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Wonderful Women Of The World

Posted by Michelle Moquin on October 12th, 2014

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Good morning!

 Speaking of  ”tax on women…”

Sarah Silverman says it best - This is hilarious! You go girl.


Sarah Silverman Fronts a Drastic New Campaign for Wage Equality

She’s not going to stop at anything to make sure she gets equal pay. Which means that this video includes a prosthetic penis, just FYI.

Sarah Silverman helps launch the Equal Payback Project this morning with a video proving she’ll stop at nothing to make sure she’s paid the same as a man — and yes, that means gender reassignment. She’s picking herself out a nice “European” penis that goes nicely with her favorite boots, and then waving the floppy prosthetic peen around a bit, because what else is there to do with it? (Don’t worry though, this is just satire; Sarah still has all her ladyparts.)

“Every year the average woman loses around $11,000 to the wage gap,” Sarah explains in the video. “Over the course of her working life, that’s almost $500,000. That’s a $500,000 vagina tax.” So the Equal Payback Project is looking to crowdfund that amount — times every woman across the United States. That’s a fundraising total of $29,811,746,430,000, which the Project explains is ” a ludicrous goal, to be sure, but one highlighting the real* numbers.”

If the campaign reaches its multi-trillion dollar goal, every American woman (or “vagina owner,” if you’d prefer that on the “payable to” line) will be sent a check canceling out their vagina tax. Otherwise, the donations will be given to the National Women’s Law Center, a nonprofit focused on educating the public about the wage gap and advocating for equal pay. “The wage gap is stubborn, it’s persistent, and it’s outrageous,” the National Women’s Law Center’s co-president said. “We’re thrilled that Sarah Silverman is bringing her prodigious talents and brand of irreverent humor to bear on a very serious issue for women and their families. We hope she opens hearts and minds – and a few pocketbooks – to provide the resources to close the wage gap once and for all.”

Read more about the campaign at EqualPaybackProject.com.

*It’s a figure calculated by multiplying the nearly 69 million working women by the $435,049 a typical woman loses to the wage gap over the course of her career (assuming she works full-time, year-round for 40 years).


Readers: The wage gap is no joke, but perhaps presented this way, people will listen and take it more seriously.

Hey, Mike, TM: Like everyone else, I too am looking forward to what you’re going to report.

Penny: Sorry you had trouble posting – that is the way it is sometimes. Thanks for your concern and for sticking around anyway, but no blog management problems at all.

Phillip: Ahh…you must be a Newbie – welcome! It seems that you haven’t been reading here long enough to know that I personally don’t censor or limit how many people can comment. As far as people “getting in,” it is the luck of the draw. No one gets priority over anyone else – that wouldn’t be fair now would it? As you can see Zen Lill had the same issue posting as you and Louis.

So no, it’s no unique way to increase my blog numbers. It is enough work blogging every day. I certainly don’t have time to be selective on who gets in and who doesn’t. You can thank those that oppose for any issue happening here.

Thanks for being here! I appreciate all of the readers who comment here in spite of how frustrating it may be sometime!

HaPPY SUNday EveryONE!

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31 Responses to “Wonderful Women Of The World”

  1. Mike,TM Says:

    Most of you think the ISIS war in the Middle East is about religion. It is for the idiots convinced to fight for those who know it is for money, about $21 billion dollars in cash, shrink-wrapped $100 bills.

    Most of it sent by Bush and Cheney in 2003 to Iraq. The Bush government sent pallets of shrink-wrapped $100 dollar bills to Iraq. The money was sent supposedly to strengthen the Iraqi government.

    It was part of the original plan when Cheney and Bush lied to the world to attack Iraq. They wanted to make money in many ways. One from their investments in Military Industrial stocks, in profits from the companies themselves and for their cronies at companies like Halliburton.

    But they had an even more greedy plan that was to steal $11 billion dollars in cash. They did not want the serial numbers of that money to be discovered so they kept $1 billion apiece from the actual shipment and then they had pallets of $1 to $2 Billion diverted from shipments coming from Andrews Air Force base via C-17 transport planes to Iraq to be hidden in surrounding countries like Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Syria and a few other countries. Some was even buried in Iraq.

    Cheney and Bush had made deals with arabs to guard their stash. Their plan was to wait 10 years and then slowly bring back the cash to the US. They kept in country a stash of $2.5 in old money that was originally slated for burning. Those bills were not numbered they were washed and pressed for shipment but the cash was diverted before it got to the C-17s and split between Bush and Cheney.

