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The Day After

Posted by Michelle Moquin on November 5th, 2014

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What are the results?

Good morning!

Well, if you don’t know by now, it isn’t great news. It would’ve been wonderful had we retained the Senate plus some, and I was counting on it..HOPEing for it. But we lost seats all around, and the repubs are now in control.

What was the issue? Did the Dems not show up? Was the problem the gerrymandering, SCOTUS making voter suppression the law of the land, and election day disenfranchising. Did you hear about Texas? Or a combination of all the above?

No other two term president (Bush, Clinton, Reagan,) has ever had his party in the majority in his 6th year of his presidency – I thought Obama would make it a first, but that is just me with my HOPE and wishful thinking. Still it is very disappointing.

And, I still can’t believe that after everything repubs Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and Rick Scott in Florida have done and said (not to mention Mitch McConnell), that they all won re-election (even after Walker moved!). Shocking.

Interesting how the minimum wage got passed in states (Thank you Elizabeth Warren for fighting hard for this one!), and yet the repubs gained control – the party that was against it.

All I can say is it will be an interesting last two years for Obama. We will see what we the people get when we sit on our asses. I think we will certainly hear what women will say when they truly see that the repub men didn’t value them nor their vote.

I spoke with  girlfriend, a Dem, who voted but was considering not voting. She said she had thought that if the repubs took over, well then maybe something would get done. You would never hear a repub say that if in the same situation. That’s the thing with some Dems, they want to get stuff done…they want to see movement in Congress, even if it isn’t what most people want, it’s something. And the repubs, they’ll just continue to be the party of no, and would rather get nothing done even if the people want it, just because they don’t want to see Obama successful.

I know that what I’m about to say might sound overly “rah-rah” since we just lost big time. But the last thing we want to do over the next 2 years is become complacent. I know…I know…if we can’t even get voters to the polls for one day, how can we rile them up, and excite them enough to participate continually to get what we want? I don’t know, but sitting on our asses is not going to do it.

So…What will Obama do? Will he define his last two years or will he let the repubs define it? I am HOPEing that Obama will take it on. My gut instinct is he will. But that means WE have to take it on too. Grassroots movements need to keep on keepin’ on in spite of who’s controlling Congress.

For example, if we don’t want Obamacare to be repealed (because the repubs will most certainly go after this again), or unnecessary tampering with medicare and medicaid…if we don’t want the Keystone pipeline, or if we women are fed up with losing our rights of our bodies, or if you care when the repubs don’t honor the minimum wage raise…this is the time for us to voice our opinions, and voice them loud.

If Obama feels that there is a mandate in any of these areas, he will listen. But we just have to shout loud enough, and not let this bring us down to where we do nothing.

It is a tall order. Will the American people do it? Are we willing to put in the time? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

It was a long night and I had a very early morning…so…I’m done for now. Your turn. What are your thoughts about election day results? Blog me. 

Howie: Thanks for the update. I was getting concerned.

Vivv: Happy to hear you and Adam are back and safe. I HOPE you’re both doing well.

OC: I must’ve read your comment at least a few times. I felt sick from reading it because it is all so true. I felt sick last night when I kept seeing another repub win. It just goes to show you how strong racism is and that the love of money is more important than peoples’ lives, that yes they will vote against their own best interest, or not engage or vote at all…and then blame Obama when nothing gets done.

I kept thinking we would pull through, that women really would wake up and take their lives in their own hands. But as you can see from the results, not much shakin’ of the tree went on.

Florida Voter: That’s part of the problem…people didn’t vote and went to bed.

Peace & Love.

Lastly, greed over a great story is surfacing from my “loyal”(?) readers. With all this back and forth about who owns what, that appears on my blog, let me reiterate that all material posted on my blog becomes the sole property of my blog. If you want to reserve any proprietary rights don’t post it to my blog. I will prominently display this caveat on my blog from now on to remind those who may have forgotten this notice.

