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This ‘N That Chitchat

Posted by Michelle Moquin on June 9th, 2016

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Good Morning!

Barbara: I’m with you. I feel the same way. I want our president to empathize with women. Only a woman can do that. Men will never be able to walk in our shoes or understand our issues, concerns or the plight of women around the world. I’m sick of men trying to sympathize by pitying us because that compassion only goes so far. I appreciate the gesture when it’s sincere but sympathy is as far as a man can go. And it’s not enough for us women to get done what we want to get done.

And let me tell you, from years of us having to deal with men making decisions on our behalf concerning our bodies, with men pitying our plight, with men getting paid more money for the same job, with men getting off easily from rape, I AM DONE. I think many women are done.

If only a few of those who are voting for Trump can be shaken awake to feel the same way, Hillary has a chance to take this election. We have our work cut out for us, but I feel it’s totally doable. Work but doable.

It’s time for a woman, a strong qualified woman to have a say. Hillary has more experience, is more qualified, more knowledgable and more fit to be president than any man out there today. And definitely way ahead of this buffoon Trump. I mean frankly, ladies, if the best man they have to offer is Trump, there are at least a dozen women in the background more qualified. But the reality is, it’s Trump against Hillary. And Hillary will eat this ignorant bastard’s lunch on any topic, any subject, any issue, cause etc. etc. etc., concerning America’s needs, security, and welfare. It’s time for more women to join Hillary in support of women. Enough sympathy. Empathy, is what I want for us women.

Lucy: I am shocked too by what you reported. Those numbers are astounding, yet given the crowd he seems to gather around him, not surprising. Let me give kudos to Zen Lill for suggesting there are “daddy issues” concerning females who reflexively support men. But honestly Lucy, as you said, since OTW women don’t seem to have a problem with overcoming their “daddy issues,” there’s more to it than that.

It was Alycedale who said “You have your heads so far up white men’s asses you can’t smell the stink of their shit because you think that’s the way the world should smell.” (I can’t help but laugh at that visual!) Perhaps it is because they are used to accepting the bullshit that men put out to be able to control a woman’s ability to earn money, to question a man’s responsibility when he sexually assaults a woman, and the basic functioning of their bodies.

Readers: Let me just say to any woman who accepts a man using religion to justify whether or not she can have an abortion or do anything else with her body, that she relax, take a deep breath, hold it for about 30 seconds, let it out slowly, and then asks the SOB to give her another reason why she should accept his fucked up opinion. The fact is, if the only reason he can give you as to why you should obey him is the fact that a “A God said you should do it” then you should just tell him to stick his fucking opinion up his ass. Why should you tell him that? Because why should an intelligent woman accept a statement from a man that God is telling you something to do that you personally haven’t heard God tell you to do.

I’m a Catholic girl but I can think back in time when men told you that if a woman didn’t wear a hat in church God would tell you it was a sin. I also remember  when men said eating meat on Friday was a sin because “God said so.” Today, men have changed their minds and now they tell us “God says it’s OK for you not to wear a hat in church” and “God says it’s OK for you to eat meat on Fridays.”

Think ladies. It’s just a man telling you what they say God said. Logically it follows suit that whatever else they say God says is just more BS to get you to do what they want you to do without having to justify it logically. (Now that makes sense, right?) No one argues with God so all a man has to say is “God said it.” Of course that only works if you accept that a man can hear something from God that you can’t.(!) So my suggestion is, the next time you’re on your knees praying to God, if God doesn’t say it’s true, it ain’t. Period.

So please ladies, pull your head out of your man’s ass and smell the air. If it smells like shit, it’s because it is shit. 

Whatever men say about Hillary here’s something we know for certain: She, unlike the hypocritical piece of shit Bernie, was a team player. When Obama beat her after a tough fight, she joined the team, advised her followers to support the team, so that the Dems could win. She didn’t do it for party alone, but she did it because she felt Obama would make a good leader and would advance the causes  that she herself wanted to advance. I’d say that is one smart woman. We certainly can’t say that about any of the Republicans.

