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Wonderful Women Of The World

Posted by Michelle Moquin on July 24th, 2016

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 Good Sunday Morning! 

Wonderful Women of The World, from Global Fund For Women:

9 inspiring Muslim women shattering stereotypes

Now more than ever—in light of increased hate speech, discriminatory language, and damaging stereotypes about Muslims—we want to elevate the diverse and vibrant art and voices of Muslim women from around the world to emphasize Muslim women cannot be defined. Muslim women are bold, creative, courageous, diverse, and dynamic. Muslim women are doctors, teachers, mothers, human rights activists, artists, journalists, dancers, and so much more.

Together, let’s get loud to shatter damaging stereotypes about Muslims in the United States and worldwide. Explore some of the powerful work and words from Muslim women artists, activists, photographers, and leaders through work featured in our MUSLIMA: Muslim Women’s Art & Voicescampaign.

These 9 Muslim women are challenging negative images and portrayals, defying labels and definitions, and breaking down harmful walls—just by being themselves.

LaRita Dixon, USA

“In this work, I wanted to show the fun side of Muslims, to show people that we are just like everyone else.”



Haafiza Sayed, UAE/India

“My Muslim woman is amongst the millions of unsung and often ignored Muslim women in global societies. These are women that are strong, liberated, awakened in all senses, exercising their rights, voicing their opinions; they are the leaders, educators, doctors, writers, artist, activists and so on.”



The Invisible Muslima.


Nadia Helmy Ahmed, Denmark

“I try to challenge the cultural discourse about what Muslim women should act like. And exhibit leadership through my sport and encourage other women to be strong norm breakers.”



Fighting Against Cultural and Religious Discourses.

Rajae el Mouhandiz, Morocco/Algeria/The Netherlands

“I have had to deal with Muslim music labels not wanting to promote me because I am a woman and didn’t wear hijab… I believe that pop culture and songwriting in Muslim culture—just like in all other cultures—are great vehicles to use as a way to express yourself, your search for your unique character and identity, and to share ideas with your peers and the world. Pop culture has always be a catalyst, and has proven to be very effective tool for cultural diplomacy or cultural rebellion.”


Watch Rajae’s music video in Mainstream Muslima.

Soufeina Hamed, Germany

“Being Muslima in a western city is not as bad as some people think. In my experience, it makes you somehow more conscientious, more sensitive, and more self-confident at an early age. When I started to cover myself with a hijab, I felt that from then on, I was representing something bigger than me. I was representing a whole community—a community that is diverse as the humanity itself.”


Less Different.

Kelly Izdihar Crosby, USA

“I’m still touched by the diversity of the Islamic global community and that idea developed into this piece. I decided to create a montage of women in different headscarves and different complexions. I have depicted Muslim women wearing turbans, Turkish hijabs, “traditional” hijabs, stylish wraps, niqabs (face veils) and no hijab. I want to show the audience our beauty and also our diversity in terms of how we outwardly reflect our faith. The mainstream image of Muslim women is quite one dimensional and I think this piece can offer the viewer to an alternative to the current monolithic stereotype.”


Tapestry of Sisterhood.

Senna Ahmad, USA

“I looked through the crowd and noticed such a variety of people there, all with different backgrounds and stories, all different races and different ages. What I thought before I took this picture was how amazing it is that this one belief could unite so many of us, no matter what differences we had. It was while having this thought that I saw this little girl sitting on the floor staring right at me. “Purity” was the only word that came to mind when her piercing eyes met mine. A child’s thoughts are so unsullied by the world around them and the less-than-twenty-second interaction I had with this girl made me believe that our hope truly does lie in hands of those younger than us. They are the ones with big dreams and hopeful thoughts. If ever faith is lost in you, look into the eyes of a child, you will find your faith there.”


A Hopeful Prayer on the Night on Power.

Zainab Khan, USA/Afghanistan/Pakistan

”I firmly believe that through peace, love, respect, and mutual understanding, we will be able to provide a helping hand that will empower each woman to reach out like a sister to one another. In today’s world, where our chances of connectivity are much higher, it truly is possible to create a culture of sisterhood and unity. As we share our experiences and voices interactively throughout the globe, we receive the chance not just to bring visibility, but to breathe life into our stories.”