    Problems began when Cheney started bringing some of the money back early against the Bush family wishes. Cheney felt he was forced to do it because Anonz had discovered one of the stashes and brought back over $2 Billion in the belly of one of his private jets. He kept the money and flaunted it before the Bush and Cheney cabal. They responded by putting a $Billion bounty on his head.They leaked it that it was a bounty put on his head by China.

    Anonz told Cheney and Bush that he considered the money pirates haul and that he would pursue the rest. Word got out that $billions of dollars were buried in various countries in the Middle East.

    The Arab Spring began in ernest when little land pirates, all arab, decided to find and keep the stashes for themselves.

    The Obama administration has tried to keep secret the fact that an American President would start a war that killed and displaced millions for money. It would taint America for decades or even centuries if the world discovered how depraved and greedy an American president could be.

    But the truth is, what you are watching is a copy of ocean piracy in the old days being played out on the deserts of the Middle East. Factions are fighting for those undiscovered $billions. Pirate Treasure more valuable than any on the high seas. Add to it the $Billions in Gold, antiques, precious stones and Saddam $billions and you have a prize millions will be killed for.

    One Arab dude discovered one of those caches and ISIS was born. He had discovered the money to fund thousands of land pirates and the money to pay for a modern advertising campaign to religiously recruit dupes to wage a voyage across the deserts of the Middle East to look for more of the buried treasure, Pallets of shrink-wrapped $100 bills.

    Obama attempted to minimize the damage by printing new money with the aim of declaring those serial numbers fake so as to deny Bush and Cheney access to the use of the money they stole, and to be able to refuse to honor those $billions hidden in the Middle East.

    He told Bush that if he said a word against him, he would leak the theft to the press. But Cheney called his bluff because he knew that Obama couldn’t afford the negative fall back if the world discovered that an American President had conspired to murder millions for money.

    The Bushes and Cheney fell out. But Cheney had put together a formidable cadre of government players in every branch of government, political parties and military.

    There were generals on down to field grade officers dedicated to getting back to the Middle East to retrieve some of those $Billions. They continue to pressure the Obama administration to put boots on the ground in the Middle East. That much money can purchase backstabbing from your closest friends. It is funding many opinions that are declaring that Obama should keep the option of boots on the ground on the table and even those who claim that Obama should not have taken the troops completely out of Iraq. That move left Cheney without any sure protection for his stashes in Iraq.

    The secret branches of the government from the CIA to the Black Ops sections of the government have been fighting each other and making deals with each other over the search for those $billions. It is a free for all with $Billions at stake. They have no intentions of allowing Obama to stand in the way of them acquiring that money.

    It is now a race for the cash! They have to force Obama to send troops to the Middle East so they can get their hands on those caches before they are all discovered by ISIS or some other Arab Land Pirate.

    Perhaps a billion people will be displaced and or die because of the Cheney/Bush robbery of the US Treasury.

    Obama is left to spend the lie that ISIS is funding their war with oil sells from the wells they capture. Others will soon begin to ask where did they get their $billions before they took over any oil wells in the Middle East. The tale that they were funded to the tune of $Billions will wear thin because it is difficult to move that kind of money at the pace ISIS was spending it to form the army they had amassed so quickly.

    $Billions of US dollars with the serial numbers of the moneys in those Pallets of shrink-wrapped $100 dollar bills have been accepted by the US Treasury as payment from ISIS and others. The US has no choice but to honor its money.

    Turkey is not interested in giving up its position as the bank of exchange for those $billions. European nations like Switzerland and Sweden are competing for some of those $Billions. Since Switzerland boast of financial institutions that have the expertise to hide and negotiate those $Billions they had the upper hand in replacing Turkey as the new center to receive and launder those Cheney/Bush hidden $Billions for the arabs.

    But the Swedes pulled a surprise to gain arab support to be the new money depository for those $Billions. They agreed to recognize Palestine as a country to get the deal. It worked. Don’t be surprised to see Switzerland or some other money laundering country in Europe follow suit.

    Cheney added some insurance when he told Obama that if anything happens to him that he left proof that the Bush administration started the Iraq war to print and steal $Billions of dollars from the American Treasury.

    This leak will take away some of that insurance. If it does, Cheney isn’t long for this world. Look for his demise within a few months if he continues to refuse to cooperate.