She sucked it up, governed her pride and ego so much that she agreed to work under the man who defeated her in her quest to be POTUS. She knew that she would have to do this for at least 8 years; almost a decade. Can you imagine? She, being the strong, dedicated person she is, who just happens to be a woman, paid her dues. In the process she became even more qualified because she served as the Secretary of State where she could help, advise, and support, the president to achieve his goals, both nationally and internationally. That is a person who truly has shown that she believes in “America first.” Again, the Republican men simply say it,  but their actions say what they really mean: “Me first and fuck American, unless I’m the one leading it.”

There are plenty of examples of this behavior. Take McCain who said, “America first.” When in fact he was willing to risk the safety and security of the USA by putting a totally unqualified person, Sarah Palin, in the 2nd position if something happened to him, just to get elected. Because he believed that having a woman would ensure his election. This was a LSOS who would put his own ambitions ahead of “America First.”

Say what you will about whether or not he was qualified for the position. The fact remains that is what he did. It is not up for argument. It is a fact. He put an unqualified person in the most key position in order to get to be POTUS. In any other situation, that would have disqualified this narcissistic, selfish SOB from being president, but white America represented by the Republican party, knowing that that was what he did, pretended otherwise in order to achieve the same thing he wanted to achieve…which was control of the office of POTUS above all else.

Therefore, he pandered to people who he knew were as hypocritical and despicable when they claimed  that they believed in “America first.” When actually they really believed in “America First” as long as we were POTUS. It was all about the ends justifying the means. And the rest was just sanctimonious bullshit.

Who did that party select the following year? They selected Romney. The BS really gets deep in this one. Because Romney was a man who had so little respect for women, he belonged to a cult we call Mormonism. Mormonism is a cult that supposedly religious evangelicals wouldn’t accept since it has no relationship to Jesus Christ whatsoever. The Mormon cult is a made up bunch of bullshit by a bunch of tiny penis white men who used religion as a way to legally round up women, practice pedophilia (most of the women they take as wives are under the logical age of consent, or are brainwashed to believe that a woman’s place is under a man’s lustful body)  and enslave them. They designed a religion around a concept of using woman as sex toys and justifying it by saying “God says its OK.”

Imagine sane people on the planet Earth believing Jesus Christ came to Utah, but he wasn’t Jesus Christ this time. He was some mythical creature on a planet who impregnated women, sent his male offspring to Earth to round up other women to impregnate. And in the process produce men, who would impregnate other women to produce men to be sent to individual planets where they were the only males to impregnate  a planet full of women.

You can’t make this shit up! Get a copy of the Mormon bible and read it. Could it be that sane people would take this dream by adolescent horny males as a religion? Yes, the Republican party did. The Evangelicals of the Republican party did. Evangelical,  people who claim to believe in Jesus Christ, to be born again in that belief. So are we to believe, the Republican Evangelicals who were supporting Romney believed they were born again as Mormons?

Otherwise those Republican Evangelicals were totally hypocritical bullshit artists. They were willing to do the same thing Judas did for a few pieces of silver (in their case, the office of POTUS). They were willing to cast aside their belief in Jesus Christ and accept Mormonism. They were willing to put into office, a man who believed this incredulous Mormonism bullshit.

By the way the founder of that BS religion who was a convicted criminal and a notorious liar among his own people, discovered the writings which founded this bullshit cult on, and get this, “Gold Tablets.” (Whenever religious BS is at its height, the thing that is supposed to make you believe it’s real is that the shit that they claim God said is written on something on Gold. – Hint – Only man thinks gold makes things important. God can put his words on a rock. Remember Moses, the Sinai, the Tablets, Ten Commandments?)