Gratefully your blog host,


Aka BABE: We all know what this means by now :)

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16 Responses to “The Day After”

  1. Lacy Says:

    Apathy and laziness won the day.

  2. Health Info Says:

    We no longer feel good about inserting the old sources of Health info. The service has been bought by corporation that uses it as a scare tactic to promote their clients’ products.

    We will find other sources less likely to be as bad. The 1% have just about purchased every medical information source on the planet. Most are now mere ifomercials for various products disguised as health information.

  3. Mike,TM Says:

    Yesterday was a tough day Michelle. But if the bulk of the lazy ones that didn’t bother to vote feel the sting the next two years from this crowd, maybe it will be worth it.

  4. Health Info Says:


    BUTTER vs. MARGINE – What’s the difference?

  5. Jose Says:

    I like this:


  6. Scambusters Says:

    Beware of Latest Auto Accident and ID Theft Scams

    By Keith
    Scammers try to trick auto accident witnesses into revealing personal details: Internet Scambusters #620

    In the heat of the moment after an auto accident, you may not have all your wits about you when someone asks for your personal or insurance details, whether you’re involved or just a witness.


  7. Kelly Says:

    Howie, what is new on the Vivv and Adam front?

  8. Louis Says:

    I live in Georgia. I voted but when the deck is stacked against you. It is hard to win. http://thinkprogress.org/election/2014/10/28/3585449/court-allows-voter-suppression/?elq=~~eloqua..type–emailfield..syntax–recipientid~~&elqCampaignId=~~eloqua..type–campaign..campaignid–0..fieldname–id~~

    Court Refuses To Intervene In Case of 40,000 Missing Voters In Georgia

  9. Zen Lill Says:

    Health info, anything/one running a for profit touts product, the issue is only when they’re touting BS and selling BS that has no VALUE!
    If someone presents a product or service or info that provides Value and real Content, they always serve 2 purposes: help people and make money
    … anything else is just garbage.

    I’m thoroughly annoyed with those that don’t show up, no vote, no ‘right’ to whine. That leaves the rest of us who did in an interesting position though…bc you know it’s ‘bragging rights’ to rethugs now, bc they allllwwaaaayyysss show up for the vote.

    Luv, Zen Lill

  10. Al Says:

    Well, we seem to have lost horribly to the republicans. I am wondering what is next. Guess that we will see soon enough.

  11. Debby Says:

    I too wait for that Al.

  12. Peter on Guam Says:

    Looks like even when the people get a win it is a lost. Now we are being told that even though 56% of the people voted for it the Guam marijuana law maybe for nothing.
    Guam marijuana law could be for nothing
    Updated at 3:30 pm today

    The Guam public’s resounding vote in favour of allowing the use of medical marijuana may be all for nothing according the Department of Public Health and Social Services.
    More than 56 percent of those who voted in the referendum this week said yes to medical marijuana.

    The Director of the Department of Public Health James Gillan, says this is partly because of island’s traditional use of herbal medicines and the ineffectiveness of prescription drugs.
    “Some of the attempts to continue to treat people in the stateside medical model get very expensive. And when there appears to be no hope why not use something that’s cheaper and perhaps helps with the pain management and with, sometimes with appetite increasing.”

    James Gillan says the Department of Public Health now has one year to draw up all the regulations for the use of the drug in the territory.
    But he also says it may all come to nothing as the territory may lack the power to adopt the relevant regulations.
    One could just give up.
    Hafa adai

  13. Daniel Says:

    Hafa adai Peter. If the people don’t sit on their asses and allow their wishes to be denied by the minority of politicians that are against marijuana use they WILL take it away from them.

    It will be like what happened in the mainland. The democratic candidates distanced themselves from Obama, they didn’t want him campaigning for them. They allowed the republicans to paint his accomplishments as not good for the nation. They did not run on the better economy he gave them, they did not run on the ObamaCare he gave them, they did not run on the lower gas prices he gave them because of his alternate energy policy support, etc, etc.