    Cheney kept the location of the sites away from Bush because he convinced the stupid Bush that if he didn’t know the location of the money it would give him deniability.

    Only Cheney knows the location of all the sites. Members of his cadre of thieves know just the sites they need to know. Most of the military men involved in the burial of the money have been killed. Including the general in Afghanistan. Thus they have to keep Cheney alive since he is the only one with the location of all the sites.

  2. Eric Says:

    Zen Lill, I’d love to be lying around with you. Who wouldn’t want to spend a lazy afternoon with a gorgeous babe.

  3. Alycedale Says:

    Social Butterfly#50, I hope you know when I am talking about american white females, I am only referring to most of them NOT all.

    I have on occasion passed and i am quite familiar with mind set of white women in my state. A casual look at the political state of the country will show that where white women make the difference at the polls, white men rule.

    Thanks for the shout out.

  4. Bob Says:

    I’m available to have a cup of java with you Zen lill, Where do you usually have yours?

  5. Zen Lill Says:

    MikeTm, damn you are a hella-negotiator, that’s a story I’m going to keep rereading…thank you…it makes sense of a lot of things ISIS that were making zero sense to me bc I’m always busy following the money trail regardless of talking heads and even beloved presidents bc I know there’s back door deals done everyday, all i have to do is read an article and when I think hmmm there’s something missing here or another angle they’re not telling I know it’s true. So thank you again for negotiating the telling of this…thank the supplier of the info as well…

    - ZL

  6. Zen Lill Says:

    Eric, I think most men would agree with you … Even the few harboring resentment over one thing or another (based on me not giving in on some expectation or demand they had) …bc even that crap doesn’t change the longing they still have bc lazy mornings or afternoons or both are an art form in my world.
    Thank you for the thought …

    - ZL

  7. Zen Lill Says:

    Bob, if I gave away my secret spot everyone would go there and then I wouldn’t have pick of my favorite sofa or leopard chair there…sorry but that’s privileged info! Thanks fr asking though

    - ZL

  8. Zen Lill Says:

    Just saw the video, it wouldn’t play on my smartphone while I was out, I can’t stop laughing she is hilarious, 3 balls & can I just say goodbye to my breasts…lol…now, let’s close that massive wage gap.
    - ZL

  9. Kevin Says:

    Zen Lill:

    Relaxation is an art form in my world also. I’d love to share one or two with you.

  10. Bob Says:

    Awww! You can’t blame a fellow for asking. I live in the Pasadena area. I guess I’m going to have to just drive around more and look for that easy going beautiful woman pretending to be just lazing around.

  11. BJ Says:

    Mike, TM just so you know. We are coming for you.

  12. Tawil Says:

    We always knew that our country was invaded for reasons other than the Bushes hated Saddam. As a Sunni I am deeply angry with what they did to my country.

    It wasn’t perfect, but all factions got along and we had order. Your country destroys mine from the ground up. Bush eliminated every service that provided for my people’s needs.

    After the bombing we had no police service, no health service, no electrical service, no traffic service to government run administration services of any kind.

    We were a people left to negotiate with rapists, murders, religious zealots, thugs with and without badges for basic services.

    What were you americans doing? Oh yes, stashing money you were intending to return and get.

  13. Bahir Says:

    Millions of my people hve either been killed or run out of my country. Death is the only think I know. I will get revenge.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Love lasts

  15. Fadl Says:

    You americans are claim to be moral example for the world. But you are the worst. We may be foolish for believing in something that is not real but failing for a bad God is not as bad as making money you God.

    America is noting but an evil place where money is worshiped above all else. It needs to be cleansed. You have your good people just as every country has.

    But they have no chance because most of you people have no true principle. You judge others by standards you do really have.

  16. Manny Says:

    Bahir#13, please don’t judge all of americans by the acts of greedy white men. OTWs and white women are also the victims of their worship of the almighty dollar.

    If you must harm americans, then target white men. We have found that violence is the only thing they truly understand.

    As long as they are the ones dealing death and destruction, and they don’t have to fear retaliation they will continue to do it.

    If the rest of us in America come to realize that you will just target them and OTWs and white women will not be collateral damage victims, it time we will look the other way.

    There will be no none of us to testify as witness or assist those greedy bastards. You will be able to kill, maim or whatever you wish to do to them at will.