The bottom line is that the hypocritical Republican party puts their religion, and the fate of the country on this man, an anti-christ if there ever was one, in order to gain control of the White House. Try as the Republicans might, the fact is they were willing to compromise their beliefs, religious, and anything else if it meant they could control POTUS. Whenever the evangelical republican controlled party was with their republican nominee for the office of POTUS, Romney, the elephant in the room was, the anti-christ, Romney, was a Mormon, NOT a believer of Jesus Christ as described in any Christian Bible, and certainly not an Evangelical.

So why are we surprised that those same Evangelicals now support Donald Trump? McCain and the republican party was content to put that ignorant and throughly incompetent Palin in the second most important office in the world in order to become POTUS. The natural extension of that is they would now be willing to put a totally incompetent, racist, narcissistic misogynist in the office of POTUS.

Watch this space for the rest of this rant on that topic.

Done for now. Your turn.

Blog me. 

Lastly, greed over a great story is surfacing from my “loyal”(?) readers. With all this back and forth about who owns what, that appears on my blog, let me reiterate that all material posted on my blog becomes the sole property of my blog. If you want to reserve any proprietary rights don’t post it to my blog. I will prominently display this caveat on my blog from now on to remind those who may have forgotten this notice.

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52 Responses to “This ‘N That Chitchat”

  1. Caroline Says:

    WoW! Michelle, now I know why I love this blog and you.

  2. Alaura Says:

    Michelle, I hope Hilary asks you to be her Vice President.

  3. Galiana Says:

    Say that again in español please.

  4. Candice Says:

    How much plainer can one make it? Ladies get with it.

  5. Light Says:

    Where are you Magic? You’ve been MIA for a while now. I need to see you ASAP!

  6. Barbara Says:

    You nailed it Michelle. My husband is so full of shit. He is always claiming his party stands for “America First.” Yet, as you have stated he only means that if his party gets to make the decisions.

    He supported the republicans when they were doing everything to prevent Obama from accomplishing anything. They didn’t care whether it was good for the nation or not. They just refused to cooperate because he wanted it.

    I’m practicing his brand of hypocrisy. I smile with him and agree, but when that curtain closes behind me, Hilary has my vote.

    You keep up your fight for Hilary. I’m passing this on to as many women as I can.

    We can win this.

  7. Magic Says:

    Light#5, the Head is stuck on the other side, can you help?

  8. Hada Says:

    Michelle, if a man talked the trump has about white men, he would be treated as a pariah. But with white privilege he gets to call my people rapists and murders.

    I am 23. I was for Bernie, but after reading this I will vote for and get out and support Hilary.

    Thank you for opening my mind to a different view point. What you say makes so much sense.

  9. Amanda Says:

    Michelle we have been discussing what you claim previous republican candidates have done in order to gain the office of POTUS.

    Most of us agree that what you have said is true. Some say it may be but democrats have done the same.

    My answer to them is if they have, they haven’t prefaced it with the claim “America First.”

    This republican is voting Hilary. I hope women will make the right choice and support Hilary, but judging from my group that won’t happen.

    Even those who agree with you in my republican club, say they will hold their noses and vote for Trump.

  10. Light Says:

    Magic, anything for YOU. I’ll lock in at 21:10.

  11. Isabell Says:

    Michelle, I cannot vote in your elections as I am an Italian citizen, but I understand what you are saying. Actually it applies to women in Italy and probably to women all over the world.

    Men are just disingenuous when they claim to have a female’s best interest in their hearts. They use god to force upon us what they could not get away with by just passing a law.

    If the law is backed by god’s edict, then they feel it is less challengeable.

    You have made the definitive statement on that type of logic. Unless we women have heard God say it, the men are lying.

  12. Magic Says:

    Light#10, we will set our vectors ready at 2100 and await your signal at 2110.

  13. Henry Says:

    Is that you Howie? Are you Light? What’s happening in the world of the extraterrestrial?

  14. Monique Says:

    Michelle, sei un santo tra le donne.

  15. Matthew Says:

    Okay Michelle, you have a point about some republicans. However I think your brush is too broad.