Saba Chaudhry Barnard, USA

“For years, I tortured myself trying to blend in, trying to stand out, trying to “find myself” within these little boxes. But it’s impossible. Instead, I make art that is, I hope, less categorized and reductive, reflecting that the boundaries we create between us and inside of us are, in fact, an illusion. So my work is not so much about defining Muslim women, or anyone, but undefining them. About undefining ourselves and connecting to that universal something that exists within all of us.”


Sophia (American Beauty) in An-Noor.

Together, let’s do some undefining. Share these powerful pieces of art and words from Muslim women to stand with them as they shatter stereotypes and challenge discrimination.

Explore more voices and art from Muslim women around the world in MUSLIMA.


Readers: Posting these beautiful works of art by these women brings me joy. I HOPE they bring you joy too.

Happy Sunday! 

Peace Love

Lastly, greed over a great story is surfacing from my “loyal”(?) readers. With all this back and forth about who owns what, that appears on my blog, let me reiterate that all material posted on my blog becomes the sole property of my blog. If you want to reserve any proprietary rights don’t post it to my blog. I will prominently display this caveat on my blog from now on to remind those who may have forgotten this notice.

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17 Responses to “Wonderful Women Of The World”

  1. Dafne Says:

    In the theme of this article I would like to suggest to the ladies they catch the DC Wonder Woman movie. Here is the link to the trailer http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/wonder-woman-trailer_us_5793c0c1e4b02d5d5ed1d8cd?section=

    The star is Gal Gadot a model from Israel. And “to anyone insulting Gal Gadot’s physical appearance or as one commenter put it; “waifishness”

    I would like to inform you that Ms. Gadot served two years in the Israel Defense Forces. The IDF is notoriously one of the most hardcore armed forces in all of the world.

    Massive amount of respect for her and the character she is bringing to life. Wonder Woman the movie doesn’t need to be a soapbox for feminist ideals but within the conext of todays enteratainment landscape it falls on the filmmakers to take the burden of responsibility and enforce these ideals.

    It could have done without it but the omission would have been more glaring than the inclusion.”
    I would also like to make a shout out to Howie, one of Israel’s favorite sons. Hope you are doing well, wherever
    you may be. Translate

    May the God(s), as you know them, guide and protect you.

    Showing translation for May the Gods), as you know them, guide and protect you.
    Translate instead May the God(s), as you know them, guide and protect you.
    יהי רצון האלים), כפי שאתה יודע אותם, להדריך ולהגן עליך.

  2. Dafne Says:

    I hope that didn’t insult you Howie. Someone here said that maybe you stopped writing because you didn’t speak Hebrew.

    I am ver sure they are wrong. But I inserted it and the location of the translation for you.

    You are still very much missed.


  3. Alycedale Says:

    Another unarmed black man, a behavior therapist, has been shot by a thug with a badge. The cop shot at him three times, hit him once in the leg.


    I have room on my wall for another Saint.

  4. Doris Says:

    The police have not released any video showing the actual shooting. The white boy is only showing video leading up to the shooting.

    Why to protect the police. The white boy’s answer to thugs with badges killing unarmed black men is to keep the murders by cops from being seen.

  5. Jackie Says:

    Somebody needs to get down to Florida and show those thugs with badges we aren’t going out like that.

    I too have room on my Wall for another Saint.

  6. Helena 1 Says:

    Thugs with badges in south flordia have been killing unarmed black men for decades.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Here comes white people and fox news: Your race baiting, you’re whining, you’re pulling the race card. He should’ve put his legs in the air, He should’ve kissed the cops shoes, he should’ve shined the cops shoes, he shouldve bow down to the cop…. Well you should’ve bleached your skin maybe you wouldn’t have been shot.

  8. Harry Says:

    When the cop was asked “why did you shoot me?” The cop said “I don’t know.”