    Keep this in mind and you may succeed beyond your wildest imaginations because frankly most of the rest of us are tired of their act.

  17. Peter on Guam Says:

    We may get some common sense on Guam. Push for medical marijuana in Guam
    Updated at 7:47 am on 13 October 2014

    A Guam Senator says the time is right for medical marijuana to be legalised on the island.

    Senator Tina Muna-Barnes is the main proponent of a bill legalising the drug.

    The issue will be put to a referendum on the same day as the general election on November the 4th.
    Opponents on island say there is not enough conclusive science to support legalisation.

    But Senator Muna-Barnes disagrees.
    “It’s important that our people take the time to look at the latest medical findings that have come out, not just from the United States but from other countries around the world, who have said that the use of medical cannabis, especially with the different categories of the strain of THC have been very, very advantageous.”

    The Senator is confident that the public will support the move. She says recent surveys show 59-68 percent are behind the legalisation which will allow the use of medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for debilitating health issues.

    The Senator led a failed move to do the same thing in 2010.

  18. Tobin Says:

    Fadi#15, most of us americans do have standards that we try to live by and up to. It is just that this country is run by a hypocritical bunch that don’t.

    White men in this country tout the Constitution, and yet they have bastardized it with State and Federal and Civil Forfeiture laws. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kEpZWGgJks Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture (HBO)

  19. Julie Says:

    Mike,TM, I don’t doubt what you have said for a moment. The Bush family have a history of banditry. They have been stealing money without principle for decades.

    This is the family that shielded nazi money gotten from the gold in the teeth of victims they gassed and money stolen from their accounts and other possessions.

    http://www.tetrahedron.org/articles/new_world_order/bush_nazis.html How the Bush family made
    its fortune from the Nazis

  20. Irene Says:

    Mike,TM, I have been googling your information. It is amazing what I have discovered about the Bush family.

    The Dutch Connection

    How a famous American family
    made its fortune from the Nazis
    How the US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq. And watched it vanish
    Special flights brought in tonnes of banknotes which disappeared into the war zone

  21. Warifa Says:

    Michelle, this is horrible what Mike,TM is saying but I have noticed that when IS takes over a territory they clear it out by killing the men and selling the women and children into slavery.

    The reason they clear out the territory is to bring in machines that can examine what is beneath it without digging the entire territory up. Now I know what they are looking for.

  22. Vivian Says:

    Manny#15, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not all white men are criminals. You are advocating putting a target on their backs indiscriminately.

    My husband is a good and decent man. He does not deserve to be targeted.

  23. Bridget Says:

    Manny#15, I get it that you are fed up with how white men are running this country. But you are suggesting that we as Americans look the other way while foreigners harm other Americans.

  24. Roger Says:

    I live in Philadelphia. I am one of those people who has had his home reprocessed by as this blog so apply calls them, “thugs with badges.”

    When we went to court to get our home back, we were told to go to a court room that didn’t have a judge. The dude in a robe was the DA from the county that took our house.

    They listened to our testimony that we were away when our 18 year old daughter threw a party that her girlfriends used our liquor to entertain themselves. But that we had not provided alcohol to minors and hence our home should not be up for civil forfeiture.

    The DA listened like one of those cops with robes in a traffic court and then said “Your house has been legally taken, goodbye.”

    I am a white man. I have no explanation for how laws like this got passed. I have no idea what I or anyone else can do about it.

    But is that a reason to declare open season on the males in my race?

  25. Kafil Says:

    I am so angry with America. If I could come to your country, I would gladly die to take a few of you with me.

  26. Rabi Says:

    You claim Islam to be evil when you worship money over everything else. Capitalism is your religion.

  27. Richard Says:

    Vivian#22, on the contrary, your man and the rest of his kind are the ONLY ones that deserve to be targeted.

    White men are prone to blaming everyone else for the state of this country despite the fact that they make up the overwhelming majority of legislative, judicial and executive positions in this country.

    They brag about how great they made this country. They should be made to take responsibility for the shit they do in the name of leadership.

    I for one agree 100% with Manny#16. I would bet that if terrorists came to this country and only targeted white males without harming anyone else, they would find a great deal of support for the rest of us.

    Something needs to be done before they destroy what is left of this country. If white females would vote with us we could reverse much of the damage white males have done.

    But as usual you just keep elected them and asking the rest of us to forgive them. Those days are albeit too slowly for me coming to an end.