    Most of us republicans want what’s best for the country. When we supported republican legislators not supporting obama, it was because we genuinely believe the man is a fool.

    As for McCain appointing Palin as his vice president, I supported him even thought I did think it was stupid to put a woman so close to taking over that office. But my wife and I discussed it and decided that it was worth the risk to get McCain in office.

  16. Barbara Says:

    I trust you will be able to convince enough women to listen to more than the BS their men are giving them.

  17. Join the Movement Says:

    The United State of Women will be an important moment for both women and girls, domestically and internationally. It will feature speakers who will both educate as well as inspire all of us to take action on June 14th and well after. Summit check in will begin at 6:30 am (EST) with programming running from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm on the 14th. There will then be additional events throughout the following day, June 15th, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, at various times. If you can’t be there, be sure to tune in on our Live Stream!


  18. Join the Movement Says:

    Join us!


  19. Social Butterfly Says:

    A big thank you to Mr. President for his endorsement!!!



  20. Gwen Says:

    Thank you for the link. I had never heard of it. Now I am a member.

  21. Women Warriors Says:

    Note to Donald: Don’t mess with Hill.
    Hillary Clinton just showed Donald Trump who’s boss — and on his home turf, no less.
    After President Obama officially endorsed the newly-minted Democratic presumptive nominee on Thursday, Trump tweeted, “Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama–but nobody else does!
    But The Donald soon got a taste of own medicine — and in far fewer than 140 characters.
    Delete your account,” Clinton tweeted back. BOOM.
    The response, posted at 11:27 a.m., has already been retweeted more than 120,000 times.
    Trump is still mulling over his next response.

  22. Michelle Says:

    I am so looking forward to a female POTUS. I hope she will be able to get more cooperation from the republicans than Obama has. At least she knows not to trust them from Obama’s experiences with their block legislation at all cost.

    Great blog today Michelle. I have been waiting for you to wade in with both feet. It was a great read.

  23. Sad for Samders Says:


  24. Joan Says:

    Women Warriors#21, How can I become a member of Women Warriors?

  25. Women Warriors Says:

    Joan #24, just vote!!!

  26. Mildred Says:

    I am an ex Mormon wife. It is true what you have said about how they acquire their wives. I was an arranged wife.

    I have been out of that cult for about 2 years. I was forced to give up my three children. In Utah a woman cannot get a fair judgement against her husband.

  27. Terry Says:

    Michelle you need to do a story on the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. They are a bunch of crooks with badges. The use the Civil Asset Forfeiture laws to seize your property without first proving you committed a crime.

    In OK, when you are stopped if you are an OTW, the thugs with badges use an ERAD(Electronic Recovery and Access to Data machines) device to access your prepaid cards and just take the money. All they have to do is tell you they suspect you are guilty of some type of crime. The thieving bastards just use their ERAD to take your money.

    The way I see it they should be shot like you would any other criminal attempting to rob you. For sure the only way it is going to stop is for some of these crooked motherfuckers to start losing their lives.

    State Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Oklahoma City, said that removes due process and the belief that a suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty. He said we’ve already seen cases in Oklahoma where police are abusing the system.

    “We’ve seen single mom’s stuff be taken, a cancer survivor his drugs taken, we saw a Christian band being taken. We’ve seen innocent people’s stuff being taken. We’ve seen where the money goes and how it’s been misspent,” Loveless said.

    Loveless plans to introduce legislation next session that would require a conviction before any assets could be seized.

    “If I had to err on the side of one side versus the other, I would err on the side of the Constitution,” Loveless said. “And I think that’s what we need to do.”

    The people desperately need someone other than the status quo to represent us. Hilary if you get elected, I hope you address this problem. Blood should run in the streets. There is nothing the white boy won’t do if he can get away with it.

