa. last night at the county GOP dinner where the presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were speaking. John’s pieces are live on the site morning. From John’s reports –

    • Gingrich is staying in until the Tampa convention for ‘the conservative movement.’
    • Conservatives are rallying behind Ann Romney, especially in light of the disparaging comments made about her, and at the dinner last night, several hundred stickers were made saying “Ann Romney for First Lady”
    • John reported on the administration’s ‘war on coal’ in West Virginia, and after speaking with some congressional Republicans from PA, it’s happening there, too.

    Other stories that we are covering –

    • Audrey Hudson has the latest from the Hill last night as the House voted on The Sportsmen’s Heritage Act, which restores hunters and fishermen to fish and shoot on certain public lands to pursue their sport. As you can imagine, the left has gone apoplectic at this notion, clamoring that the environment will be adversely affected.
    • The president has a lot of fun going after boogeymen every week, trying to score political points. This time, it’s the dreaded and evil oil speculators, saying that it’s important to beef up police units to go after these folks because of their manipulation of the oil market to turn a profit. Didn’t President Bush look in to the notion that oil speculators are driving up costs deliberately? He did and found no evidence saying just that. John Hayward and David Harsanyi have the stories.

    Make sure to take a look at John Stossel’s column and a few of our choice picks from around the web. They’re pretty Romney heavy, but it’s important to note the endorsements from conservatives are rolling in fast and furious. Today, Mitch Daniels, governor of Indiana, endorsed Romney. Yesterday it was Speaker of the House John Boehner. It was inevitable, but in light of the Gallup Daily Tracker polls, it shows that Romney is getting stronger among conservatives and registered voters, in general.

    Have a good Wednesday.


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  39. 116k/7 Says:

    The assignment to shadow the USS Chicago should not allow larger than standard hovercraft to do so as this class of sub has means of defining the larger size.

    Notice is given as it was okay for larger sizes to shadow the USS Houston.

    As Japan has shut down all their nuclear reactors to avoid any reaction that my result from a misunderstanding concerning the present agreement, the USS Chicago will undoubtedly be the nuclear field you will register.

    The Emperor will view unkindly any danger caused the Princess.


  40. Burt Says:

    Howie, if you are back, what is the deal with the Japanese being afraid to use their huge numbers of nuclear plants. What did they do to piss off the aliens?


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