    Instead they refused to say they voted for him. The result was they didn’t motivate their people who voted for Obama to come and and they didn’t motivate ANY of the voters that were going to vote color to change their minds.

    If the McConnel’s opponent had stood up proudly and said YES I voted for Obama and I am proud of it she would have motivated those in her state to come out but she didn’t do that instead she appealed to the bigots to just take the issues and decide. They did as the scorpion did on the back of the frog. They voted against their own best interested because as the scorpion said when he stung the from and they both began to drown.

    “That is what scorpions do.” So the democratic politicians should have learned that – That is what racists do, they vote color even if it is not in their best interest. So let the mainland drown in their own vile juices.

    I doubt the democrats have learned anything.

  14. Lill on Guam Says:

    This time around, however, Calvo and Tenorio will have the chance to work alongside retired Superior Court judge Elizabeth-Barrett Anderson who swept incumbent Leonardo Rapadas in the non-partisan race for attorney general.

    Barrett-Anderson, like Calvo, took to her Facebook page to thank her supporters. “We must recognize the enormity of the task presented by this election and the responsibility to honor each vote through hard work and intelligent leadership in the coming years,” Barrett-Anderson posted. “Thank you to all the 23,000-plus voters who gave me their personal approval.”

    Barrett-Anderson also acknowledged Rapadas’ supporters and said she looks forward to working with Rapadas and the Office of Attorney General to make for a smooth transition.

    Democrat Bordallo surpassed Republican candidate Margaret Metcalfe in the delegate race and will serve her 13th and 14th year as Guam’s representative in the U.S. Congress. GEC results showed Bordallo received 5,684 more votes than Metcalfe, with Bordallo getting 20,550 votes and Metcalfe receiving 14,866.
    Imagine of almost 100,000 eligible voters only about 36,000 bothered to vote and that was the largest turn out in decades. Why because they came to vote on the marijuana issue. And unless they stick around in future votes the politicians will water down or ignore their wishes.

  15. Peter on Guam Says:

    Lill on Guam, Hafa Adai my beautiful sister. You are usually spot on but this time your figures are not correct. You were correct partially just not island wide. Here is better data on the island wide turn out.

    Tuesday’s General Election had the lowest turnout rate of any gubernatorial election in Guam’s history, according to election data.

    The Guam Election Commission recorded 37,131 ballots out of an eligible 51,975 registered voters, which is a participation rate of more than 71 percent, according to unofficial polling results published after the tally.

    The actual number of voters who participated in the election was the lowest in 28 years of gubernatorial elections. In the 1980s, however, there also were fewer registered voters, which boosted the overall participation rate.

    Tuesday night’s numbers correspond with August’s Primary Election, which was the lowest on record for a gubernatorial primary here.

    In that election, 44 percent of 49,110 registered voters cast ballots.

    The rate also corresponds with an overall drop in the number of registered voters. According to election data, fewer people were registered to vote in Tuesday night’s election than any gubernatorial election since 1990.

    Guam Election Commission Executive Director Maria Pangelinan said the drop in voter turnout could be related to a lack of interest from young Guamanians.

    “Young people are not getting registered,” she said.

    Pangelinan said the island needs to find ways to make elections “more palatable” to young voters, so they come out to the polls. She said though that she was impressed by campaigns’ usage of social media and technology to share their message.

    She also suggested a policy that would put a voter registrar in the island’s high schools and higher education campuses to improve turnout among youth.

    Pangelinan said she knows of professors who send their students to register and give extra credit for getting friends registered.

    The best way to tackle voter turnout as a whole would be to start looking at the island’s total population and working inward to target those who are eligible to register and vote, she said.

    Pangelinan also noted that turnout isn’t necessarily an islandwide issue.

    For example, she said, Hagåtña had a much higher turnout, closer to 80 percent of registered voters.
    Hopes this helps. See you at the Fest.

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