    One thing he did know was that my fellow whites will not convict if they are on a jury. I used to take the cops side, but this is insane. He needs to answer for what he has done.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    HEY GUYS!!! You don’t actually think that a cop would shoot an unarmed man with his hands up, and fully cooperating do you?

    Here’s what really happened: As it turns out, the cop was actually aiming for Rinaldo, (the autistic patient playing with the toy truck) he fired, missied, and accidentally hit Kinsey. (The therapist on the ground with his hands up)

    Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/charles-kinsey-shooting-police-officer-shot-carer-therapist-aiming-patient-toy-truck-black-lives-a7149791.html

    Like so everyone can see.

  10. Carlos Says:

    Alycedale#3, The white boy’s answer to cops murdering unarmed blacks is to stop showing the actual footage of the victim getting shot. The rule now is to only show the moments up to it or after it.

    All forms of white boy controlled media is complying with the request. They claim this will stop the black men from getting so angry with murderers with badges shooting unarmed black people. It is to protect the police that this is being done.

    Fuck the victims, let’s just protect the killers. When a white boy’s interest is not threatened they could give a fuck about anyone else’s dilemmas.

    I say we need the Saints to come out. Someone needs to show south Florida police that this shit will not go unanswered.

    Of course all the white boy justice system is concerned with is protecting their thugs with badges, so they will be tracking anyone who advocates addressing the problem up close and personal.

    Did we just hear Rand Paul talk about two different justice systems. I guess he was well aware of that system since he is a white boy.

  11. Whitney Says:

    So little information about this attempted murder is out there. The white controlled media is keeping it under wraps. But let a cop get killed, we will be inundated with sympathy soliciting bullshit 24/7.

    As long as white juries refused to convict and black men refused to take the situation into their own hands, these murders and attempted murders(the cop shot at the victim with his hands up on the ground 3 times, he was trying to kill him), will continue.

    These thugs with badges have to be made to feel the consequences of making it open season on black people. White America doesn’t care. When something happens to them, then they will be out in droves and on every channel available crying about how ALL America needs to come together to solve their fears.

    Fuck’em. If IS or ISIS comes here and fucks them up. Black people shut the fuck up. Witness nothing! As long as IS or ISIS isn’t blowing us up, or shooting our people, we got nothing against them. Let racist white folk fight their own battles.

    That is what they are telling us every day when they look the other way when their racist thugs with badges murder black people. Let’s return the favor should IS or ISIS or any other group specifically target them.

  12. Malhi Says:

    So white america’s answer to white cops shooting blacks is to not show the actual shooting so as to not alarm their blacks who might otherwise seek revenge.

  13. Zen Lill Says:

    Irene, you nailed it with that old trump statement, that’s why I think it’s a set up gone awry now, his inflated ego wants him to finish what he started. If she wins I’m sure there will be some favors granted. I still shake my head wondering how T got this far in the race, just goes to show you how limited and lame the gop is, they didn’t groom anyone else worthy in 8 years?! Wtf?

    I can’t believe that now they just won’t show the videos as if that fixes anything, what we pretend the shootings don’t even occur now? I hope they’re not shocked when that isn’t tolerated and cops start getting picked off as randomly as idiot shooting cops. Personally I think we should disarm everyone starting with cops … “Right to bear arms” has gone wayyy too far.

    Luv, Zen Lill

  14. Igon Says:

    Zen Lill my sister is a member of Les FilleZ de Zen Lill. She gets her facts about America from this blog and mainly from you.

    I tell her that the Saudis own both the Bushes and the Clintons. What is your opinion?

  15. Taqiyya Says:

    Thank you for your article Michelle. I have been keeping up with your blog since I learned of its return last month. I’m afraid to list my country since it is now considered a dishonor to your family to correspond with blogs that speak “evil” of arab men.

    There are many islamic women who want to follow your lead and throw off this cult. But we are either like me too afraid or like the dead murdered by some male.

    Even our mothers and sisters are killing us if they learn that we are not obeying our men. It is only light like this that gives us hope.