  28. Dawn Says:

    Activists are flooding the White House with calls to tell Obama their experience of the election fraud.
    I just called and talked to a nice woman.
    Call the White House with this toll-free number: 888-848-4824

  29. Dagget Says:

    Racism is slowing dying.

    Washington National Cathedral: Confederate Flags to Be Removed From Stained Glass Windows, Officials Say
    The Episcopal church said Wednesday that it will take down battle flag depictions from two windows honoring Confederate generals Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee and replace them with plain glass.

  30. Iris Says:

    I was a member of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” For all its stress on the name Jesus Christ it is as far away from the teachings of a christian Bible as you can get. If you read their version of the Bible, “The Book of Mormon,” you would either laugh at the foolish crap or puke at the thought that grown people would actually entertain the nonsense.

    It is basically a racist, misogynist, money aggrandizing outfit. It is designed to get the benefit of not having to pay taxes and to avoid the kind of scrutiny an organization dedicated to forming monopolies run like the Mafia would get from the federal government. They get to avoid that scrutiny by becoming a mainstream religion.

  31. Peter Says:

    Micchelle I love your take on the republican party. When I discuss that party with associates, they try to imply they are more patriotic than the rest of us. But you nailed the hypocrites. They are only concerned with money. They have never seen a reason to spend it unless it is for the military or to fund police to force their religious beliefs upon others.

    Most of my family are republicans. You guessed it I am white. I never was a republican. When I became of voting age I made friends that were not white and I quickly learned how they felt about that party. At first I was defensive, but as I accompanied them I noticed how they were indeed harassed by the police, hounded by store detectives when they entered stores and treated with disdain by other white people.

    I was determined to be different. If that meant choosing a party other than the traditional one of my family, I was committed to doing it. I have gone to hundreds of republican events. They usually run by white men who constantly claim the white race is in danger one way or another.

  32. Karyn Says:

    Michelle, you have answered the question I have posed to my parents since they told me they were supporting Trump. I support the republican party, but not Trump.

  33. Molly Says:

    Michelle, all my sisters are crazy for Trump. When he landed his big jet at the meeting they were screaming with joy. Thanks your messages I see him for the racist, idiot he is. All he says is that he is going to make the country great again, but never how or what it will cost us.

    I tell my mom that he will not be building a wall. She yells at me and calls me unamerican and says I have no white pride. I am very proud of being white. But excuse me if I’m not in the face of my OTW friends with my pride.

  34. Social Butterfly Says:

    Mark Morford is a local columnist that’s always worth a read. Yesterday’s column was no different, ascerbic and succinct. Enjoy, and for some you, maybe learn something.



  35. Myron Says:

    These are sick people.

    Four Patrons Shot Dead at Point Blank Some in the Back
    Thursday, June 09, 2016 | Israel Today Staff

    In a late night shooting at the popular Sarona market in the heart of Tel Aviv, 2 terrorists committed a shooting spree against patrons that were out to enjoy themselves.

    4 patrons of the popular restaurant Max Brenner were killed in cold blood on Wednesday night, while another 16 injured were treated in Tel Aviv hospitals. Of the 5 victims still hospitalized, one is in serious condition and the rest in various conditions.

    The Sarona Market complex is adjacent to the IDF Headquarters and the offices of the Israel Ministry of Defense.

    Scene of the terror attack in the aftermath of the shooting.

    The terrorists, dressed in suits, joined patrons dining in the restaurant, ordered food and without warning pulled out improvised semi-automatic weapons and started shooting in all directions.

    The terrorists fled the scene, one of them still armed, in the direction of Carlebach street. One was neutralized next to the Cinemateque cinema and the cinema was evacuated, while police and security forces started a search for the second terrorist.

    A short while later the second terrorist was arrested. The suspects are cousins and residents of the Judean village of Yatta, south of Hevron. They are being interrogated by Israel Police and the Shabak – Israel General Security Services.