  28. Trey Says:

    Hafa adai, Peter on Guam#17, I’m liking it. The usual players are out in force trying to stop it.
    Guam high court upholds marijuana bill; separate lawsuit still pending in federal court
    Published on Monday, October 13, 2014 00:00 By Moneth G. Deposa – moneth@mvguam.com – Variety News Staff
    Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on print More Sharing Services
    HAGÅTÑA — The Supreme Court of Guam has reaffirmed its earlier findings on the legality of the medical marijuana referendum, holding that the legislation that authorizes the vote process is in compliance with both Guam law and the Organic Act.

    In a 22-page opinion, the Supreme Court ruled that the “legislative submission” process set forth in the Guam Code Annotated is considered a “referendum” within the meaning of the Organic Act.

    “In addition, we hold that P.L. 32-134 is a legislative submission within Title 3, Chapter 16 of GCA. This law applies with the requirements of 3 GCA (16102 and 16401) because it contains a duly adopted measure that presents voters with the question of whether the Act may be adopted or rejected,” the high court stated in its opinion.

    The Guam Legislature passed the bill on Feb. 1. It lapsed into law and became P.L. 32-134, without the governor’s signature.

    On May 14, the legislature filed a request for declaratory judgment from the Supreme Court. Since this filing, the legislature filed its opening briefs on June 11 and the Guam Election Commission on June 25. The legislature again replied to this GEC filing.

    The legislature’s request for opinion focused on three issues: whether a legislative submission is considered a “referendum” pursuant to 48 USCA 422; whether Title 3 GCA, Chapter 16 permits legislative submissions in the manner created by P.L. 32-134; and third, whether GEC may decline to place a legislative submission on the ballot because it believes it to violate Guam law.

    On Aug. 5, the high court issued a preliminary order on the issue and yesterday’s opinion reaffirmed this preliminary order.

    The Supreme Court took a position on the first two questions raised by the legislature regarding the validity of P.L. 32-134 which directs the GEC to place the question on the ballot in the November general election.

    “The court found that legislative submissions constitute ‘referenda’ within the meaning of the Organic Act, 48 U.S.C.A. §1422a(a), and are thus valid. Further, the court ruled that the proposed measure is ‘legislation’ submitted to voters within the meaning of ‘legislative submission,’ and constituted a ‘question presented’ or ‘measure’ properly adopted by the legislature under applicable local law,” stated the opinion.

    The court, however, stated that it did not have jurisdiction under the declaratory judgment statute to review the third question presented, which involved whether the GEC had the authority to refuse to comply with P.L. 32-134 based on its perceived invalidity.

    In this case between the legislature and GEC, lawyer Howard Trapp appeared in court as amicus curiae, but he was not allowed to participate in the case.

    This prompted Trapp to challenge the referendum before the federal court, asking a writ of prohibition to stop the question from being decided by the voters.

    In this civil suit, the GEC had responded last Oct. 7 seeking dismissal of the case. Trapp’s reply is due next week.
    Come on people get out and vote.

  29. Karl Says:

    Richard#27, I am a jew. We as a race are often accused by white males as the reason the America is doing so bad. I don’t recall a single jewish POTUS or one in any other position that could effect that result.

    So in my humble opinion. Manny #16, you have a point.

  30. Lill on Guam Says:

    WOW! Women in charge!

    Article from KUAM NEWS at http://www.kuam.com:

    Guam Guardsmen preparing for Afghanistan deployment
    Posted: Oct 06, 2014 9:53 PM PDT
    Updated: Oct 06, 2014 9:53 PM PDT
    by Sabrina Salas Matanane

    Guam – 25 Guam Air National Guardsmen and women are preparing to deploy to Afghanistan and Southwest Asia later this month. A ceremony was held at Adelup to bid farewell and god speed.

    The airmen recently completed training in Texas and Nevada in preparation for the deployment during which they will be tasked with different security missions.

    According to Lt Colonel Audie Artero the deployment is also unique in the fact that for the first time, each team is lead by a hard-charging female, Master Sgt. Katrina Blas and Master Sgt. Georgina Garrido.
    You go girls!.

  31. Michelle Moquin's "A day in the life of…" » Blog Archive » Ebola: The Messy Truth Says:

    […] Mike, TM: Very interesting and illuminating. I have full confidence that you and Anonz know what you’re doing. It’s probably a very good thing that you revealed what you did. May you both be safe. […]