  16. Mike,TM Says:

    The Vladimir V. Putin is afraid that Obama has put Russian in a box because of his annexing Ukraine and Georgia territory. The box which is a lock out from allies like China, or any of the Baltic or Islamic countries which Russia shares a border with is closing fast.

    If the freed Baltic countries, Belarus, and G.U.A.M.(Georgia, Ukraine, Azebaijan, Moldova) are allowed to join the NATO, Russia will be surrounded by nuclear warheads without a friend to depend upon.

    Trump who has said that he will not support all countries in NATO if he is elected has gotten the attention and the support of Putin.

    Putin believes that his only chance to stop the Obama box from closing around him is to put the fear of non support by America into the decision of those countries to join NATO.

    Putin is fighting for his life not the fate of Russia. He knows that if he can’t use the fear of Western invasion to control the army, he will be overthrown and shot for his taking control of the Russian mafia and the running of the country like it is one big slot machine for himself and his mob allies.

    To accomplish the election of Trump, Putin has taken a page from Watergate. Only he has been successful in his break in. The problem is that like those WaterGate burglars, he too has been caught.

    What did he burglar? He hacked into the email servers of the Democratic National Committee. His intention was to cause disarray among competing interests and egos, and to expose the under belly of the competition of the Republican Party.

    He was also hoping to disrupt Hilary’s campaign to win the nomination or to prevent her election by putting a wedge between Bernie Sanders supporters and Hilary.

    He is setting out to eliminate all the strong women in the Democratic Party. He has some damaging information on Elizabeth Warren and several other powerful women in the party.

    So far his release of some of it prevented Hilary from picking Elizabeth W. and has caused Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign as DNC party chairwoman.

    There will be several big surprises to come. Most of the propaganda the GOP is getting to slur Hilary is from Putin. The GOP is in bed with him because they believe they can contain him once they win the White House.

    But the GOP with trump at its helm will cause the big war the world has been fearing because as soon as trump takes office Putin will launch an attack upon the above countries to re annex them into the new Soviet Union.

    NATO will have to decide if the freedom of those countries it worth going to war with Russia. Putin is counting on the fact that NATO will not trust they will have the unconditional support of the US with trump at the head.

    Once Putin has those countries back in his stable, he will make overtures to those islamic governments desperate to control their unhappy masses so that he can lock Europe out of the oil deals with those countries.

    He feels that once he has control over the oil, China will be forced to return as an ally. This will insure that his power in Russia will not be threatened by Russian generals who are becoming increasingly displeased with him.

    These Generals see his turning the country into lawless quagmire of gangsters who are for hire or work independently using russian technology to steal other countries wealth or murder for gangsters in those counties.

    They fear that eventually the world will unite against the new Russian State of Gangsters. Some of these generals truly want to work with the rest of the world for the good of the Russian peoples.

    This cannot happen with Putin at the helm. Obama has long known that the GOP would be willing to partner with Putin or anyone else to get rid of him or to regain the White House.

    Anonz has been working secretly with Obama to expose the Putin break-in and his plot. The hacker who claimed responsibility for leaking the emails to WikiLeaks can be traced by metadata. That metadata shows that the info passed through Russian computers.

    Accusing the GOP of complicity with a foreign element to gain the White House is accusing a major party of treason. The Democrats are not ready to do that.

    The Brits are angry that their electorates were manipulated Putin’s antics.

    Next — How Putin arranged to get the UK out of the EU.

  17. Michelle Moquin's "A day in the life of…" » Blog Archive » Opening Night At The DNC: Michelle Obama Nailed It Says:

    […] Mike, TM: Thanks for the very informative post. You answered many questions that I had as I was perusing online. As usual the stakes are high. I’m looking forward to hearing how Putin arranged to get the UK out of the EU. I find it fascinating that hours after the Brexit vote, many British frantically googled:  ”What is the EU?” and “What will Brexit mean for the UK?” I couldn’t understand why people voted to leave the EU when they weren’t quite sure what their vote to leave would mean. Or was it just Big L, littla a…when it came to getting to the polls to vote or ? Perhaps your revealing of Putin’s antics will expose the truth. […]