    In the meantime celebrations broke out in East Jerusalem, Gaza strip, and West Bank upon hearing of the news of the terror attack. In Yatta, the home village of the muderers, a spontaneous march took place with fireworks being set off and candies were handed out to passersby in celebration.

  36. DD Says:

    I am arab. I wept when I saw this tape of the shooting. But what should the world expect from men who celebrate mercy killings and whose holy men issues edicts telling men how to beat their wives. If muslim men have no mercy for the female women and children in their lives, most certainly they can and will kill you and others without mercy. If you doubt me watch the tape.


  37. Mike,TM Says:

    DD@36, what that link shows is horrible. But here in America we have the same thing happening to our citizens. It is being done by thugs with badges. Here is a link every bit as horrifying especially considering it is being done by a badge the citizens pay to “serve and protect” them.

    Imagine living in terror from those authorized to take your life with impunity?


    Listen to the sound of the 17 year old kids head being dropped on the concrete pavement, rendering him severely brain damaged. And read how the police department was willing to lie about the incident and cover up the unspeakable brutality.

    As Terry@27 said unless some of us are willing to die or go to jail to stop these terrorizing thugs with badges, it will continue. As long as we allow the crooked cops to frame investigating their sociopaths with badges as “a war on cops,” nothing will change.

    The citizenry must be willing to take the measure of these thugs with badges because the judicial system and law enforcement continues to cover for each other.

    The really sad and terrible part of this story is that if the 17 year old had been black nothing would have been done about it. The media would no have given a shit about his mistreatment.

  38. Jerry Says:

    Michelle, thanks for the spirited opinion. Let’s hope you don’t get sued by the dumb fuck. Here is another case of the LSOS getting away with one of his lies. Here he promised to give some Trump Vodka proceeds to charity, but never did.


  39. Barry Says:

    Mike,TM#37. When white America turned their armed dogs with badges upon the OTWs, especially us blacks. No one cared as they beat, tased, murdered and generally terrorized us at will . As you stated the media hardly made a peep. They countered the “Black Lives Matter” protest of police brutality with “Blue Lives Matter,” implying that any critique of police behavior was an attack upon all police.

    The result is that they emboldened the thugs with badges. As with any sociopath who feels the blessing of immunity to terrorize, they widen their victim list. Now they are beating the shit out of the white boy’s children. I feel sorry for the brain dead white kid, But most assuredly, the apathy his white race showed towards that cops abuse of OTWs led to this kids abuse.

    Now that it is one of his getting abused, the white boy wants all of us to get on board with out indignation. Sorry, if I just want to turn away.

  40. Zen Lill Says:

    34 Social Butterfly, excellent article thank you and Hi and welcome back here.

    Mike TM absolutely sickening treatment of a human of any color and I just don’t understand how they can pull that shit. They (all cops that pull thug moves off th books, that was NOT standard procedure in any way) should stand trial without the blue shield cya maneuvers …
    Oh don’t get me started… And also hello and welcome back here to you, too.

    Alycedale, yes the uterus tirade, all utter bullshit. And hi and welcome back to this place again to you.

    Mischa, most white women are a bit weak and daddy issues go away when the find another replacement in the form of a hubby so from one poopy diaper smell to another (without ever stopping to gather the resolve OTW women often MUST gather to make it through this western society which seeks weighted towards ‘white privilege’ white women do this at their own detriment.

    I know plenty who buy it still … The good ‘made up by man ABOUT God’ books also, you haven’t noticed that almost all the stories in them favor males?! Seriously? I smelled that bull when I was 7 and have been agnostic ever since.

    Hilary and Elizabeth Warren, baby, they’re my GirlZ

    It amazes me how white men will rally around this guy, sorry but that’s irrational as f*#k

    Luv, Zen Lill

  41. Vivian Says:

    Zen Lill, my whole family of men just rave about how wonderful Donald Trump is. They grin and smile among themselves as if the Messiah has arrived. When I listen to him, I hear nothing but bluster.

    I pray to God, he doesn’t win.

  42. Lilly Says:

    That video was horrific. The sound of that child’s head being dropped to the pavement, will not leave my mind for a long time. This is horrific. It is obvious this teen was unconscious after being tazed for……? The drag and drop to me should count as premeditated assault. I am so sad for the family as well as for this young man doing what young men do.

  43. Edward Says:

    Zen Lill, officers that break the law should have sentencing enhancements, not discounts. If they get caught operating outside of the law once on camera, how much lack of respect and how many times was this done before?

  44. George Says:

    Lilly#42, interesting that you say “for this young man doing what young men do.” So you give “this young man” the benefit of the doubt because he is white.

    If however, he had been an OTW, then the writes would have been – “he should have obeyed the cop and just gotten out of the car.” How many times have the parents and the OTW communities hear that refrain. But when the victim is white, then suddenly your recognition of the “young man doing what young men do,” comes to mind.

    That white lady is the problem and most certainly why that young man got what happened to him. If I man paraphrase another familiar adage, if you are silent when they come for your neighbor, their will be no one to protest when they come for you.

    Looks like the thugs with badges are coming for yours now too. How long will it be before they are dragging white women from their cars and beating the shit out of them? Never too soon for me.

  45. Shari Says:

    Jerry#38, What a shock…another Trump lie. He promised to donate money raised for veterans, but didn’t until the press embarrassed him. He also said he would donate money from his latest book and the vodka, but didn’t. Do we all see a pattern?

  46. Bob Says:

    “I won’t put my name on just anything. I would never endorse a product that I don’t believe in,” Trump wrote a few months after he launched Trump Vodka.

    This is true. First, for Trump to put his name on it, it absolutely must be some kind of noun. And he has to get paid. Other than that, no deal.

  47. Robi Says:

    Michelle, this trump stuff just gets better and better and better. Unless there is a super ton of this stuff the press needs to slow down a bit so that they have enough ammo closer to the election. Short attention span is pretty much the hallmark of the population these days.

    Besides, those that are enamored with trump are going to vote for him anyway. The person who said those people are “voting color,” if correct, means it doesn’t matter what he says or does.

    He could be George Wallace and those people would vote for him. Come to think of it, maybe if he stood in front of two little black girls and threatened them with a baseball bat if they attempted to enter a public school for whites only too, he would get even more votes.

    Most white males have not changed. Perhaps it is because the other whites just excuse their behavior. Somewhat like whites in general do when cops kill, beat, and terrorize our unarmed children and women. By that logic, White America won’t see anything wrong with what he does until something important to them is threatened..

    Let’s hope they don’t wait until after he is elected and decides judges who disagree with him don’t deserve the protection and enforcement from the Executive Branch of government that the Constitution requires.

    Just saying.

  48. Isaac Says:

    Just when you think the Donald can’t stoop any further, he shows you a new low. The man is insufferable.

  49. Jackie Says:

    Michelle, it has gotten to the point where you must, out of hand, discount anything he says because if it does not play well then obviously YOU misunderstood!

  50. Indra Says:

    Trump talks about Clinton Gobal Initiative,but Trump has run so many charity events and no one can find where the money is or to whom he gave it.Trump talked about sales from his book would go to charity where is the proof?No one can find it.CGI have done a lot of good work throughout the world,you can google it and find the answer.

  51. Wilma Says:

    Michelle, Really??!?!!? I am so SHOCKED!!! Will that money grubbing worm ever honor his worthless word or tell the truth?

  52. Ruth Says:

    Trump’s appeal is supposed to be that his success at business is going to make him successful at running a country. So how is pretending to give money to charity going to “make America great again”?

    I guess it doesn’t matter to white men since “make America great again” is code for I’m going to take the country back to when white men ruled, something like reagen promised when his montra was A shiny city on a hill, or like in the good ole days.

    It got him elected twice and he promptly ran up more debt than all the Presidents who that office before him COMBINED. Google that republicans.